Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 88

    Chapter 88: Hahahaha-

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    Rion and Kotomi wept softly as they started to recover from their complete breakdown and faced the horrifying dark figure in front of them.

    It was as if theyd returned to their childhoods.

    Since they were twins, theyd always faced everything together. As long as they held each others hands, they would be able to overcome sadness, misery, and even despair.

    Their first memory of despair stemmed from their childhood.

    Since theyd accidentally broken their fathers rather expensive prized antique vase, they were angrily shouted at, beaten, locked in their room, and starved.

    They were sore, hungry, and very frightened The two young girls hugged each other in the dark room and cried as they tried to bear the pain and hunger.

    Their fathers figure turned monstrous in their young minds.

    However, this didnt last for very long.

    After punishing them, their father forgave them and sternly reminded them not to play in inappropriate places.

    As intelligent children, Rion and Kotomi kept their fathers teaching in their heart and gradually became rule-following obedient children.

    Since they no longer made mistakes, they werent punished and always received praise from everyone around them, including their father.

    The twin sisters were delighted. They thought they had discovered the rules of this world. As long as they did the right things and didnt do anything wrong, they could lead a joyful life.

    Until that day.

    It was truly a coincidence.

    Because of an issue at school, the students were allowed to go home early. They happily returned home and witnessed their father doing strange things with various unfamiliar men and women.

    They were beaten even more harshly than before!

    They trembled as their father bellowed at them like a raging demon!

    They were cowed by the threat that they were never to tell anyone about what they saw, or else they would be forced out of this home!

    Their father became that frightening monster again! And this time, they didnt even do anything wrong.


    The twins hugged each other tightly once again and cried and shivered, filled with pain and terror. They didnt understand at the time.

    Nonetheless, they were intelligent children.

    Finally, Rion and Kotomi understood. Father was the one who was in the wrong and Father had committed such a serious mistake!

    They werent the ones in the wrong, yet they were the ones punished.

    Their father who "punished" them was the one who should have been punished!

    The twin sisters were furious. They decided to rebel against his control and take revenge.

    They wanted their father to be punished as he should have been, so they researched methods on the internet and added their own ideas to formulate a plan.

    Their plan was wildly successful!

    Their fathers face turned ashen white in front of them, and he was forced to listen to their commands. He punished himself, admitted his wrongs, and promised to make it up to them

    It was supposed to be a small revenge plan, but they unexpectedly acquired an incredible sense of joy from it!!

    The twin sisters became addicted to the sensation.

    So this was the truth of the world!

    Right and wrong wasnt important. As long as they controlled a persons weakness, they would be able to conquer and control him

    Rion and Kotomi slowly began to change after understanding the "truth" of the world as they saw it.

    And finally, they turned out the way they were today.

    Seigo Harano, who currently stood before them, seemed much like their father in the pasta dark and terrifying monster.

    But that was only because they werent able to discover his weakness.

    As long as they discovered his weakness, even this monster would be conquered and controlled by them!

    Rion and Kotomis eyes began sparkling again.

    Change themselves for the better?

    That was what the world believed to be right, but so what!?

    Even if they stopped doing such things, would the world truly change!?

    It wouldnt!

    "Right and wrong" werent actually important in this world. Information was the only thing that mattered!

    Thats why they would never destroy their blackmail files!

    Because that was truly everything to them everything they possessed!!

    Rion and Kotomi stopped crying as they thought about it.

    They actually had a breakdown due to terror how unsightly.

    But it wasnt important. Even though Seigo Harano achieved victory, he couldnt force them to uphold their promise!

    This was the most basic reason they agreed to this duel after thinking it over and remaining indecisive for so long!

    In the end, it was just a verbal promise.

    Even if we break our promise, what can you do to us, Seigo Harano!?

    The twin sisters slowly raised their heads and looked towards him, meeting his eyes.

    Then, they saw that he was showing deep pity for them.


    Why pity?

    "It seems like youve chosen to break your promise," Seiji said lightly. "I suppose its only natural. In your opinion, I have no way to force you to keep your promise. As long as you break your word, this wont amount to anything more than you losing some reputation thats probably what you think."

    Rion and Kotomi remained silent.

    All the karate club members became tense again.

    What the hell!?

    We all thought that you won, so you truly had the ability to make them change themselves for the better or at the very least destroy their blackmail files!!

    But they were still able to break their word!? This how unreliable can you get!!!?

    The club members emotions became complicated again as they thought about how the twin witches reign over them would continue.

    Some were even regretting that they didnt at least make a show of it! Since nobody was stepping up to defend the witches, anyone that stood up probably would have received their favor or some other reward.

    Mika and Hoshis faces showed signs of tension as well. Chiakis expression merely flickered slightly before she regained her calm.

    Seiji already said something out loud, so he must have a plan of some sort. Perhaps this was his true intention to begin with Chiaki inwardly believed in Seiji.

    And she was correct.

    Seiji slowly turned to look at Hoshi.

    "Sorry, junior of mine I gave them a chance, but you saw it for yourself."

    "Senpai" Hoshis expression turned complex and pained.

    Hoshi turned back to look at Rion and Kotomi and saw only their cold, uncaring stares.

    Ahh! Damn it! He hated and regretted his weakness, ignorance, and powerlessness.

    "They didnt keep their promise, but I will." Seijis expression slowly changed as he spoke. "I will completely, utterly ruin them."

    The twin sisters felt a terrible chill sweep over them as they met his eyes once more!

    That was because his eyes were now pitch black, filled with condescension, derision, and contempta completely patronizing attitude!

    "Heh heh heh Hahahahahaha!" Seiji suddenly started laughing loudly.

    This wasnt his usual gentle and warm laughter. It was bone-chilling taunting laughter filled with condescension!

    It felt like the entire dojos temperature had dropped with his laughter!

    Everyone was stunned for the umpteenth time!!

    "My apologies, I couldnt hold myself back anymore I just really wanted to laugh at how you believed yourselves to be so smart and strong, with that look in your eyes that said you could resist to the end!"

    *Swish!* Seiji extended his palms like a mad scientist.

    "Use those rotten brains of yours and think a little! Even you can find the gigantic hole in this promise!! Do you really think that I wouldnt consider it!!? Oh, I forgotyour brains have probably turned to mush already! After all, everyone youve ever faced wasnt on guard against you!

    "Everyone was misled by your beauty and excellence! Just like the sailors from myths who were entranced by the beauty and songs of the Sirens! They all fell into the sea, becoming your prey!!

    "But Im different from everyone."

    Seiji gave them the most condescending gaze he could possibly muster as he looked down at the twins with utter contempt. "Thats because I saw through you from the very start! Take away your outer appearances! After stamping out your paltry smarts!! Youre nothing more than two girls whoops, two piles of rotting, disgusting filth!!!"