Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 85

    Chapter 85: Legendary Strength!

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    Seiji wanted to duel in his school uniform, but the karate club captain lectured him on how disrespectful that would be, and loaned Seiji his own spare uniform for Seiji to change into.

    And so, Seiji went and got changed. After he walked out of the changing room, many people or rather, all the girls eyes lit up!

    Tall, handsome, and strong. Even if he was wearing a karate uniform that wasnt a perfect fit on him, he still cut a rather heroic figure, and his face was so cool that the girls felt like they were being blinded!

    Cough cough, they shouldnt be falling in love with their opponent! Mm but after he loses, hed become one of them, and then

    Most of the female members were getting slightly lost in their daydreams.

    The male members were struck wordless.

    The atmosphere in the room had subtly changed, but Kyosuke, who was denser than most people , didnt notice at all. He simply sighed to himself, thinking that this Seigo fellow was way too handsome!

    He definitely didnt want his girlfriend to meet a person like this He suddenly had the feeling that maybe it wouldnt be a good idea to accept Seigo into his club after all

    At any rate, it was time to begin.

    According to Rion and Kotomis request, they were going to use the rules of a real karate contest.

    Generally speaking, it was illegal to strike anywhere above the collarbone with your fists, palms, or elbows. Pulling, scratching, hugging, and pushing were forbidden. Attacking your opponents back or crotch was banned.

    If you caused your opponent to lose the ability to fight for 3 seconds or less, you would be awarded with "1 point" while disabling the opponent for more than 3 seconds would result in being awarded "2 points." Accumulating 2 points resulted in an instant victory.

    As a non-martial artist, Seiji understood the rules as forbidding the use of scratching or other similar dubious techniques and not being allowed to attack the area near the head, back, or crotch. He also realized that he had to disable his opponents for a minimum of three seconds.

    Yep, it seemed simple enough.

    He stood in the middle of the dojo and looked inquiringly at the twin sisters.

    Rion and Kotomi exchanged glances before taking turns to call out three names.

    The members they called stood up they were three girls!

    Seiji frowned. It seemed they were going to start off this way

    "They actually went with three girls for the first round They want Seiji to feel uneasy fighting girls and waste his energy," Chiaki muttered to herself.

    "How could they Its so low" Mika seemed concerned.

    Hoshi furrowed his brows and bit his lips anxiously.

    Likewise, Kyosuke Akanishi also furrowed his brows.

    Starting right off the bat with three against one Although he could understand the twins reasoning, he personally thought it was a bit overkill.

    With everybody thinking different things, the three female karate club members walked to the center of the dojo, glanced towards the twins, before exchanging awkward glances with each other as they lined up in front of the handsome boy.

    Seiji smiled towards them politely.

    The three karate club members faces flushed red as they were slightly dazzled by his beauty.

    "Prepare!" Kyosuke shouted, acting as the judge. "Bow!"

    The three girls bowed slightly towards Seiji.

    Seiji returned their bow out of respect.

    "Begin the competition!"

    "Hah!" the three girls shouted in unison as they moved into a fighting stance!

    Of course, Seiji didnt shout anything.

    He immediately went on the offense!

    He dashed three steps forward, covering the distance in an instant. He sent out a palm strike, aiming at the first girls solar plexus.

    At almost the same time, his other palm flew towards the second girls solar plexus.

    He followed up by twisting his body like a whirlwind, unleashing a third palm strike!

    *Pound! Boom! Smack!*

    The spectators only saw Seijis tall figure flicker as three loud sounds rang out in the dojo, and the three girls fell over almost simultaneously!!

    Even Kyosuke, who was the closest spectator, failed to grasp Seijis attack.

    When he blinked, he saw the three girls collapse onto the soft exercise mats! They all clutched their stomachs with pained expressions.

    Seigo Harano had already returned to his original location and was standing there silently, his expression unruffled.

    Everyone fell silent.

    The three girls pained moans were the only audible sound. One of them ground her teeth and attempted to stand up, but immediately clutched at her stomach again as her knees buckled.

    Did I use too much force? Despite his seemingly calm exterior, Seiji was rather worried about the girls.

    What just happened!?

    Every karate club member was plunged into a state of shock.

    The duel was over before they could even see what was going on!

