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    Volume 1 Chapter 77 Bringing Him Back To Life

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    Processing the situation was hard. I couldn't comprehend it. First Arius's body was burning like hell, now his temperature keeps dropping as if he's going to freeze to death.

    I  looked at Caesar in horror and he shot his head towards the man standing next to us.

    "What's happening?" Caesar asked him. His pupils were shaking in confusion.

    "A side effect." He replied, "It can happen."

    "It can kill him!" I yelled, "The way his temperature is dropping."

    "Yes." He said calmly and it annoyed the f.u.c.k out of me.

    "Then what do we do!!!" I yelled at him in anger.

    "Keep him warm for a few hours." He spoke calmly, "Until he wakes up."

    I shot my head towards the head maid, "The sauna!" They all looked at me, "Is the sauna ready?"

    "No, But we will have it prepared immediately."

    "How much time?" Caesar asked.

    "We'll fill the bath in twenty to thirty mintues." The head maid turned, "Let's go." She ordered all the servants with her to go in.

    Caesar picked up Arius and we all made our way to the sauna bath.

    The hot water taps were all turned on to fill the bath and the steam generator was turned on.

    I looked at Caesar, he had laid Arius down on the corner bench. I walked up to and touched his skin. 

    He was cold.

    What do we do?

    The room is big and so is the bath. It'll take some time before it's filled.

    I looked at Arius, then at Caesar whose face was constantly filled with worry, then at Nora who was helping the servants. They all were done with their work now and all we could do was wait.

    "He'll freeze." Caesar spoke and I looked at him wide-eyed, "His blood flow is slowing down." He had his hand on his wrist, "So is his heart rate."

    Arius's skin was as white as the snow now.

    I gulped, closed my eyes and racked my brain for a solution.

    Winter was still far so obviously no heaters were out for use.

    Taking him to the city was pretty much the same as waiting for the room to warm up.

    A doctor was not an option because whatever Arius was given was definitely not in the market.

    I could only think of one thing.

    I turned to the servants, "Bring me some blanket." They all looked at me in confusion, "Please, hurry!" I begged and they all left the bath to fetch some blankets.

    "What are you planning?" Nora approached me.

    "It's just until the bath and room fills up. I have to keep him warm." 

    "Are you sure that will work?"

    "I can only give it a try." I held her hand, "For now I want you to handle Caesar. I'll take care of Arius."


    The servants came back with the blankets and I gave Nora a nod, "Everyone." I took a deep breath, "Please leave the room." They all were bewildered by my words, "Trust me please. We're out of time." 

    I saw Nora approach Caesar. She held his hand and comforted him, telling him it was okay to leave.

    Everyone looked at one another then started leaving the room.

    "Close the door when you leave." I sat down next to Arius and when the last maid left the bath, she gently closed the door behind her.

    I took a deep breath and put my hands on Arius's shirt.

    Then began to take them off. I stripped him of everything except his underwear but I stripped myself all the way down.

    I hugged his body and wrapped all the blankets around us to produce as much heat as possible.

    Just as our bodies came in contact my skin stood up. His skin felt so cold against mine that my entire body flinched.

    Soon enough the space between the blankets got really warm and I felt his body become less cold.

    I could feel his heartbeat through mine and it was comforting to know that he was still with me.

    I felt his body relax as he got a bit warm and I smiled.

    At least my decision wasn't bad.

    Twenty minutes later the room started getting steamy and the bath was filled enough for a person to submerge in it.

    I pushed the blankets off of us and took Arius to the bath.

    It was hot, hotter than it should be but it was good for him. 

    Not for me, but I had to take my place next to him so that he wouldn't slip or drown.

    I took a breath of relief when the color of his skin started returning to normal.

    I cleaned him up, his injuries and the blood on him.

    "Arius." I whispered his name and hugged him, "Come back now."