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    Volume 1 Chapter 79 Ill Do Something About It

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    I stood on the second floor lounge confused as f.u.c.k as to why those two were ignoring me.

    I don't think I did anything wrong?

    Are they angry because I drugged them all to sleep and went alone?

    I frowned as I rubbed my temples.

    I just came back from death's door and now I have to deal with this…

    I sighed and looked towards the left corridor and saw Nora walking my way. She wasn't really paying attention to her surroundings, she was more busy devouring the ice cream in her hand.

    "Nora?" She got a bit startled when I called her name but stopped to look at me. She didn't say anything to me and began thinking about something.

    Then a smirk appeared on her face and she smiled at me.

    "Yes?" She walked towards me.

    She seemed suspicious but I ignored that, "Why is Azalea and Caesar behaving like that? I was the one who almost died."

    She shrugged her shoulders as she began eating the biscuit cone, "Maybe because you're insensitive."

    "I am not insensitive."

    "Yeah right," She scoffed and almost choked on the biscuit. She coughed for a few moments to clear her throat. After she was done she began eating the rest of the cone without a care.

    "Will you answer me!!!"

    "Oh yeah." She made sure to finish her ice cream before she spoke and it really annoyed me but I did my best to remain patient, "You were at death's door." She wiped her face with the napkin she had in her pocket, "Caesar came to save you."

    "Yea so?"

    She gave me 'you're so stupid' smirk, "If he hadn't you'd be dead."


    I actually didn't think about it until now. 

    I was in a really bad condition in mount Sephra and no doubt I would have died. I chewed my lips.

    "Caesar brought you back but I think you don't even remember much." She smirked.


    She laughed, "Awww too bad. But you deserve it. You must not even remember the kiss you had with Caesar."

    "Excuse me? What?"

    She placed her hand on her chest to breathe, "That was one passionate moment. I ship it." I stared at her weirdly. Like what? "Oh and clearly you don't remember how Azalea kept you warm when you were freezing."

    "Kept me warm?" I do remember the feeling of freezing.

    A nasty grin spread across her face, "She stripped you down." My eyes went a bit wide when she said that, "Then she stripped herself, 'butt-n.a.k.e.d' and joined her body together with yours." My eyes went even wider.

    "She… what?"

    "But of course you were so busy sleeping, you missed it all." She scoffed at me, "She kept your ice cold body warm with her warm tender and soft smooth skin, there was no space left between you two." She was doing this on purpose. I could imagine everything…"But awwww, so sad you missed the perfect opportunity to make love-"

    "Oh shut up!" I turned around to leave.

    "Oh so sad! You were too busy sleeping." She stood in her place but refused to stop speaking.

    "I was fighting for my life!" I spoke back.

    She shook her head in disappointment, "You're only alive because of Caesar and Azalea." Her face turned serious and I stopped at a distance from her, "You'll have to figure out yourself how to make it up to them."

    She then turned and left to go back to the kitchen.


    I sighed.

    How do you makeup with someone?

    Caesar never got mad at me and I've never had a proper lover…


    I took a deep breath as I stood outside Azalea's room, then I knocked on her door.

    I heard her come to the door, I didn't state that it was me so she would open the door.

    The door opened but as soon as she saw me she slammed the door to shut it but before it could close I placed my foot on the frame.

    "Oh hell!!!" As the door squeezed my foot between the doorframe and itself a shudder of pain crossed my whole body.

    It was very painful.

    In this situation one would expect the other person to get worried and help you out but Azalea wasn't fazed at all. She grabbed the door again, pushed my back and closed the door.

    I stared at the door as the lock turned from the otherside.

    Then I laughed sarcastically at myself.

    Did she really do this?

    The throbbing in my foot was overpowered by her actions weighing in my head.

    "Oh God…" I gulped, "This is going to be hard…"

    I nodded to myself after calming down.

    I can do this.