Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 627

Chapter 627 Everything Was Strange

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Dongfang Wen Xin had heard many things about Chu Qi Hun on the way here. Chu Qi Hun had already enjoyed his fame for more than sixty years. He was a man that could single-handedly face a large family like the Dongfang family. Until now, she still could not get what part of those stories were so entertaining that her son and his wife kept on laughing

Ever since they entered places with many people, Dongfang Wen Xin had stopped calling Jun Mo Xie by his name. They did not want to be exposed.

“There are too many people here, I will tell you what happened another day. When you know what had happened, you will definitely be entertained as well,” Jun Mo Xie said, as he still laughed.

Suddenly, the cotton cloth covering the entrance of the hotel was lifted up and snow rushed in with the howling wind. Some of the more agitated guests were just about to blurt out insults before they sat down in fright.

Three people clad in purple entered like ghosts. The color of their robes reflected in the snow, making everything glitter a purple color. It was snowing furiously outside, but they were dry and clean, free of any snow or dust, as if they just came out of a bath.

With the iconic purple robe, they were from the Illusory Blood Sea.

When the three men came in, they looked around at everyone’s faces. Wherever they looked, people in that direction felt as if they were stripped of clothes and left in the ice and snow!

After a round of observing, they finally walked in and stood beside the big fire basin. Then they noticed that there was no empty table. One of them frowned and tapped on the nearest table beside him. He pointed out the door with a finger.

It was obvious:Get out!

Coincidentally, the five men on this table were the same five whom Jun Mo Xie had asked to leave. How could they have know that they were again asked to leave? But this time, they cleared their table even more quickly and left without a word, disappearing into the snow and the wind

These three guys from Illusory Blood Sea were obviously in a terrible mood. No one dared to offend them.

The five men knew well that they were definitely not worthy arguing with those three. After all, how many people in this world could be like Chu Qi Hun? The five men would rather lose face than lose their lives!

The hotel immediately fell silent. Those who were boasting about their stories were especially quiet. They leaned low on the table to eat and dared not to even let out the sound of chewing. They were like obedient primary school students

“Wine! Dishes! Serve the good ones!” One of the three men sat down, with his unhappy face. At the counter, the two owners raised their heads, looked at them, and then laid back down at the same time. They sighed again.

The waiter quickly served. The purple-robed men began to eat and drink, without speaking. Their expressions did not show too much arrogance, but there was a kind of indifference in it.

The bustling hotel became silent in an instant. Everyone kept silent like a cicada in cold weather. With Chu Qi Hun’s humiliation, all the men in the three Holy Lands were obviously in bad mood. No one dared to offend them.

We don’t have Chu Qi Hun’s skills, nor his courage!

“Illusory Blood Sea How imposing.” Jun Mo Xie let out a laugh. Mei Xue Yan peered at him, warning him to not make a fuss. It was not a good time to do so.

“It seems that the Chu Qi Hun must be nearby!” Jun Mo Xie delivered his voice straight to Mei Xue Yan.

Mei Xue Yan answered in an emotionless manner, “If we do meet him, should we help? After all, it’s our”

Jun Mo Xie smiled without saying anything. He did not agree nor disagree.

It was so quiet that one could hear the sound of snow falling in the vast land outside the door, brushing the ground. The north wind whistled, as it blew back and forth. This small hotel full of people became unexpectedly quiet like a ghost realm.

“Pa Pa Pa” Outside, there were several loud, high-pitched sounds. It sounded like thin bamboo poles were beating against the hard ice. As it got closer, the exceptionally heavy footsteps and rather rapid breathing were also clearly audible.

Closer and closer it came until it finally reached the door.

The cloth was again lifted. A stick poked in first before heavily knocking against the floor. With a cough, a man covered in snow moved in with difficulty. It was not until he came in that everyone realized that the man had a broken leg which was hanging there softly.

His face was wrinkled and his head was wrapped with thick white cloth, which had a blood stain. The thick, white cloth covered one eye which seemed to be blind. The other eye was full of grief. He also had long and narrow package on his back.

