Ninth In The World
OngoingBook 6 Chapter 252

    Ninth In The World Book 6 Chapter 252

    Ninth In The World Volume 6 Chapter 252 Di Feixues Secret

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    Di Caishang shouted immediately, "That was the act of a beast. Unfortunately, the Di Family was too weak, so it could only stomach this grievance. After that incident, Feixue started cultivating ferociously. However, her improvement was extremely slow due to her pent-up feelings. Feixue will definitely try any means to improve her cultivation during this trip to the Small Central Planet, but the Five Young Masters are really powerful. After that incident, the five large sects will surely ask the Five Young Masters to kill Feixue on the Small Central Planet."

    At this point, Di Caishang let out a long sigh. "The sect masters of the five large sects look fair and just superficially, but none of them are actually any good. Although they are True Form experts, they treasure their lives and would never allow a threat like that to continue to exist. They definitely do not plan on letting Feixue survive. I heard that Shu Haolan, the Genesis Sect Master, is missing. He'd better be dead."

    Di Jiu didn't say anything. He was sure that Di Caishang said this not only because of his daughter, Di Feixue, but also because of the Di Family. He was furious that Feixue had been implicated because of him. However, that didn't mean that he would make up excuses for the Di Family. Besides, he thought that Di Caishang was exaggerating a little. If Di Feixue had attained the second-stage Ekayāna Tripod shortly after the Five Continent Dao Convention had ended, was that really considered slow?

    Di Caishang who noticed that Di Jiu had not said anything after expressing his anger, felt anxious. "Young Master Red Embellishment, don't think too highly of Feixue because she ranked 23rd on the Sea Roll. The difference between the top 10 people on the Sea Roll and those below them is huge. Even if Feixue had attained the fourth-stage Ekayāna Tripod Realm, she might not have won a battle against one of the Five Young Masters, who are at the second-stage Ekayāna Tripod Realm."

    Di Caishang was sure that Di Jiu wasn't afraid of Ju Qi, which meant that Di Jiu was capable of protecting Di Feixue on the Small Central Planet.

    Di Jiu looked at Di Caishang and said, "Daoist Di, can I have a word with Fairy Feixue in private?"

    "Yes, of course." Di Caishang stood up without hesitation and said, "Let me return to the Di Family's encampment first. You are welcome to come to the Di Family's encampment and take a look at the situation after you are done with your conversation, Young Master Red Embellishment."

    Di Caishang left as soon as he finished his sentence.

    Di Jiu had to give it to this old man. He practically left no stone unturned. However, getting him to return to the Di Family on the Small Central Planet would be impossible.

    After Di Caishang had left, Di Jiu looked at Di Feixue and said, "If my theory is right, you should be able to reach the top of the Five Continent Dao Pillar. In other words, the Five Young Masters did not suspect you wrongly of having the means to do that."

    Suddenly, a brilliant flare shot from the corners of the girl's lifeless eyes. Di Feixue stared at Di Jiu for a long time before she said, "Although my father said that you were formidable and hoped that I would get your help, if I sneaked an attack on you, I would most certainly kill you. Even if someone helped you, they would not be able to protect you in time…"

    Di Feixue was referring to Huan Mingzi. Di Jiu smiled faintly and said nonchalantly, "I do not believe that."

    After speaking, Di Jiu kept looking at Di Feixue ever so peacefully. If Di Feixue made a move, he wouldn't mind throwing her out. He was disgusted with the behavior of the sect masters of the five large sects. He could have killed the five old men—or rather the remaining four old men, in private. However, that didn't mean that he would do this for Di Feixue.

    Di Feixue, who noticed that Di Jiu wasn't shocked or vigilant, asked in surprise, "Don't tell me that you really have the ability to stop Ju Qi?"

    "I am not afraid of your assault. Even if your father were here and both of you attacked me together, I would still not be afraid," Di Jiu said faintly.

    Di Feixue didn't take his words to heart. Di Jiu was just bragging about not being afraid of her father. Maybe it was because speaking to Di Jiu made Di Feixue forget the hatred in her heart temporarily, but her tone suddenly became milder. "No wonder you dared challenge the 106th person on the Sea Roll. I'm talking about Ren Hai."

    Di Jiu had even dared say that he was not afraid of the Life Tribulation Realm. What was so strange about challenging the 106th person on the Sea Roll? Di Feixue was only being sarcastic. She didn't know her limits.

    "Whatever." Di Jiu, who knew that Di Feixue didn't want to be frank, didn't bother continuing his conversation with her.

    However, Di Feixue didn't leave. Instead, she took a breath and said, "Although I'm 23rd on the Sea Roll, I'm not afraid of any of the Five Young Masters. It's just that my father doesn't know. I know that you do not believe me…"

    Di Jiu interrupted Di Feixue. "You are wrong. I do believe you. I also believe that if you are willing, you will definitely reach the top of the Sea Roll. If my guess is right, your Spiritual Force must be almost at level nine. In the Small Central World, even True Form cultivators may not possess a level-nine Spiritual Force."

    Di Feixue had at first thought that Di Jiu was being sarcastic. She only realized that this was not the case after she listened to him. Shaken, she spoke slowly only after a long while. "Your theory is right. My Spiritual Force is indeed getting close to level nine. If you tell me how you knew, I will tell you why my Spiritual Force is so strong. I can share that secret with you. We share the same bloodline after all."

