Nine Yang Sword Saint Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Hunting! Hunting!

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Yang Dingtian was shocked. He didn't escape but instinctively lifted his sword and stabbed it towards the giant wolf's throat.

The first move of the Pig Killing Swordsmanship, stab the throat and deplete the blood!

The effect of practicing the sword a million times was evident. He used his fastest speed to stab the giant wolf's throat before the wolf reached him.

"Boom!" Then, using the force of his thrust, he quickly retreated a dozen meters to widen the distance before he looked to see if the wolf was dead.

However, the result disappointed him. He had stabbed the giant wolf's throat accurately, but its skin was not even broken. The outer skin on this giant wolf was like a layer of hard armor. Yang Dingtian was quite surprised that his sword had not managed to penetrate the giant wolf's defenses.

Wolves were by nature suspicious. Although Yang Dingtian's action did not cause any harm to it, it still didn't immediately attack again. Instead, it slowly lowered its body. Its scarlet eyes stared at Yang Dingtian.

"Am I too weak without any Xuan energy? The sword couldn't even pierce the wolf's skin." Yang Dingtian looked at his sword tip. He had just tried his best to kill the wolf, but there was no blood at all on the tip of the sword.

"This is just a young Fiery Demon Wolf. It had found you much earlier, but it was lurking behind the boulders to wait for the right opportunity to ambush and kill you," Dongfang Niemie said.

What? Just a young Fiery Demon Wolf? Yang Dingtian was shocked. The giant wolf in front of him was nearly two meters long and one meter tall. Seriously?

"Son, this is definitely your first battle. You have only yourself to rely on now. This Fiery Demon Wolf has been hungry for a long time. It will not let you go. If you lose, you die. It will aim its bites at your throat. The attack will be fatal."

Yang Dingtian's entire body broke out in goosebumps. He slightly lowered his body, his eyes never leaving the giant wolf in front.

That's right, this was really his first battle. Only one of them would emerge alive. No one will come help him. His throat could be bitten, and he could die at any time.

The giant wolf tightened its body. Its cruel eyes became more and more focused. It was snarling while baring its dagger-like sharp teeth. If Yang Dingtian was bitten, it would be impossible for him to survive.

The stress in Yang Dingtian's heart was incomparable. It was much harder to kill a beast in real life than in his imaginations.

The giant wolf's strength was many times that of Yang Dingtian. It had a similar advantage in speed. The greatest challenge for Yang Dingtian was the fact that the wolf's entire body was almost invulnerable.

While Yang Dingtian possessed the ingenious Pig Killing Swordsmanship, he had no Xuan energy at all. While he had the Deep Sea Xuan Clothes on his upper body, the Fiery Demon Wolf only aimed at human throats.

Time was ticking away second by second. One human and one wolf stared at each other across a distance of a dozen meters.

The giant wolf was looking to launch a fatal attack. Meanwhile, Yang Dingtian's speed was too slow and his strength was too weak. Therefore, he had to find a way to predict when the wolf would attack.

His only way to kill the giant wolf was to pierce the sword through its mouth as quickly as possible when it opened its maw to bite his throat.

He had only one chance. If he lost the fight, he would die. What's worse, his window of opportunity would only last less than second.

Apparently, this wolf had been starving for a long time. The prey was now in front of it. Its eyes were extremely bloody. Its roars were getting fiercer and fiercer.

The giant wolf began to circle Yang Dingtian.

The wolf was so cunning. It had such a huge advantage in this fight, but it didn't immediately take the initiative to attack. It didn't give Yang Dingtian any chances and was seeking to enlarge its advantage through its movement.

Yang Dingtian didn't move because he couldn't move. The moment he moved, the giant wolf would pounce and bite his neck before he completed his action. At that point, he would have completely missed his chance to counterattack.

This wolf was really incomprehensible and dangerous.

Therefore, even when the wolf moved behind Yang Dingtian, he still didn't move at all. Holding his sword in his right hand with his body bent like a drawn bow, he was ready to attack.

The dangerous wolf turned round and round.

Suddenly, it leaped as fast as lightning and plunged forward from Yang Dingtian's left. It opened its bloody mouth and bit at Yang Dingtian's throat.