Was this tragic man a Xuan Qi practitioner? Or how did he make it through the snow?

He kept on moving in with difficult. Everyone stared at him, only seeing that he coughed violently and trembled. The snowflakes fell to his feet, and some ice stuck to him. Several strands of hair from the gap in his hat were frozen to ice.

“Get me a jar of wine ten buns and a plate of beef.” He kept on shivering and could not even talk properly. He produced a few pieces of silver from his pocket with his trembling hands. Everyone frowned as he spoke. He sounded awfully like a strangled duck which had not drank for seven days.

He looked left and right, finding no seats. He was not like Jun Mo Xie and those three from the Illusory Blood Sea. Instead, he directly sat down before the fireplace. He warmed his hand with his breath and friction before greeting everyone. “Hey what a cold day”

Ever since he stepped in, the three men from the Illusory Blood Sea stared at him. They scrutinized him for a while before one laughed and spoke to the man gently. “My friend, where are you from? What happened to you?”

“Ah, thank you for asking. I I am not lucky and met a bandit in this kind of weather”

The lame man wanted to cry but could not produce any tears as he continued, “I did a whole year of business. With much effort, I finally saved hundreds of grams of silver. I wanted to go home for the new year Who would expect that I would meet a bandit at Cock Hill and get robbed? All of my expensive personal belongings were looted. Even the coat for my wife and children were taken Those hundreds of grams of silver were only left with these few I had just used Most unreasonable was that when I begged for mercy, the burglar broke one of my legs. I know that the roads are hard to walk Will I ever get back home alive”.

“Indeed very unreasonable” the man in purpled sighed in sympathy, “Robbers are more daring near the new year. They want to have a good start to the new year. But who doesn’t, including those who were robbed? Who don’t want to have a reunion with his wife and children?”

“Exactly,” the lame man clapped his thighs, but felt excruciating pain, his lone eye wincing in pain. “How unlawful and conscienceless they are!”

“How does the robber look like?” the man in purple asked with care. “Tell us so we can be careful.”

“I didn’t see clearly he was in white, as if a snowman coming to life. With a few blows, I was already like this as I begged for mercy, he broke one of my legs I didn’t see his face even until I woke up. Even if I wanted to call the police, I also couldn’t describe to them” Til here, the lame man started to cry.

The man in purple said kindly, “At least you survived. You are already luckier than others, aren’t you?”

The lame man sighed for a long time. Then the wine and steamed beef he wanted came up, and he drank a warm sip of wine. Suddenly he lowered his head sadly, his shoulders trembled, and his waistcoat twitched, as if he were crying

Dongfang Wen Xin sighed and said with a low voice, “With a broken leg and ground hard to walk on My son, with your wealth, do help this kind of poor guy, will you?”

Jun Mo Xie had been scrutinizing this lame man. Upon hearing what his mother said, he smiled and said softly, “Mum, you are wrong. Rest assure that this lame man is not slightly tragic. There are so many people that are more tragic than him.

“Mum, watch on. There might be tragic people in this room, but it would definitely not be that lame man. You never know, maybe tomorrow morning, he will miraculously be able to walk again!”

Mei Xue Yan laughed softly and said, “Yes, Mo Xie is right his time, mother. You see, the three Superior Supremes from the Illusory Blood Sea did not pay any attention to anyone else in this room except this lame man. With their status, why would they even care about a lame man?”

Dongfang Wen Xin was shocked, and asked doubtfully, “There’s something unusual about this lame man?”

“Yes, very unusual” Both Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan laughed together.

With the extremely strong spiritual senses, Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan had long noticed that the lame man was not ordinary. When he stepped inside, Jun Mo Xie had smiled and even began to sip his tea.

Although he was not a hundred percent sure, but he thought that this lame man should be the Supreme Assassin Chu Qi Hun!

The supreme killer of the day! The one who was at the height of his legend-like fame