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    Part Time Star Full Time Dad Chapter 33

    Chapter 33: The Return

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    |Third Pov Theodore|

    "Yes, this is my room. I thought we could change up things" Said Theodore as he signalled the Cam to pan around the room.



    [Aqua-Sift]: Very nice

    [TouchTips?] I see a guitar

    [Just1Toast]: Sick bro

    [Lost-Aggresssion]: Just casually flexes room

    [Big-M-B!ch]: Screenshot for imagination

    [SteamyTurd37]: That's a big bed

    [PushingBucket]: Dude you need some colour it's so bland

    [Coffe_N_D!K]: I offer my cheeks for the prestigious first clapping on the bed


    *Cough* "Haha maybe my room wasn't the place I can see some committed fans getting a tad bit too excited," Said Theodore

    The chat was immediately spammed with the words "Begone Thot" in caps which the Thot's replied with "Limp Dick Cucks"

    [TheRealQuestion: Donated $200: What are your thoughts on 'Thots'?] for visiting.

    "Well, I think it's fine to sleep around as long as you doing it safely. The cheating and manipulation stuff ain't my cup of tea but this is just an opinion. The same can be said about guys sorry wrong I think the label is F*cough* boys. Can't say much just be smart" Said Theodore without much thought.

    [TheRealQuestion: Donated $300: What about Simps?]

    "Honestly just a sad loss for everyone. Sad to watch and sad to know that there are people with such low self-esteem" Said, Theodore

    [TheRealQuestion: Donated $200: Are you not, the female counterpart of a simp?]

    Though the question looked rather simple it clearly an indirect attack.

    "I can't speak on behalf of chat and those who have donated so I can't deny the possibility but I'm in no way stringing my fans along with the expectation they could get with me. The chat knows that I'm just teasing whenever I reply to a sexual statement. To have a few fans that have other thoughts is completely normal" Said Theodore quite angry at the passive-aggressive question



    [SugerBaby??]: I give money because you entertain me

    [ThotPatrol]: As a veteran officer that's dealt with multiple case's of "Thot'' behaviour I can say that there are some decent one's

    [Big-M-B!ch]: Master! *quivers uncontrollably and touches me*

    [SmallMuffin]: I'm not a Thot, I'm a fan

    [PunkJelly34]: @Big-M-B!ch creepy asterisks


    [Yes Man]: Yeah but like, there are absolutely some simping here

    [SmoothButter]: I casually simp dad

    [SoAmbiguous]: I don't simp I just tug and watch

    [Love2Hate]: Bastards trying to ruin dads good name

    [xXQuickScope22Xx]: @SoAmbiguous yeap and now your no longer Ambiguous. See dad is just so helpful


    Theodore hadn't even look in the chat as he started having thinking 'Why am I so angry? Is it another side effect of the Inhuman Beast Exercise? Just two weeks left and this should be gone'

    Theodore waited for the replying but got nothing back he then gave a sigh filled with disappointment.

    'I guess it's finally happened. Even though I predicted it to be later in my life,' Thought Theodore

    Theodore isn't a genius but you don't have to be to know that with fame come the pesky nuisances that don't want to share the platform/stage.

    It was unavoidable but he had not expected it to come so soon.

    'Looks like I get to test the search engines capabilities again' Thought Theodore smugly before pulling up the Universal Search Engine.

    'Who is behind the donator, TheRealQuestion' Thought Theodore

    [Who is pulling the strings, for your current situation . . . . ]

    After his search, only one answer appeared with its task.

    [Name and occupation of the perpetrator]

    [Task: Show your musical talents: Time Limit 5 hours]

    He then accepted the task and saw the punishment that it came within the case I fail to do it.

    {Punishment: Monday Vibes Everyday}

    'Now that's just pure evil' Thought Theodore tragically

    Monday's are universally hated for simply being the first day of the week. It's particularly loathed by students as it's the day that tells you "Yep it's not the weekend" and that's the worst type of news.

    "Okay now that he's gone I can actually tell you that I'm officially partnered with WideView and its because of your support so just give your self a good pat on the back," Said Theodore cheerfully

    The chat was then spammed with congratulations and a large number of donations.

    Theodore thanked them all sincerely before saying "So to say thank you I thought I'd do something that made all this possible"

    The lights in the room went out revealing a white spotlight against the wall.

    A clone of stepped into the light wearing a tuxedo and said "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Mr Hunt's performance The Shadows Perspective"

    From the side, Theodore stepped out from the darkness and into the spotlight with also wearing Tuxedo with his shadow behind him and said "Thank you for the introduction it's a true honour to be on your stream"

    The clone responded with "Yeah, yeah whatever get on with it"

    Theodore gave a nervous head scratch "Ahem, right so in my last shadow performance people said that I cut the feed to a CGI clip and that's I achieved all the shadow stuff. To fix this misconception I will regularly interact with chat"

    "No one cares just start," Said His clone

    "Of course sorry first I have to remove this stuff as some had said that in my Box and Teapot tricks my sleeves hid too much so let's take this off" Theodore took the jacket off and rolled up his sleeves.

    [LadyLuck: Donated $300: I think a naked act will convince the haters]

    "Haha, good Idea but I don't think WideView would appreciate it very much. I just got partnered I don't want to be banned so quickly. So let's first reintroduce an old friend" Said Theodore as his shadow began to wiggle.



    [TheRealJesus]: Return to the shadows demon, you are not welcome

    [DarkLord]: FUCK YEAH!! SHADY!!

    [PunkJelly34]: SHADOWS RISE


    [WeebMaster696]: It's only in the darkness that we find the light


    Shady started with flexing his arms, then he cracked his neck before prying his feet off from Theodore's.

    Shady then waved his arm exaggeratedly full of enthusiasm.

    "Okay so let's do a simple trick first, how's about a game of catch," Said Theodore with a charming smile