    Di Jiu smiled. "Actually, you should be aware of why I knew. However, if you want me to say it, I'll repeat it. You reached the 90th stage of the Five Continent Dao Pagoda on your first attempt. Then, you didn't attempt to do it again, not because you couldn't, but because the 90th stage was the perfect place to temper your Spiritual Force. If there was one person on the 90th stage, the two next people wouldn't stay there, as there was only one futon."

    "On your second attempt, you could have reached the top. However, you only wanted to go to the 90th stage again. Upon reaching it, you discovered that there was no longer a futon. Therefore, you could only move on to the 91st stage. Upon reaching the 91st stage, you suddenly realized the danger you were in and didn't proceed to the 92nd stage. That's why I said that the five old men didn't suspect you wrongly."

    After hearing his words, Di Feixue stared at Di Jiu for a few minutes before she said, "You are smart. This is indeed what happened. You should be worried, though. I have already killed every person who suspected me."

    "He he…" Di Jiu didn't even bother speaking this time around.

    When she saw that Di Jiu didn't take her words seriously, Di Feixue could only say, "Actually, the Five Continent Dao Pagoda had something like the Five Continent Dao Disc. This thing was called the Five Continent Dao Inscription…"

    Even though Di Jiu had guessed that Di Feixue knew the secret of the Five Continent Dao Pagoda, he was still stunned by her next words. The Five Continent Dao Pagoda had really had something similar to the Five Continent Dao Disc. His wild guess had been spot-on.

    Di Feixue stretched out her hands and folded her sleeves. There was a faint pattern on her fair wrist that seemed to be engraved.

    Once Di Jiu's level-ten Spiritual Force landed on the pattern, it sensed the Foundation Order he had comprehended in the Five Continent Dao Pagoda. This faint pattern was indeed related to the Five Continent Dao Pagoda, or rather the Five Continent Dao Inscription.

    If Di Feixue wanted to, she could ascend to the 108th stage. The Five Continent Dao Pagoda was like a treasure. Di Feixue held the key to opening this treasure, so the Five Continent Dao Pagoda would belong to her if she ascended to the 108th stage.

    After Di Feixue let Di Jiu take a look at the Five Continent Dao Inscription, she said, "When I get out of the Small Central World this time, I will kill the rest of the four large sect masters. After killing them, I will take the Five Continent Dao Pagoda. If I die one of these days, the Five Continent Dao Inscription will be yours. Help me kill the people I didn't manage to. The Five Continent Dao Inscription possesses the Spiritual Force condensation technique. You don't have to worry about my father's request that you protect me in the Small Central World. You only have to tell him that you agree."

    Di Jiu, who had wanted to console Di Feixue and discuss with her how to kill the Five Sect Masters, hadn't expected that she would be so arrogant. He simply brushed off her offer to give him the Five Continent Dao Inscription if she died. Only a fool would believe such a thing.

    This woman was so cunning that Di Jiu even suspected that the lifelessness in her eyes was fake. If she could fake lifelessness, the five large sect masters would surely die in her hands.

    It seemed like he would have to rush to the 108th stage the next time he went to the Five Continent Dao Pagoda. Otherwise, he wouldn't get the chance to collect the 108 Foundation Dao Laws once this woman took the Five Continent Dao Pagoda.

    After sending Di Feixue off, Di Jiu entered reclusive cultivation.

    Two months passed in the blink of an eye. When the restriction by the door of Di Jiu's cave abode was triggered, he opened it and saw Huan Mingzi standing outside his room.

    "Di Jiu, the Small Central Planet is about to open. Let's go out!" Huan Mingzi was full of energy. Di Jiu knew without asking that he'd had a bountiful harvest. He, on the other hand, was still at the third-stage Ekayāna Tripod Realm.

    The Spiritual Force Training Art didn't necessarily require a Roast Divine Herb. However, the effect would be better if the two of them were used together.

    When Di Jiu and Huan Mingzi reached the large square after putting away the cave abode, the square was already full of cultivators. Right in the center of the square was an exceptionally huge platform. Di Jiu recognized the person standing on the platform. It was Skygold Domain Lord Huan Changzhu—the man who had forced the Five Young Masters to hand over the Spiritual Force cultivation technique.

    As Huan Changzhu scanned the crowd, Di Jiu felt his Spiritual Force pause on him for a longer period. Di Jiu shuddered unconsciously. He suspected that Huan Changzhu would have taken him away if Huan Mingzi hadn't been with him this whole time.

    "The Small Central Planet is about to open. The spirit herbs in it are all more than 1,000 years old. There are also many high-level spirit herbs. This is an opportunity to enter the Small Central World, a sacred ground sought after by every cultivator. This opening of the Small Central Planet is handled by me. The rules are the same as always. Any cultivators who enter must be from the Five Continents and have a True Form cultivation level…"

    Di Jiu was filled with doubt as Huan Changzhu spoke. The Small Central Planet opened once in 100 years. Why were the spirit herbs inside over 1,000 years old? Huan Mingzi suddenly told Di Jiu, "Cheng Ji, the Sect Master of the Enduring Immortal Sect, is here. He must be looking for you right now, Di Jiu."