Omnipotent Sage

Omnipotent Sage Chapter 568

Chapter 568 The Remains Of A Lord Of Heaven

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Grandma Loulan was a Seven-tribulation Lord of Heaven, the Highest Elder of Jade Pool, the Junior Sister of Jade Pool Golden Mother’s teacher, and also the bluff of Jade Pool.

As to whether she was the real bluff, only she and Jade Pool knew.

The two Pure Yang Celestial Devices that was carried by Ji Yeyue were borrowed from Zhou Bao, so he was able to sense their position as soon as he came out of the Transmitting Formation.

It was not far from the Transmitting Formation, but it was in a strange place.

“The Infinite Star Sea is indeed worthy of its name. We would be stuck if we have no Void Map.”

Indeed, such a place was, so to speak, alarming. Both Zhou Bao and Grandma Loulan could tear through space and travel through the hollow, but they dared not to use it here, because they might be trapped in an endless space puzzle at any time.

Grandma Loulan smiled bitterly, “Yes, the Infinite Star Sea is so mysterious and so strange that we have suffered a loss. We only explored a radius of 300,000 kilometers before, and then gave up because it was too dangerous, but we still gained huge benefits. This time we have the Void Map, and there’re all kinds of thoughts in everyone’s mind. The last time those people were sent here was mainly to find the way, and to train the young disciples of each sect and to make them try their Divine Fate. We thought that having a Lord of Heaven leading and holding the Void Map, they would not have big problems. Unexpectedly, they were plotted in by the Rolling Dragon King…!”

“The Rolling Dragon King is nothing to be feared!” Zhou Bao smiled. He was a little afraid of the Rolling Dragon King, especially of his Lunar True Thunder. But he got the Silver Frost Castle and studied both the Void-breaking Bridge and the Gold Bridge of the Sea of Bitterness. Now, he learned a lot about the Law of Space, and believed that he could avoid the Lunar True Thunder in time, even if it were to burst in front of him.

“That Lunar True Thunder is awesome!” Grandma Loulan sighed.

“Here we are. This is the place!” Zhou Bao suddenly stopped, and so did Grandma Loulan, but she looked doubtful. “Is it here?”

“Yes, it is!” Zhou Bao nodded, frowning and looking around. There was a flying meteorite before them, and they were in a meteorite belt.

The massive meteorite was grey-brown in color, more than a thousand feet in diameter, and was shaped in an irregular circle, like a flying potato.

Not knowing what material it was made of, neither Zhou Bao nor Grandma Loulan could penetrate this seemingly ordinary meteorite with their spiritual minds.

“I sense the two Pure Yang Celestial Devices in this meteorite, but the stone seems a little odd!” Zhou Bao slightly frowned.

“Let me see!” Grandma Loulan said. Then she moved the purple jade stick in her hand, and a jet of purple light shot from the end of the stick and hit the meteorite.

“Poof!” There was no damage to the meteorite after the faint sound, as if the blow had been mere play. Grandma Loulan felt awkward. At any rate, she was a Seven-tribulation True Immortal, a senior Lord of Heaven and the Highest Elder of Jade Pool. Ji Yeyue was protected by Zhou Bao’s two Pure Yang Celestial Devices, and she could not sense where Ji Yeyue was. Thus, she had no choice but to turn to Zhou Bao for help, which made her embarrassed enough already. Now, she really didn’t want to lose face before Zhou Bao.

Therefore, she did not care about anything, and cried out. The purple stick in her hand suddenly gave out bright purple lights, hitting that meteorite.


With a loud crash, the meteorite, which had been flying at high speed, stopped.

“Gosh, she deserves to be called a Seven-tribulation Lord of Heaven. Such a large meteorite at such a high speed has stopped after her touch. Hehe, look at her thin body and her movements, it is really not like what she could do. She’s much scarier than the old women in horror stories.”Seeing this, Zhou Bao lifted his eyebrows a little and thought of something irrelevant.

After stopping the meteorite with her stick, Grandma Loulan didn’t say anything but flashed and stood on top of the meteorite, beginning to search carefully. However, she did not find any clues after a long time, and had to say to Zhou Bao with a sullen face, “There’s something wrong with this thing, and it’s a big problem!”

The meteorite did have a big problem. Although she did not find any abnormality, neither did she find any trace of Ji Yeyue. Even when tapping the meteorite with her purple jade stick, the meteorite did not have any damage, not even a drop of dust when she launched her Dharma power on the meteorite. It was incredible!

Seeing that Grandma Loulan was stumped, Zhou Bao was a little surprised too. Then with a flash, he jumped upon the meteorite. After he gave a few casual taps on the meteorite, his face moved slightly, “This is not a meteorite, but a solidified Self-world!”

Zhou Bao had seen the World-solidifying Skill once. It was a desperate attempt for a Lord of Heaven to save himself, which he saw when he defeated Hong Taihe. So as soon as he started tapping, he had a very familiar feeling, which was exactly the same feeling when Hong Taihe launched the World-solidifying Skill.