What a cunning beast. Its chosen angle was almost in Yang Dingtian's blind spot.

It was so fast that it reached Yang Dingtian's face in an instant, it's mouth shooting towards Yang Dingtian's neck.

"Dig out the heart and lungs!" Yang Dingtian didn't move his sword but rather quickly procured a dagger from his sleeves with his left hand. He then pierced the dagger into the giant wolf's mouth using the Pig Killing Swordsmanship.

"Awww..." The wolf screamed horribly. Hot blood splattered from its mouth. Yang Dingtian's left-handed dagger strike had pierced into the giant wolf's throat!

However, it was still not dead.

It suddenly slammed shut its mouth, snapping the dagger off at the handle.

"Boom..." Then, it spat a spurt of flame from its mouth. The broken dagger in its mouth was immediately ejected by the flame.

What the hell? This was just a young Fiery Demon Wolf, and it was already so powerful?

The injured Fiery Demon Wolf became even angrier. After ejecting the dagger, its sharp, front claws scratched towards Yang Dingtian's neck.

This beast only attacked his neck.

It was so fast, resembling a gale bearing down on him. The sharp claws arrived in front of Yang Dingtian in the blink of an eye. It seemed like the claws would crush Yang Dingtian's neck any moment now.

It was too late for him to retreat. His body flew back, and fortunately, his neck had managed to escape the fatal attack.

"Bang..." Yang Dingtian's chest suffered a serious injury. His ribs were almost broken, and a surge of blood spurted out from his mouth.

The giant wolf's sharp claws had landed on Yang Dingtian's chest.

Fortunately, he had the Deep Sea Xuan Clothes, so the giant wolf's sharp claws didn't cut into his body. However, the huge concussive force injured him and made it hard for him to breathe.

After smacking Yang Dingtian's chest, the giant wolf pounced towards him with its claws.

A huge force pressed Yang Dingtian down. The giant wolf had forced him to the ground.

"Arh-Wooo..." The giant wolf fiercely roared. Its eyes emitted violent rays. It followed up by opening its mouth and biting fiercely at Yang Dingtian's head.

"Xuwu Nine Disasters Sword, Sword of Beings..."

Yang Dingtian's sharp sword shot out quickly. Instantly he executed dozens of thrusts.

"Boom, boom, boom, boom..." In an instant, the giant wolf's mouth was struck. Then, he violently stabbed his sword deep into its throat.

The giant wolf was completely stunned. It had no time to scream, so it closed its mouth to break the sword.

Yang Dingtian's head had escaped from the giant wolf's bite attack.

Furthermore, Yang Dingtian was even faster than the wolf and quickly pulled out his sword before the wolf can break it.

"Bang!" The giant wolf bit down on nothing but air. Its sharp fangs banged together and created sparks. The giant wolf then shook its head and ran at Yang Dingtian again, wanting to bite his head.

"Bastard! Either you die, or I die! I'll kill you this time!"

Yang Dingtian didn't dodge or run. He held his sword and stabbed towards the wolf.

Xuwu Nine Disasters Sword, Sword of Birth.


Yang Dingtian stabbing his swords twice, striking both of the Fiery Demon Wolf's eyes.

"Fizzing..." The blood burst out.

The Fiery Demon Wolf's eyes were instantly destroyed. It immediately turned to escape while wracked with pain.

How could Yang Dingtian let it just run away like this? He used all of his strength to wield his sword.

He stabbed the sword towards its head. The sharp sword effortlessly penetrated deep into the wolf's brain, smashing it to pulp.

Its entire brain had turned to mush after Yang Dingtian pierced it.

"Awww..." A tragic scream sounded out. Its blood burst out everywhere, and its claws struck out crazily, scattering the stones on the ground everywhere.

The Fiery Demon Wolf was making its final struggle in its death throes.

Yang Dingtian was tightly pressed against the wolf's belly and avoided its crazy counterattack.

"Bang!" Finally, the heavy Fiery Demon Wolf fell to the ground and died.

"Sssss..." Suddenly, Yang Dingtian's arm felt a sharp pain. Blood burst out from his arm.

