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    "Huh? They are planning to attack the mercenary guild?" When the guild master searched through the head of the final demon general who was stronger than other four demon generals, he found some information that made him raise his brows.

    'But why did they try to separate the demon killer mercenary squad? Also, what are they doing here?'

    He was not surprised by the demon's plan to attack the mercenary guild; however, what made him puzzled was the actions of the demons.

    "There is nothing in the cursed Abyss except for the death energy which is not that useful for the demons when compared to the demon essence of nature in the demon world. So, why?"

    After thinking about the reason behind the demon's actions he was still unable to find their motive and shook his head.

    "Anyway, I should go back and alert all the mercenaries about this attack on the mercenary guild,"

    Since he was unable to find their motive, the guild master finally decided to return back to the demon killer's location and then go back to the mercenary guild to alert others.

    He was not a normal mercenary that lacked experience. He was called the king of mercenaries for a reason.

    He was known for his adaptability to any kind of situation and he could clearly analyse any situations and plan according to it. So, he didn't waste time on something that he was unable to find and decided to return back to the guild before facing the demon head-on.


    As the guild master was returning to the demon killer's location, Ajax stood in front of a swamp with his eyes closed and tried to sense the space elements to find the portal to the demon world.

    Behind him, there was a huge swamp crocodile that laid lifelessly on the ground. Upon its body, Edmond sat and looked at Ajax while hoping that he would find the demon world's portal in a short time.


    Soon, Ajax opened his eyes and sighed before looking at Edmond and shook his head.

    "No need to sigh, Ajax. There are only 2 more locations we need to check," Even though Edmond also sighed in his heart, he consoled himself that we would find the portal very soon.


    Ajax nodded his head and immediately rushed towards another location which was a huge tree that was more than 1000 meters height and 10 meters thick.

    As soon as they reached the third location, Ajax and Edmond found a demon that wore an armour that gave a terrifying aura.

    'A demon?'

    Edmond and Ajax stopped in their tracks and thought in their heads before looking at each others' faces.

    "Don't kill me. Don't kill me"

    However, to their surprise, the demon kneeled on the ground and started begging them to not to kill him.

    "Huh?" Ajax and Edmond carefully looked at the demon in front of him and raised their brows.

    The demon looked less than 1.5 meters and could be considered short compared to other demons Ajax had seen previously. It had pitch-black horns that signified that the demon in front of them belonged to the royal family of the demons.

    "Ajax, be careful. He is from the royal family of the demon world," Edmond's words made Ajax serious all of sudden because he could understand what Edmond's words actually mean.

    Every demon that was from the royal family would be born with an inherent skill that was very powerful. So, Edmond asked Ajax to be careful.

    "What should we do with him, Captain Edmond?" Ajax looked at the demon in front of him and asked Edmond.

    "What do you think?" As soon as he said those words, Edmond disappeared from his position and appeared in front of the demon from the royal family and slashed his sword through the body of the demon.



    However, the demon didn't try to dodge the slash and instead laughed with a cunning expression before he fell lifelessly to the ground.

    "Huh? Why did he laugh like that?" Edmond and Ajax became confused at the behaviour of the demon and immediately moved away from the dead body of the fallen demon.

    As soon as they moved away from the body, all the black blood from the body came together and formed a round orb before suddenly becoming a portal.

    "What is happening? Why does it suddenly become a portal?"

    Ajax raised his guard and looked at the pitch-black portal and asked Edmond, who was also having a similar serious expression on his face.

    "This is the portal we are searching for. Call Darbaudr and ask him to bring others while he is only his way," Soon the serious expression on his face became an excited one and immediately asked Ajax to call Darbaudr and others.

    "Yes, I will do it,"

    Ajax also became excited and immediately tried to contact Darbaudr through the spirit link, 'Darbaudr, come to the third location, we found the portal and also bring others when you come here.'

    "Ajax, dodge,"

    Just as he ended the voice transmission with the Darbaudr, Ajax was alerted by Edmond and without any hesitation jumped to the left side and barely dodged a black energy beam that came from the black portal.

    "Ajax, are you okay?"

    Edmond immediately rushed towards Ajax and checked on him and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Ajax was fine and then looked through the portal.

    The inside of the portal looked pitch black and they were unable to see clearly what was exactly that attacked them.

    "Wait a second. This is...this is the plan of the demons from the beginning. They are planning to invade our province from here," Edmond immediately thought about something and became shocked.

    "That demon already knew that we will kill them and it must be his skill to open the portal to a larger extent so that the huge army of the demon world can enter into the human world," Edmond's thoughts ran at a lightning speed as he deduced everything from the happening in front of him.

    "But why did they wait for us to kill them?"

    Although Ajax almost agreed to Edmond thoughts, he felt there was something amiss that why would a demon wait for them to kill him to summon the demon army from the demon world.

    "I think, the skill can only be activated if he is killed by a human as they were trying to enter the human world and the small portal that can be used to transport only a few demons can now transport a huge demon army," Edmond explained to Ajax about what he had thought about Ajax's question.

    "Get ready. We have to run away from here and regroup with others," Edmond didn't hesitate to suggest Ajax escape from here because the enemy this time was not a single entity or a group of demons; instead, it was a huge demon army who didn't know about exhaustion or anything.

    They would fight till they were dead like maniacs. So, Edmond's first thought was to escape from there and regroup with others.

    "Yes captain," Ajax didn't dare to be a hero and together with Edmond he rushed towards Darbaudr and others.

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