One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 430

Chapter 430 Overwhelming Showdown

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Chapter 430: Overwhelming Showdown!
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At the thought of this, he let go of his worries and stood in front of the shooting range. He rubbed his hands together; he was itching to begin the competition!

This time, Yichen had the foresight.

He did not know earlier that the barrel’s path had been modified, so he wasted an entire half of his game time.

Now, he was able to make the necessary adjustment to that and reassemble the gun before the game even began.

In this competition, there was no room for mistake. He must win that toy panda!

From the side, the man chuckled to himself as he watched him disassemble and put the gun back together.

This kid was probably a black sheep!

What would a mere six-year-old know of guns? Could he be savvier about it than him?!

He took it apart and then rebuilt it. Who knew? Maybe, this kid would accidentally lose parts of the gun, and when the game began, his gun would be unusable… He could not be blamed for being heartless then!

“Are you both ready?”

The staff held a timer up. Once she saw that the two were covetously aiming straight at the balloon board, she declared, “Begin!”

With her go-ahead, the man took the lead and fired off the first shot. To this, he succeeded; a balloon indeed popped. His technique and all were quite professional – at least, he did not come off as an amateur!

However, when the crowd laid their sights on the other competitor, they were left stupefied.

They could only see Yichen aiming at the balloons on the board with his gun, and in the next instant, those bullets he had fired off punctured the balloons with precision.

Right after, he reloaded the gun and pulled the trigger again. Every move he made was fluid like flowing water. At one go, the shots blasted off with a crushing force, just like the sound of thunder!




The sounds of balloons popping rang about successively. This was, indubitably, a close match!

No. If both sides were to be compared, attentive spectators would notice that, on average, every shot Yichen fired off was a few seconds faster than the man!

Unlike the man’s apprehensive pose, he was as composed, and confident, as a mountain. He looked over at the balloon board with steady breaths and sparkling eyes. His look of determination was unlike that of a child.

His movements were so seamless he seemed to be one with the gun; indeed, he was in perfect coordination with it.

It was too much for one to take in how quickly he loaded the gun. This was clearly an overwhelming showdown!

Everyone watched with bated breath.

The child was apparently the real expert!

Gradually, they all wondered how a six-year-old could have superb control of a gun.

Soon, the staff started the countdown.






At the last second, Yichen held up his gun. His emotionless eyes narrowed as his lips formed a stern yet sinister curve of a confident smile. He seemed to say he had this in the bag before he pulled the trigger!

The bullet whizzed past the balloon and ripped it apart.

The last balloon on the board exploded with a pop, and along with it, a point token fell onto the floor with a clatter.

“Time’s up!”

The staff called to stop.

However, at this very moment, the crowd had quietened to a deafening silence.

No one cheered; no one called out. Everyone was holding their breath, waiting for the staff to announce the results.

The young man was, apparently, confident of his result. He did a rough mental calculation and reckoned that he had punctured about 30 balloons, which was better than his previous record!