There were too few Lords of Heaven in the Four Eastern Regions. They were all so high up that they barely participated in the fight. Even if they participated, they would kill their opponents in seconds. They would not be defeated, and would not be forced to use the World-solidifying Skill. Grandma Loulan was a Genuine Immortal at the Lord of Heaven Realm and knew how to use the World-solidifying Skill, but she had never used it or even seen it. Thus she didn’t know what it was.

“What? Is it the World-solidifying Skill? You mean it’s a Lord of Heaven’s World-solidifying Skill. It has always existed, then it means…!”

“Yes, this should be the remains of a Lord of Heaven, not the last means of survival, which Hong Taihe used, but that a Lord of Heaven died naturally.”

At this point, Zhou Bao found that Grandma Loulan’s face darkened.

A Lord of Heaven was a Genuine Immortal, but the remains meant that a Genuine Immortal was not immortal, just had a longer life.

Generally speaking, the lifespan of a Metaphysic Individual Immortal was around 1,000 years. Having experienced a Thunder Tribulation, the body of a Genuine Immortal was reborn, and a Genuine Immortal’s life could exceed the limit of 1,000 years, up to 3,000 years; 3,000 years was the limit of life of a Genuine Immortal who was below the Lord of Heaven Realm. No matter how strong you were, as long as you were at the Venerable Realm, you could only live up to 3,000 years. And once you broke through the Venerable Realm, you would have a huge leap in life expectancy that would last 5,000 years. An Eight-tribulation True Immortal could live as long as 9,000 years.

9,000 years was the limit of the Lord of Heaven’s life. No matter how high his cultivation was, the life of a Lord of Heaven would never exceed 10,000 years.

Ten thousand years was the lifespan of a Human Immortal. You could live more than 10,000 only if you had undergone nine times of Thunder Tribulation and gained the Human Immortal Karma Rank.

Grandma Loulan was a Seven-tribulation Lord of Heaven, whose lifespan was seven to eight thousand years. It might sound long, but it was nothing in time. Now, she was nearly 5,000 years old, so, seeing the remains of a Lord of Heaven, she felt sad for the loss of her kind.

“Unexpectedly, it’s the remains of an elder Lord of Heaven. I wonder how many years it’s been since this senior died, that the solidified Self-world has become like this. Are you sure Yeyue is in this meteorite?”

This meteorite was only over a thousand feet in diameter. At the beginning, Grandma Loulan suspected that Zhou Bao had made a mistake, but she believed it after she knew it was a solidified Self-world. The solidified Self-world was a complete space and world. On the surface, it was only about a thousand feet in diameter, but the space inside could be tens of thousands of kilometers, or even hundreds of thousands of kilometers. What’s more, it could even be a micro world if the Dharma was complete.

“If this is really the remains of a Lord of Heaven, there should be that thing in it!” When Zhou Bao spoke this, his look slightly changed.

The World-solidifying Skill was the last defense means of a Lord of Heaven, and almost nothing could break through it. However, legend had it that, in primitive times, there was a kind of supernatural sect, known as Space-corroding Sect, which could break through and enter into it, and use it as a habitat for reproduction. If Ji Yeyue was really in it, she must have strayed into the nest of Space-corroding Sects.

Space-corroding Sects belonged to the Primordial Supernatural Sect and were quite mysterious. Although not as strong as Primordial Fierce Beasts, they were also at the top of the food chain in primitive times. Space-corroding Sects were famous in primitive times for their threat level, and they were able to secrete a peculiar venom which, by nature, had the power to corrode space, and in sufficient quantity, could corrode any space, even the solidified Self-world. They liked to find some hidden space in the hollow to hide, and they especially loved this kind of solidified Self-world of the remains of a Lord of Heaven.

“If they’re really Space-corroding Sects, it’s all right. As long as we find their entrance, we can enter it!” Zhou Bao faintly said, “And I can feel my two Pure Yang Celestial Devices still working. In other words, that defensive Pure Yang Celestial Device has spatial property, but it’s not purely defensive by the Law of Space. Therefore, the venom of Space-corroding Sects is powerful, but it is of a single nature, and it’s hard for it to break down the Device’s defenses.”

“I know it. Let’s find the entrance quickly!” Grandma Loulan said. Space-corroding Sects had weird venom, but the size of them was not large and the amount of their venom was not much. Above all, their venom was like a bee sting, and except for the Queen Sect, common Space-corroding Sects’ venom could not reproduce when it used up, so once they found a nest, they would leave a passage for access.

What Zhou Bao cared about most was the venom of Space-corroding Sects.

“With the help of my Infinite Poison Banner and the venom of Space-corroding Sects, I can defeat a Lord of Heaven, even after they used the World-solidifying Skill!”Zhou Bao thought to himself.