Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Light

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Why did things become like this? Hoshi inwardly wondered.

Why and when did his sisters... stop being his sisters?

Hoshi still remembered his childhood. Back then, he played happily together with Rion and Kotomi.

His sisters definitely werent like this back then; they were as simple and innocent as other girls their age, just a little smarter and cuter.

Hoshi had been proud of his sisters back then since they could do anything, and they always did it well while taking care of their weak-willed younger brother.

The memory which left him with the deepest impression was the time where hed accidentally enraged a wild dog and was desperately scrambling to shake it off his tail. His sisters rushed over to his side, and despite their fear, risked being bitten in order to drive it off.

This memory had turned hazy with the passing of time, but the image of his sisters smiling at him with teary eyes remained clear.

But as for now...

Just where did things go wrong for them to become this way? Hoshi really didnt know.

He had been angry and even loathed them while they were abusing him, but now that he had calmed down, he discovered that there was no rage within him, only sadness.

Hoshi thought about himself after considering everything.

Hed always been consciously and unconsciously avoiding the truth; that was why he had been unable to see his sisters for what they really were before this.

If he could have found out sooner, perhaps he could have done something about it?

Yes... that was the case.

He was so useless. If only he could have thought more clearly or smartly, he could have done something before his sisters reached their current state!

I... Im so weak. Hoshi fell into a state of self-deprecation.

If only he could become stronger, or if he had thought this way much earlier, or met someone like Harano-senpai much sooner...

Thats rightSenpai. Whats Harano-senpai doing now? How is he... after discussing things with my sisters!?

Hoshi finally returned to his senses and realized that it wasnt time for him to wallow in his thoughts; he should be worrying about his Senpai.

A concerned expression appeared on his face.

"Are you worrying about Seigo?" A gentle voice sounded out next to him.

It was the beautiful upperclassman named Mika Uehara.

Hoshi felt that this friend of Senpais had dainty features. An aura of freshness hung about her, and she had a gentle attitude with a friendly personality. She was quite the charismatic girl.

"You dont need to worry too much about himSeigos really strong Especially when he needs to protect something important to him." His female upperclassman seemed to think of something as a tinge of red crept into her cheeks.

Could she... possibly? Hoshi noticed something strange about her behavior.

"Oh my, are you thinking about your romantic times together with him?" A casual flirtatious voice spoke out from behind them. "Youre acting like a girl in love in front of your junior, you know~"

This was Chiaki Wakaba, Senpais other classmate and good friend.

She enjoyed wearing the boys school uniform for some reason, but it was totally suited for her.

She had silver-gray hair with a boyishly handsome face. Chiaki always spoke and behaved in a casual and relaxed manner. She seemed to possess a heroic spirit, yet it was still easy to tell that she was female; she was another charismatic character.

"N... Not at all! Stop making stuff up, Chiaki!" Uehara-san blushed heavily as she denied it.

Although Hoshi didnt know her all that well, even he was able to detect that she was most likely lying.

What a classic tsundere...

Hoshi mentally chuckled.

Last week, when he met these two upperclassmen of his for the first time, he focused almost entirely on Harano-senpai, so they flew under his radar. Now that Senpai wasnt by his side, it was only natural that he finally noticed their beauty when being together with them.

It seemed only natural for the ultra-handsome Harano-senpai to have good friends like these two.

And one of Harano-senpais good friends felt more than just friendship towards himthat seemed natural as well.

Hoshi truly believed that it wouldnt be strange even if every girl in the entire grade fell in love with a boy like his Harano-senpai!

Of course, Harano-senpai would have some choice comments for him if he knew what Hoshi was thinking.

Everyone around Seigo Harano definitely knew how cool he was, but Senpai was always so humble.

This was one of the factors which made him so charismatic.

Harano-senpai was indeed handsome on the outside, but his inside was important for Hoshi... Hoshi thought back to when he was at the darkest point in his life. His Senpai had been able to detect that something was wrong simply through a few questions in a phone call.

Not only did Senpai instantly rush to his side, Senpai even gave him heartfelt encouragement that forcefully crushed his shell of darkness and pulled him out from the abyss of despair.

He was just like the sun... No, Seigo Harano was light itself.

Hoshi Amami viewed Seigos tall figure as light itself!

This light had dispelled his darkness, but... could it dispel his sisters darkness?

Just as Uehara-san told him, Harano-senpai was very strong and didnt need him to worry. But he still couldnt help worrying.

Also, Hoshi was concerned about Rion and Kotomi.

Light could dispel the darkness, but it could also destroy it... Even though he begged Senpai already, what action would Senpai end up taking?

"Believe in Seigo," Wakaba-san told him.

Hoshi noticed that she was looking towards him. She must have noticed what he was thinking.

"Seigo definitely wont lose, nor will he make the situation worse. But as for what ending awaits your sisters, he cant promise anything. In the end it depends on them. If he feels like he should destroy them, Seigo wont hold back. But as long as your sisters... have even a shred of remorse and decency left, he will give them a chance."

Hoshi slowly nodded upon hearing these words.

That was when a cell phone rang.

It was Wakaba-sans. She took it out and took the call after seeing who it was.

"Hey, Seigo, how did it go?"

Hoshi and Mika instantly paid full attention to Chiaki.

They observed Chiakis face distort into a strange expression.

"What the hells with saying youll be fine!!?" A sharp retort came out of the tomboys mouth. "Facing off against the entire karate club by yourself!? What the hell are you thinking! How did it become like this!?

"Everything will be fine if you win!? Stop being ridiculous! Do you think youre a Spartan!? Even the ancient gladiators didnt act so ridiculous!!!

"Youre strong, Seigo! But youre just a normal person!! Youre not a superhero wearing tights, nor do you have the power to transform and rip your clothes off in the process; youre just a normal person living in reality!!!"

Chiakis stream of retorts came like endless bolts of lightning.

Hoshi and Mika were stunned in amazement.

What exactly was going on?

On the other side of the phone call, Seiji could only smile wryly at being on the receiving end of so many thunderous retorts.

He took a look at Rion and Kotomi who were currently sending messages with their phones.

After Chiaki quieted down, he finally spoke up in a soft voice again. "I said Ill be fine, so Ill be fine. Ill win... I shall definitely achieve victory. Feel free to come over and spectate; its already turned into such a big deal anyways, so it shouldnt matter if a couple more watch what happens. You really dont need to worry about me... Im hanging up."

Seiji hung up the call as he continued to watch the twins in front of him.

He kept staring at them until Rion and Kotomi stopped using their cell phones and looked over at him.

"Youve let the karate club know? Alright then. Now Im going to change the passwords on your cell phones. This it to prevent any shady business from going on while Im busy with your karate club buddies."

Seiji kept his gaze firmly fixed on the duo.

"After this is all over, Ill give you the password I changed it to... even if I dont, you can figure it out by just spending a little time."

He reached out his hand as he finished speaking.

Rion and Kotomi exchanged a long glance.

They definitely suspected there was some deeper meaning behind this.

But his request seemed so reasonable that they were unable to refuse... Because if they did, it would sound like they were brewing yet another plot of some sort!

"If you want things to be equal, feel free to change my phones password as well. I didnt intend on using it anyways."

The twin sisters remained silent for a long period of time.

Finally, they slowly took out their cell phones and handed them over.

Thats everything, Seiji thought to himself.

His final step was now complete.