Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 809

Chapter 809 Too Flavorful

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Although Seiji was pretty sure that Voidfire didnt mean anything else by that sentence, hearing another teenage boy say that he wanted Seiji still felt a little strange.

However, Seiji instantly banished all unnecessary thoughts from his mind as he seriously considered Voidfires invitation.

Naturally, Seiji didnt want to become enemies with Soul Society.

However, it was also impossible for him to agree with Soul Societys plan to sacrifice three thousand civilians for the safety of everyone else. If at all possible, Seiji wanted to do something that wouldnt mean the sacrifice of anyone. It might be indeed possible to accomplish this if he allied with Voidfire.

Please give me some time to think about it. After a period of silence, Seiji decided to ask for more time.

Ill wait for you until morning, Voidfire spoke in a low voice. Call me after you make your decision.

Voidfire then told Seiji his cell phone number.

Seiji already knew this cell phone number. Still, he made a show of recording it before he left.

With something deep flashing in his eyes, Voidfire silently watched Seiji leave.

Seiji got as far away from the abandoned factory as he could before he opened up his system and loaded.

The entire world around him darkened as he went forward in time to another save file

Destruction Timeline, Kosui Park.

Seiji had previously saved a file right before entering the park to meet with Voidfire.

He passed through the heat and the burned trees that he previously passed by last time. He arrived at the edge of the giant pit and looked at the still flames in the center of the pit.

Seiji mentally prepared himself and then shouted out Voidfires number and letter combination password in a clear voice.

There was no response.

Seiji blinked as he cautiously entered the pit and got closer before saying the password.

This time, the flame started moving and slowly receding. A pale youth wearing a robe emerged from the flames.

With his bright red eyes, he took a deep glance at Seiji for several seconds before speaking. What exactly is this?

This is my third time meeting you, Voidfire-san, Seiji replied in this way. I should have told that password to the you in the past. However, I find it difficult to trust you as youre a high-ranked member of the Messengers. Thats why I havent done so. Instead, Im telling this password to the current you so that you can trust me. And, Im here in front of you again to ask for more information. Soon, the Sakura Catastrophe Goddess will notice us. We dont have much time to talk. Please tell me the specifics of your attack on Soul Society. Just why exactly did the city become like this? What connection did your actions have with the current situation?

Just what exactly are you? Voidfire looked directly at him.

I am Seiji Haruta, a time traveler, Seiji answered honestly as he would be leaving this timeline.

Voidfire fell silent.

I didnt trust you, yet Im asking you to trust me. I know that maybe its too much to ask for I ask for you understanding. I really need to know this information, Seiji told him. Only by knowing what exactly happened will I be able to prevent the mistake that brought about this current catastrophe!

Voidfire took a deep glance at Seiji.

Time traveling a truly inconceivable power, he spoke in a low voice. I believe you is what I should say, but I cant.

Something flashed in Seijis eyes.

Why cant you believe me?

Because I need evidence that you have such a power.

Both fell silent.

Both exchanged glances with each other.

Only a few seconds passed, but it seemed like an eternity.

It would seem that I was correct to be on guard against you, Ashiya-san. Seiji sighed.

Voidfire, or Dousei Ashiya, had his expression darken from suddenly hearing his real name unexpectedly.

You should believe in me, Seiji Haruta, he spoke raspily.

I want to do so, but the facts show me that I shouldnt. Seiji shook his head.

Yes, I want to take advantage of you, but you can also take advantage of me! We can become companions! Ashiyas voice began to increase in volume and sharpen.

Companions Seiji didnt know what to feel after hearing this same word from Destruction Voidfire and New Voidfire.

These two were the same person with the same request. Yet, the two made him feel differently.

What do you want to use me for? Seiji asked.

Of course, to prevent the mistake With your power combined with my power, we can correct every mistake in the world! A powerful glint appeared in Ashiyas eyes as his robe began to burn. The heat emanating seemed to reflect his current excited emotions.

Thats far too arrogant. Seiji looked directly at him. Nobody in the world can possibly correct all mistakes in the world.

Even if it cant be done, we can still correct as many as possible.

Im sorry, I dont want to do that.

Why not?

Because Im human. Seiji had an adamant tone.

He was human, not some god or demon.

No youre not human! Ashiya denied this. You shouldnt restrain yourself like that.

Seiji fell silent.

Your ability has the power to create miracles No, your power itself is a miracle! Ashiya continued speaking. You dont need to restrain yourself like this, which will only leave you the same as other foolish humans. You should instead stand at a higher position. Your self-restraint is evidence of your purity. Yet, you should be able to understand and see just how wicked the world is and how ugly humanity is. Restraining yourself and believing yourself to be human is something divine. Yet, the world doesnt deserve such divinity. Release yourself! Release your true self, free yourself, and you can save humanity, and make the world a better place

Hahaha! Seiji laughed out loud.

Ashiya paused in surprise.

Oh, Im sorry, I just really wanted to laugh. Seiji coughed. Ashiya-san, your words just now were too flavorful.

Too much of a chuunibyou flavor, that was.

Thank you for telling me all this Youve already said similar words to me before, which indeed moved me. Thats why Ive already come to a decision, Seiji spoke in a serious tone. And, its precisely because of this decision that I must refuse your invitation. Im human no matter what I really am, this is the definition that Ive given myself. I will do what humans should do and remain what a human should be. I wont just casually release myself. This isnt for the sake of humanity or the world. This is only for my own sake.

Thats all there is to it. My apologies.

Dousei Ashiya could feel Seijis determination. Ashiya then fell silent.

I cant become your companion, but I need your information, Seiji continued speaking seriously. Please, tell me, Voidfire-san.

Seiji changed to referring to him as Voidfire again as a way of re-expressing respect.

Yet Ashiya Voidfire still remained silent.

Seiji furrowed his eyebrows after seeing that Voidfire apparently didnt intend to tell him anything.

It seemed like this conversation had been a failure.

What should he do now that he couldnt obtain any information?

Redo this conversation again? That would be no good.

As long as Voidfire had the way of thinking that he absolutely needed to know about Seijis time traveling ability, it would be impossible for him to honestly tell Seiji about the information Seiji wanted.

Time passed like this in silence.

And then, the Sakura Catastrophe Goddesss attention came upon them.

Mist swarmed in with red flashes as numerous giant spiritual creatures began to swiftly form!

Seiji sighed and prepared to leave.

The Yasakani no Magatama is fake, Voidfire suddenly stated.


Seiji looked at Voidfire and saw that his robe suddenly started burning and transforming into flame. Voidfire then flew towards the monsters and began fighting!

The Yasakani no Magatama was fake?

Seiji was absolutely certain this was what he heard. He wondered what exactly this could mean, but he didnt have any more time to ask.

Seiji swiftly broke out of the monsters encirclement, and then he opened his system and loaded!