    So fast

    It wasnt that the duel ended too quickly; Seigo was just too swift!

    How could this be possible Even though it actually happened right before them, the karate club members still found the situation difficult to believe.

    Chiaki, Mika, and Hoshi also received an incredible shock.

    They were all stupefied. Although they knew Seiji was very strong and believed that he wouldnt be easily defeated this was so far out of the ordinary!

    Chiaki and Mika then recalled how Seiji caught the drama club vice presidents book attacks.

    Hoshi thought back to when he accidentally tripped at the confectionery store. Not only did Senpai rush over and catch him, Senpai also astonishingly managed to catch everything that flew through the air from his tray!

    That when the three of them came to a realization.

    Perhaps Seiji (Senpai) was much stronger than they knew!?

    "Hey, I already won, right? Why arent you making a decision as the judge? They should take a rest or get their injuries looked at." A voice broke the silence.

    Naturally, it was Seiji.

    The karate club captain was still dazed and had forgotten his task, so Seiji impatiently gave him a reminder.

    Kyosuke Akanishi finally regained his senses.

    "2 2 points! Seigo Haranos victory!" he hurriedly proclaimed.

    He then called over some other female members to help out the three collapsed girls.

    "My apologies; I dont have too much fighting er, dueling experience, so Im not that good at controlling my strength." Seiji sincerely apologized to the three girls hed just defeated.

    This just one palm strike from him was so brutal!! Chiaki commented to herself in part disbelief.

    She could tell that Seiji was being sincere. He truly wasnt able to control his strength, and he felt apologetic towards the three girls.

    But the karate club members thoughts were completely different


    All the karate club members felt like they were being insulted!

    You claim to have no fighting experience, yet you managed to defeat three of us in an instant? Then what are we!?

    They were currently filled with displeasure, anger, and some panic.

    Some members believed Seigo was being sarcastic to humiliate them, while others realized Seigo was being sincere.

    Rion and Kotomi were among those that could tell Seigo was being sincere.

    Seigo Harano wasnt taunting the karate club at all; he was simply apologizing. That made him even more frightening!

    He was being honest! He didnt have any fighting or dueling experience; he relied solely on his monstrous physical ability to accomplish a tremendous feat!

    He wanted to crush them all using his overwhelming physical might!!

    This was exactly what he did at the tennis and basketball clubs!

    All this was simply a repeat.

    The monster he already showed his true face before, only everyone still underestimated him!!

    Fear rose up within the twins hearts once more.

    Only this time their fear was shared by the other members of the karate club.

    In the first round, the three girls were defeated.

    It was time for round two.

    Rion and Kotomi immediately went for the maximum number and called for seven boys to face him!

    Boys I dont need to go as easy on them anymore. Seiji felt a bit more relaxed.

    His opponents were able to unconsciously detect what he was thinking from his expression. They all wore complex expressions and cold sweat trickled down their backs.

    After what just happened, none of them dared to look down on this solo challenger anymore.

    "Destroyer of clubs!"

    It was an exaggerated nickname which sounded like a joke. But as they stood before the bearer of the title, it suddenly seemed like cruel reality.

    This was a true legend.

    The person in front of them was endowed with legendary strength!

    "Prepare!" Kyosukes expression was filled with tension as he shouted.


    Both sides bowed. One side was a row of seven people, while the other was merely one. It was almost comical.


    "Begin the competition!"

    "Hah!" the seven boys shouted in unison.

    *Pound! Pound! Smack! Boom! Pound! Smack! Boom!*

    The seven boys were sent flying as seven thuds resounded in quick succession!

    This time, Kyosuke was concentrating as much as he possibly could on the fight, but he could barely discern Seigo rushing towards the boy closest to him, followed by a flurry of punches and kicks that were too quick for the human eye to follow. The speedy combo caused the seven male karate club members to be sent flying!

    A fiery invasion, fierce as the wind.

    Although Kyosuke wasnt particularly talented in literature, he suddenly recalled a line from a poem!

    Seiji stopped right after he defeated all his opponents and adjusted his borrowed karate uniform.

    The casual movement combined with the seven boys collapsed at his feet added to the indescribable imposing manner which surrounded him!

    This was only how the boys viewed him.

    As for the girls, they needed merely three words to describe this scene: way too cool!