Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 86

    Chapter 86: Collapse

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    Even though they knew that they would inevitably have to face Seigo, some of the female members were still starstruck.

    It was because he was too cool and too strong!

    If Seijis victory over the three girls surprised everyone, this second battle, where he defeated seven boys in an instant, shook everyone down to their bones.

    All the karate club members that personally witnessed this scene didnt know what to make of it.

    They watched on in stunned silence as the imposing figure walked back to his original spot and stood there casually, acting as if nothing had happened.

    However the seven male karate club members lying collapsed on the ground, unable to get up, indicated that this was indeed reality.

    How was this possible!?

    The karate club members brains finally whirred back into motion, but they still couldnt believe it.

    How was he so quick!?

    How was he so powerful!?

    Why was the difference between them so gigantic!?

    Doubts kept popping up in their minds, but no matter how incredulous the situation was, the reality was right in front of them.

    This they couldnt even fight with him! Kyosuke Akanishi could only inwardly sigh.

    Seigo Haranos speed and power was astounding. Even Kyosuke was unable to follow Seigos movements clearly despite concentrating intensely. As for the other karate club members who fought against him they probably saw nothing more than a blur before they were defeated.

    This wasnt a duel; this was a single-sided beatdown!

    Karate techniques, fighting skills, or dueling experience?

    None of those were necessary for Seigo Harano!

    He didnt need any of these, nor did he need to care about his opponent having them. He only needed to get close and defeat his opponent.

    The karate club members had no way of stopping him.

    How could you block blows that you couldnt even see coming!?

    Kyosuke Akanishi was certain that even if he personally fought Seigo, he would be defeated as well. And he was already the strongest member of the karate club.

    Could they even compete against him?

    He recalled his previous words at the beginning of the duel. He said something about showing true power to Seigo Kyosuke felt his face burning up, and he felt the urge to hide in a corner!

    But he wasnt able to do so. Instead, as the referee, he had to stand the closest to Seigo.

    "Two two points! Seigo Haranos victory!" Kyosuke finally made the announcement and gestured for the other members to help their fallen comrades.

    Nobody spoke.

    It was literally silent to the extent of being able to hear a pin drop.

    What should they do next?

    Kyosuke looked towards Rion and Kotomi for guidance, but to his surprise, he found that twins complexion was ashen. Their faces were completely drained of all color.

    We were deceived. We were deceived, deceived, deceived, deceived Rion and Kotomis minds were endlessly repeating the same word.

    All of Seigo Haranos arguments, retorts, sighs, silence, and helpless expressions as he discussed the conditions with them flashed back before their eyes.

    Finally an image of the current Seigo Harano appeared, standing calmly at the centre of the dojo .

    We were deceived! At that time, Seigo Harano was merely acting!! All his expressions, actions, and words were all a big lie!!!

    He wasnt even the slightest bit afraid of facing the entire karate club by himself; in fact, he was probably laughing inside when we brought the idea up!

    The twins were filled with anger and fear.

    To normal people, this would definitely be impossible to overcome.

    But Seigo Harano was no ordinary personthe twins believed they were already aware of that.

    But they never realized their so-called "knowledge" of him merely scraped the surface!!

    They knew that he was a monster, a demon, but they couldnt have imagined that he wasand still issomething far beyond their pitiful imagination.

    He must be laughing at them.

    While he pretended to be an ordinary person conversing with us, he must have been laughing demonically underneath at that time!

    And right now, beneath his calm exterior, beneath that tall and handsome shell of his, he must be laughing maniacally!!

    He must be looking down on us, filled with disdain for our ignorance

    Seiji was indeed looking down at the twin sisters.

    But that was only in the literal sense, since he was currently standing and they were seated.

    He neither knew nor wanted to know what the twin sisters thought of him, or their reaction to his inhuman physical ability.

    Seiji only wanted to obtain victory and give them a final chance to choose. He would observe if they kept their promise to change themselves and destroy all the blackmail material, or if they would go back on their word and desperately fight to the end.

