Omnipotent Sage

Omnipotent Sage Chapter 788

Chapter 788 The Celestial Mystery Emperor And Zhou Baos Action

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Highest Jade Cave Heaven, one of the 33 Heavens!

The Child-endowing Buddha actually intended to go to Zhou Bao’s Wuyang Region. But just as he departed and broke through the space, he found he had stepped into an eccentric micro world without explanation.

He recognized this micro world. He’d visited once. It was the Highest Jade Cave Heaven.

Many legends existed about the33 Heavens. Each of these heavens possessed special characteristics. In many respects, the 33 Heavens thrived without the macro worlds. Therefore, these magic micro worlds were governed by powerful figures, such as the Taiyuan Heaven, the Netherworld Heaven, the Azure Heaven, and the Highest Jade Cave Heaven.

However, among the 33 micro worlds, the ones who added “Highest” to their names were few. To be precise, there subsisted only three micro worlds called the Highest, and their owners reigned as prominent figures among the 99 Emperors—the Jade Emperor owned the Highest Jade Pure Heaven, the Great Demon Emperor controlled the Highest Jade Brilliance Heaven, and the Celestial Mystery Emperor governed the Highest Jade Cave Heaven.

Yes, here was the Highest Jade Cave Heaven, a micro world of the most unfathomable emperor ranking the fifth out of the 99 Emperors, the Celestial Mystery Emperor.

In antiquity times, as a famous Demon King, the Child-endowing Buddha once entered this place. Now, when he revisited this heaven, his expression grew increasingly grim.

“I pay my respects to Celestial Mystery Emperor!”

The moment the Child-endowing Buddha appeared in the Highest Jade Cave Heaven, a shadow flew across his eyes and an emaciated old man around 60 years old emerged before him. This old man wore a bleached blue robe, which made him look quite austere, but the Child-endowing Buddha did not dare slight him.

The old man chuckled and helped the Child-endowing Buddha stand up. “No need to be so polite, Green Dragon King. It’s been over 10,000 years since we last met. Today we have a reunion, so we truly were destined to meet again!”

But the Child-endowing Buddha cursed in his mind. “Fu*k, who wants to meet you again?” Meanwhile, he forced a thrilled expression and said, “Never thought I would meet Emperor again in my remaining years. I, Green Dragon…” As if being too excited, right now, the Child-endowing Buddha seemed to have forgotten how to express his feelings in words.

“He, he, Green Dragon King is a blessed man, you’ll live as long as you desire. Don’t say words like the ‘your remaining years’!” The Celestial Mystery Emperor was quite satisfied to see Green Dragon King’s behavior. No matter whether his respect was fake or genuine, he showed sufficient reverence, and that was enough. After all, the Celestial Mystery Emperor still required some errands for the Green Dragon King. If the Green Dragon King displayed an uncooperative attitude in the first place, the Celestial Mystery Emperor would have a headache.

After quite a while, the Child-endowing Buddha finally restrained himself and stood, “I wonder what order Emperor demands by summoning me here!”

“This time is regarding a dire dilemma.” Celestial Mystery Emperor said with a smile. “Follow me, I will explain to you in detail.”

Zhou Bao had no idea about the Child-endowing Buddha suddenly summoned by the Celestial Mystery Emperor who disappeared for 810,000 years. Right now, he was busy handling the Dark Sect.

The Dark Sect was not in a very steady state recently. This hovered as a huge disturbance to the Heaven Realm World and even the entire Void Universe.

But truthfully, all the big shots were tied up focusing on the Heaven Realm World. They tried to ease their tense relationship with the Heaven Realm World for the sake of reopening the passageway to the Void Immortal Realm. Accordingly, no one had more time to spare for the Dark Sect matter.

Only Zhou Bao had leisure time to poke this hornets’ nest.

Of course, that was all his father-in-law’s idea.

When he heard the reason of Zhou Bao’s visit and his plans, Zhou Bao’s father-in-law wore an awkward expression and asked, “What did you say? You’re going to battle the Dark Sect? Are you sure a Devil Tribulation will happen to the Heaven Realm World?”

From his view, Zhou Bao suffered imaginary fears. If it were before the Heaven Realm World contacted the Void Immortal Realm or just at the beginning of it, he might believe Zhou Bao’s words. But now, the Heaven Realm World became the principal focus of the Void Immortal Realm. Every macro world and every influence cast their eyes on the Heaven Realm World, for it was the only way, the only hope to reconnect with the Void Immortal Realm. Therefore, whether they were true friends or not, they would not allow the Heaven Realm World to fall into the Devil Tribe’s grasp. Despite the Devil Tribe’s unbridled power, could they really dare go against the entire Void Universe? To be honest, the Devil Tribe belonged only to the Devil Realm. No matter how many troops the Devil Tribe dispatched to the Void Universe, they merely exercised sovereignty over a part of the universe. Think about the Primordial Demons in antiquity times, they were pretty powerful, right? But what happened to them? They were all sealed! A total of 99 Primordial Demons! After that, the power of the Devil Realm decreased significantly.

At present, the Heaven Realm World slumped immensely, but it still bore the weight of all the practitioners’ hope in the Void Universe. Attacking the Heaven Realm World equated to attacking the hope of all the practitioners in the Void Universe. In this case, the attack would provoke all the practitioners in the Void Universe. When that time came, the Devil Tribe was doomed regardless of how many troops they deployed.

