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    Volume 1 Chapter 78 Life Or Death?

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    Everything felt so cold. It was like I was walking through a snowstorm. The cold felt like it was piercing through my body.

    I walked through pitch blackness unable to determine where I was, why was I here, I didn't  even know why I was walking. It was as if my body was doing it on its own.

    After walking for God knows how long I saw something shine in the distance. It had an orange-yellow glow.

    I paused for a second then ran towards it.

    As I got closer the view became clearer and as I made out the scene in front of me I slowed down.

    There was a fire dancing on the firewood in the darkness, casting it's orange glow on the old man sitting on the log in front of it.

    I stared at him in disbelief.


    He turned his head towards me and smiled.

    "We meet at an odd place."

    Well, no doubt about that. The place is very odd… Something suddenly crossed my mind and I sat down on the log across Huang-fei's and looked at in horror.

    "Am I dead?"

    He snickered, "What do you think?"

    I gave him a weak smile, "I thought that hell was hot."

    He laughed, "That means you're not dead son."

    I furrowed my brows, "I can't decide if I should be happy about it or not."

    "Life is a gift child." He stared at the fire.

    "Not really…" I looked at the orange flames dancing in front of me.

    "It is." He glanced at me and I gave him a brief look, "It's up to you to decide whether you want to make it a beautiful one or terrible one."

    "..." Do I even have the choice? I sighed and looked at the ground which was nothing more than pitch blackness. 

    "You will always have the choice young master." I looked at him in surprise when he answered the question I only thought about.

    I didn't say anything in return and looked down again at the ground.

    "Where are we?" I asked him.

    "Perhaps somewhere between life and death." 

    "Why are you here Huang-fei? Don't tell me your soul got stuck here because you were too worried about me." I raised my head and looked at him. He wore a rather sad smile.

    "I am already dead." He said soundly, "Where I sit, you can not come."

    "What's that supposed to mean?" His words didn't make any sense, "Aren't we sitting at the same place?" I stood up to go to him but ended up bumping into something, "What the hell!" My eyes grew wide at the realization.

    There was something in front of me . Something I could not see but it wouldn't let me to any further.

    Like an invisible barrier.

    "Young master." Huang-fei called me and I looked down at him, sitting calmly in the same position with a soft smile on his face, "You are not yet dead."

    I stumbled back and sat down on the log, "Can I only come there when I'm dead." He nodded.

    "Do you wish to die?"

    "I don't know…" At the very least, I don't want you gone. Even though I know you already are. 

    I stared at the ground again.

    After staring at it for a little while I furrowed my brows and stared at the ground more intensely.

    A closer look showed that it was actually giving out a reflection.

    I saw myself in it.

    My face was filled with worry.

    With fear.

    With concern.

    In that reflection was my answer.

    I looked at Huang-fei and he gave me a nod.

    My surroundings started getting warmer.

    I did not choose death.

    I had a lot to do with my life.

    The dark scenes around us started getting lighter.

    "I wish you a happy life young master." Huang-fei spoke with his fatherly smile as he too started to become lighter. As if he was going to fade away.

    "Huang-fei?" I looked at him with sorrowful eyes.


    This was perhaps the first and last time I could tell him this in person but I wanted to.

    "I love you." I smiled as I felt all my emotions swell up.

    As everything around me almost faded I saw him close his eyes, "I love you too son." There was a satisfied smile on his face as he vanished into nothingness.


    I opened my eyes lazily.

    Everything was blurry. I had no idea where I was or where I was supposed to be.

    My eyes weren't adjusting properly but I noticed that there was a lot of steam around me and I felt wet and maybe a bit weighed upon too.

    I looked down at my n.a.k.e.d skin that was being hugged by another person. Her arms were around me while her head rested on my chest.

    My head throbbed but I still tried to makeout the person.

    "Azalea…?" My voice was dry but she immediately shot her head up to look at me. 

    For some reason she was shocked but I couldn't keep myself to stay awake.

    Even though it felt nice that there was someone with me in pain, I ended up falling back asleep.


    I woke up and found myself in the hospital.

    I looked around nervously and sat up.

    How did I end up here?

    I scratched the side of my head trying to remember stuff but my memory only took me as far as it could manage and the last thing I remember is Caesar coming to save me on the mountain.

    I stood up from the bed and began walking out.

    It was somewhat hard because I felt a bit sour but its nothing serious. It could be warded off with a little jog.

    As I walked the corridor I realized I was no longer in Lorelai.

    This was definitely not a small hospital.

    I was back in the city.

    I made my way to the counter and tapped the surface to get the attention of the nurse.

    "Yes?" She raised her to ask me.

    "Can I check out?"

    "Has the doctor allowed it?"

    I nodded, "Yes." I lied.

    "State your name please."

    "Arius Alucard."

    She began working on the process and I looked around, "How long was I asleep for?"

    "Your report says two days."

    My eyes went wide at the news.

    "Two days?!"

    "Yes." The nurse smiled and handed me the doc.u.ment, "Have a good day sir. Your bill has already been paid in advance."

    I nodded and left the hospital in a trance.

    I shook my head time and again to remember anything but nothing came to mind.

    Was I unconscious from the time Caesar came to me?


    I took the cab to the mansion.

    My men and the servants were delighted to see me.

    I couldn't believe that some of them even cried.

    But that didn't bother me.

    I was bothered by only one thing.

    The way Caesar and Azalea ignored me when I saw them.

    I first saw Caesar in the lounge. He gave me a glance that left the room ignoring my presence. 

    I called out to him but he didn't respond.

    That was astonishing.

    He never does that.

    Then I saw Azalea walking in the corridor.

    She too glanced at me then turned her head away, refusing to acknowledge my existence.

    I stood there bewildered.

    What the f.u.c.k is happening?!?!