    He didnt realize that Rion and Kotomi currently viewed him as a tremendously evil, arrogant, haughty, and terrifying demon in human guise.

    Even if he knew, he wouldnt have cared.

    Seiji was doing all this for Hoshis sake. As for how the twins viewed him, or how they ended up, did he need to care?

    This was why he was so relaxed.

    As for those behind him they werent so relaxed.

    Chiaki, Mika, and Hoshi were also among the astonished.

    Due to the first battle, they were somewhat prepared for Seijis incredible fighting prowess, but personally witnessing seven male karate club members being dispatched at lightning speed, similar to the three girls from earlier, shocked them to the core of their souls.

    So strong

    Seiji was actually this strong all along

    Our friend here Is he actually a costumed superhero?

    The three of them exchanged silent glances and came into unspoken agreement.

    Hoshi was truly amazed. Senpai was stronger than he ever imagined. His worship of no, his adulation towards Seiji increased even further.

    Mika fell into deep thought; it seemed that the depraved otaku had transformed into a miraculous existence beyond her understanding.

    Chiaki was seriously considering and guessing at just what type of powerful family the Harutas were!

    They must have had several world-class powerful people in Seijis familys history Was Seijis father actually the world champion of some martial arts technique? He was probably the type who won several world championships in succession!

    All three of them remained silent, unable to stem the surge of thoughts which came flooding in.

    This was just too much to accept!

    Although Seiji kept telling them not to worry as hed win without any problems they never imagined this outcome!!

    As the trio glanced at the opposition they noticed that they were also in a state of stunned amazement !!!

    Silence reigned over the dojo room.

    If a persons mental state was reflected in reality, this room would definitely be the opposite of silent. It would be absolute chaos.

    As the eye of the storm who was responsible for everyones unstable mental state, Seiji was actually the calmest.

    That was why he was the only one who could break the silence.

    "Were still not going to begin the next round?" After waiting to the point of impatience, he looked at the judge, Kyosuke.

    All Kyosuke did was look towards the twin sisters for direction.

    He saw that they were still sitting there with ashen faces, neither moving nor blinking.

    They seemed petrified.

    Hey, Harry Potter, zap them with a spell! Seiji couldnt help but think this to himself.

    "If you dont hurry up and send someone else Why dont you two just come at me personally!? How about it!?" he shouted in a loud voice. The entire room of spectators heard him clearly.

    "Answer me! Rion Amami, Kotomi Amami!"

    The twins finally trembled as they regained their senses.

    They lifted their heads and saw Seigo Harano across from them, staring at them with an apathetic expression.

    It seemed as if there were a huge dark shadow behind his figure, on the verge of pouncing upon them ferociously and filled with condescension and taunting laughter!

    This was only a hallucination caused by too much fear, but the twins viewed it as reality.

    "Come, why dont we have a personal duel?" Seiji said while gesturing for them to attack him.

    Rion and Kotomi were terrified to their cores.

    "Monster monster! Dont come over here!"

    They began shrieking.

    "Who will go defeat it!? Anyone is fine! Go! Everyone go at it!!"

    "Everyone go! Defeat kill this monster!!"

    Everyone was shocked.

    Kyosuke Akanishi was stunned.

    The karate club members were stunned.

    Chiaki, Mika, and Hoshi were stunned.

    Seiji was the only one with a different expression: he frowned instead.

    "Youre now viewing me as a monster? And you want everyone to come at me and kill me?"

    He stepped forward as his expression turned icy, and his gaze became even more distant.

    "You cant even obey your own rules which you set yourself? You two if thats all you have, then this is over."

    He walked closer and closer to the twins.

    They watched him approach with increasing terror, as if he were truly a demon.

    "Even if everyone comes at me together, Ill defeat all of them. And then Ill completely, utterly destroy you for breaking your promise!"

    His words were ice cold, with zero pity.

    Seijis words filled Rion and Kotomis ears, sounding like a hellish curse.

    The twin sisters were unable to resist or escape.


    Rion and Kotomi broke down in front of their overwhelming terror.


    They hugged each other tightly as if they were two young children and began crying.