Hence, as the Human Emperor of the Heaven Realm World, the Human Emperor Yan Yuntian did not buy the story of Zhou Bao’s worries.

However, no matter what, due to Zhou Bao’s special status, Yan Yuntian could not disgrace him too much. Thus, under Zhou Bao’s request, Yan Yuntian agreed to allow his men comb through all the files on the recent issues of the Heaven Realm World and the Dark Sect and relay them to Zhou Bao.

Zhou Bao naturally noticed the impatience of his father-in-law. He did not proceed with persuasion. Now that he obtained the information he wanted, he would not expect more support.

With Zhou Bao’s present strength and abundant backups, it only took him three days to wipe out the Dark Sect of the Heaven Realm World.

The top 10 Dark Lords, the master of the Dark Sect, and the successors of Devil Fetuses all turned to dust under his iron punches. No one harbored a chance to retaliate in front of Zhou Bao, including Great Dark Lord Du, who traveled across the Sea Area with him years ago.

After so many years, Great Dark Lord Du’s cultivation grew rapidly. He also owned the strength at the Level of True Immortality. But due to the mysterious skill he practiced, Great Dark Lord Du’s appearance grew more hideous and grotesque, his disposition also turned extremely peevish, even his mind was duller than it used to be. This change convinced Zhou Bao of his former assumption—there must be something fishy about this Dark Sect. Otherwise, how could Great Dark Lord Du, a powerful and composed ruler, turn out like this? It was a tremendous waste of talent.

The Dark Sect greatly influenced the Seven-deity Regions, only inferior to those super sects. If the Dark Sect were ever an unimportant sect, back then, there would be no Dark Lord of the Dark Sect in the team that dared cross the Sea Area. But now, in three days, Zhou Bao wiped this influence from the Heaven Realm World. The speed of his strike and the relentlessness of his punches surpassed everyone’s expectations. Even for his father-in-law, the Human Emperor Yan Yuntian, who was tipped off by Zhou Bao before, this news proved quite astonishing.

“This boy struck really fast! Since he acted so ruthlessly, it’s possible that he ascertained the actions of the Devil Tribe in advance!” Yan Yuntian felt a little alerted after learning Zhou Bao’s speedy strike. If the Devil Tribe launched another daring Devil Tribulation in the Heaven Realm World, such an attempt would be folly. As the Human Emperor of the Heaven Realm World, he attended to issues of all aspects. Now that Zhou Bao suddenly wiped out a huge influence, the Human Emperor could not leave the matter unquestioned. No matter what secret agenda the Dark Sect held, someone had to account for the massacre of the Dark Sect. Otherwise, with the strength to destroy the Dark Sect, if tomorrow Zhou Bao chose to eradicate the Divine Wind Palace or to take down all the other sects in the Heaven Realm World and unite this world, which was theoretically possible, what could the Human Emperor do to squash his ambitions? Just let the whole world go insane together with him?

The macro worlds needed powerful men, whereas the powerful men also required restraint. Once they rebelled, catastrophes would follow.

After hearing Zhou Bao’s abrupt raid on the Dark Sect, everyone wondered whether Zhou Bao had gone crazy during the last fight against the Earthly Immortal.

Very soon, Zhou Bao announced his explanation, which left the public at a loss about whether to laugh or cry. He said the strike that Earthly Immortal from the Northernmost Sea launched against him devastated some men of the Dark Sect who colluded with the practitioners from the Northernmost Sea. In this way, he must confront that Earthly Immortal face-to-face. Now, that Earthly Immortal was dead, his time for revenge against the Dark Sect arrived.

This explanation could not fool the public, because a man who had a mind to beat his dog would easily find a stick. Nevertheless, judging by this announcement, the people learned that Zhou Bao did not go mad. Regardless of the reason for wiping out the Dark Sect, as long as he still devised an explanation for it, he did not control his psyche. Then, there was nothing to worry about.

“Alas, boy, you are indeed decisive. We merely made a primitive assumption, but a second later, you took action and rid us of the Dark Sect. Do you realize after discovering your heartless style, many people cannot sleep?”

“Hah hah, those who can’t fall asleep must be guilty. Innocent ones will still sleep!” Zhou Bao sneered. “Now that the Dark Sect in the Heaven Realm World has met its end, we need not worry anymore. But outside the Heaven Realm World, the unusual movements of the Dark Sect become more and more frequent. I heard those practitioners from the Holy Alliance stationed in the Infinite Star Sea received multiple conflicts with the Dark Sect!”

“Correct. The Dark Sect isn’t supposed to be so powerful. But mysteriously, the inhibition locking up Primordial Demon in the Infinite Star Sea loosened a bit, so the Primordial Demon has regained some of its power. He even produced several Devil Fetuses in a short spell and lured many disciples of the Dark Sect by some unknown means. Now, no influence remains in the Infinite Star Sea other than the troops of the Holy Alliance and the Dark Sect. This is truly surprising.” Wang She said, pouring out all the information he acquired. “In my view, this time, the Dark Sect does want to break in using the Infinite Star Sea as a springboard!”

“Then, should we take action?”

“I’m afraid it’s too late.”