The bastard had managed to scratch Yang Dingtian's arm before it died, leaving a deep wound. Only then had it fallen to the ground and died.

A ferocious beast that required at least five novices combined to kill was dispatched by Yang Dingtian, who was only an Enlightener.


After confirming that the giant wolf was completely dead, Yang Dingtian's limbs went soft, and he immediately collapsed to the ground. Although the Fiery Demon Wolf's body was weighing him down, it seemed like his body was utterly out of energy. He breathed rapidly in short gasps. At this point, he could only feel the pain burning throughout his body. Although he had the Deep Sea Xuan Clothes protecting him, his body was still covered in wounds and blood. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I've finally killed the bastard."

Yang Dingtian took a deep breath and pushed the Fiery Demon Wolf's corpse off of him. He stood up and used his sword to behead the Fiery Demon Wolf, extracting the demon nucleus within.

When the Fiery Demon Wolf was still alive, its skin was almost invulnerable. After it died, Yang Dingtian's sword was able to cut its flesh easily.

The red demon nucleus was very small like a walnut. It was covered with complicated lines.

"I've acquired the first demon nucleus." Yang Dingtian was a little excited. He kissed the fire-type demon nucleus and put it inside his bag.

Fire-type demon nucleus acquired. There were four left: wind, gold, ice, and electric!

It was pretty "easy." A mere young Fiery Demon Wolf had already almost cost Yang Dingtian his life.

"Little Tian, bury the Fiery Demon Wolf's body now. Otherwise, it will attract many other beasts. It will become really dangerous if that happened." his master, Dongfang Niemie, suddenly advised.

"Alright, master," Yang Dingtian said.

He used his sword to dig. After half an hour, he had dug a hole that was more than a meter deep and three to four meters across.

It took him a lot of effort to bury the Fiery Demon Wolf's corpse.

After the body was buried, he took a short break to let himself recover his strength.

Now, it was time to harvest another treasure: the Bloody Black Gold worth millions!

Yang Dingtian climbed over the boulder and used the dagger to dig out the red Bloody Black Gold.

Not knowing if it was just his mind playing tricks, Yang Dingtian felt that the Bloody Black Gold seemed to have become more red, more resplendent just now. It really seemed like a burning flame.

"This is the first step towards my perfect Sword Soul..." Yang Dingtian said. He then forcefully thrust the dagger below the Bloody Black Gold.

"Waaa..." Not knowing if he was just hearing things, Yang Dingtian felt like the Bloody Black Gold was cheering. It seemed like it was very excited to be dug out.

"That's right. This is the Bloody Black Gold's cheer. It is made up of the fiery energy of heaven and earth. It is full of aura, so it can be used to forge the Sword Soul." Dongfang Niemie continued, "It takes a hundred years to grow just one piece of Bloody Black Gold."

After the Bloody Black Gold had been dug out from the boulder, its red color gradually faded. It then turned a crystal-clear dark purple.

"Fuuu..." At that moment, the sky suddenly turned dark, and a strong wind could be felt.

Somebody was coming! Yang Dingtian was shocked and immediately dug out the Bloody Black Gold, holding it tightly in his hands.

He didn't expect that the fist-sized Bloody Black Gold was so heavy. It weighed around twenty pounds. However, he had no time to ruminate.

"Fuuu..." A griffin landed in front of Yang Dingtian.

Then, a handsome young boy jumped off the griffin and stared greedily at the Bloody Black Gold in Yang Dingtian's hand. He violently drew his sword and sneered at Yang Dingtian. "Hey toad, hand over the Bloody Black Gold and I'll leave you a complete corpse!"

Yang Dingtian recognized the guy. He had accompanied Tang Li last time and had said that he would banish Yang Dingtian from Cloud Sky City.

"I've waited for you to finally leave Cloud Sky City. My name is Yang Qi. My father died by Ximen Wuya's hand. Today, I will kill you to avenge him."

"I'm a Five Star Novice Martial Artist. It's easy for me to kill you. Prepare to die! I'll take care of that bitch Ximen Yanyan for you."

After speaking, Yang Qi's eyes filled with killing intent. He waved his sword and fiercely pierced towards Yang Dingtian.