Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 805

    Chapter 805 Maybe Next Time

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    Scissors against rock!

    Mika won.

    Shika lowered her head with an unwilling expression.

    Mika had a delighted expression. However, Chiaki immediately spoke up again. “I forgot to mention that the demon only has a three-minute time limit. If nobody makes a sound within three minutes, the demon loses.”

    Three minutes… only three minutes?

    Mika was rather disappointed as she looked at Chiaki.

    Chiaki grinned and expressed with her eyes that three minutes were more than enough to do plenty of things to Seiji~

    Mika understood as she looked over at Seiji.

    Seiji blinked in realization.

    This was a problematic game, but he didn’t intend to raise any objections. The female demon… er, his girlfriend could do whatever she wanted.

    To be honest, he was also curious what Mika would do.

    “Countdown begins!” Chiaki set a stopwatch on her cell phone.

    Mika looked at Seiji’s face for two seconds. She then reached out with both hands and touched his face…

    She tugged on his face!

    Seiji was rendered speechless as his face was distorted by Mika’s pulling.

    Chiaki almost laughed out loud immediately upon seeing this. Even Shika had an expression of holding in her laughter.

    Mika laughed out loud at seeing how strange her boyfriend looked. She tugged, squeezed, caressed, and did various other actions to his handsome face.

    Seiji didn’t know what his face looked like anymore. He felt rather helpless. But since he saw that Mika was having lots of fun, he let her do as she pleased.

    As Mika kept toying with his face, a light appeared in Mika’s eyes as she got ever closer to Seiji’s face.

    Something secretly changed in the atmosphere as their faces got closer.

    Mika started blushing by the time that she could feel Seiji’s breath on her face.

    Both of them looked right into each other’s eyes at a close distance which was almost approaching zero.

    But right before their lips could touch, Chiaki’s cell phone stopwatch rang.

    “Time up!” Chiaki announced this instantly while pulling Mika away. “The demon has lost!”

    Mika was rendered speechless.

    The twintailed girl looked at her tomboy best friend with a complaining expression.

    Chiaki ignored her complaints and walked away swiftly. She then returned with two items.

    “The loser will receive a very simple punishment. You’ll have to drink some vinegar!” Chiaki placed a bottle of vinegar and a small bowl on the table.

    Seiji, Mika, and Shika were all rendered speechless.

    This seemed a little overboard.

    “Didn’t you say that the loser would undergo a punishment game? This type of punishment doesn’t seem like a game,” Seiji commented.

    “I just thought of this. A punishment like drinking vinegar will be more direct than a game.” Chiaki smiled at Mika.

    Mika looked at Chiaki for a while before looking at the bowl.

    Chiaki opened the vinegar bottle and poured some vinegar into the small bowl, handing it to Mika.

    Mika took the bowl and drank all the vinegar directly. She showed off a puckered face of tasting sourness.

    “Let’s try a different type of punishment.” Seiji felt like there was something strange in the atmosphere.

    “No, this punishment is quite appropriate,” Mika said as she put the bowl down on the table.

    Shika had no objections.

    For the second round of rock, paper, scissors in choosing a demon, the three girls were filled with fighting spirit!

    Seiji lost in the very first round. When he saw how the three girls were emanating even more powerful auras than the last time for choosing a demon, he began hesitating on whether or not he should stop this game.

    But, he felt like he wouldn’t be able to stop them even if he tried.

    “I won!”

    Chiaki simultaneously defeated Mika and Shika and won the right to become the demon.

    Her eyes immediately lit up as she looked over towards Seiji. Right when the timer began ticking, she charged at and hugged him!

    Seiji felt her body’s warmth pressed up right against him.

    While he enjoyed the feeling of hugging her, he was worried about Shika and Mika… He glanced over in their direction. As he expected, both of them appeared to be expressionless.

    Chiaki didn’t care one bit about the other two girls’ expressions. Not only did she hug Seiji even tighter, she kept rubbing against him and making sounds like a happy kitten.

    ‘Hey, aren’t you going overboard?’ Seiji pushed Chiaki slightly as a hint, but she only hugged him even tighter.

    Three minutes was quite short. Although Seiji was feeling physically quite comfortable, he also felt like it was torturous with his adopted younger sister and other girlfriend’s gazes upon him.

    ‘How about I admit defeat?’ Seiji suddenly had this idea.

    All he would have to do was drink some vinegar.

    But right as he thought this, Chiaki suddenly blew softly into his ear!

    Seiji: “~~~~~~~”

    His ear suddenly felt numb as if a jolt of electricity had gone through it. He almost made a sound.

    ‘No, I should make a sound, shouldn’t I? I was just thinking about admitting defeat.’

    Seiji was just about to intentionally make a sound, when Chiaki gently bit into and started licking his ear…

    “Yaaa…” Seiji made this sound unintentionally as he couldn’t bear the feeling.

    Shika and Mika’s expressions became even icier upon witnessing this. Both of them were faintly giving off dark auras.

    “I lost! Stop, please stop!” Seiji tried to stop this.

    “Heehee, your punishment will be that the demon can play with you for three minutes.” Chiaki wouldn’t let go of him and continued hugging him tightly.

    “Wasn’t the punishment to drink some vinegar!?”

    “That’s the punishment for the demon.”

    “How could this be…”

    Seiji looked over at Shika and Mika, thinking that they would stop Chiaki. However, it seemed that neither girl had any intention of doing anything.

    At this moment, he sensed that the three girls must have arrived at some type of secret agreement amongst themselves beforehand.

    And so, for the next three minutes, he became Chiaki’s toy… sort of.

    Although Chiaki said the demon could “play” with the loser, she didn’t do anything that was too overboard. She just kept hugging him, rubbing up against him, touching his face, holding his hand, interlocking her fingers with his… Just normally acting spoiled to him.

    This was still alright. Seiji heaved a sigh of relief.

    If Chiaki kept doing things like licking his ear or even more, Seiji himself wouldn’t be able to bear it anymore even if Shika and Mika were still able to tolerate it.

    The consequences might be disastrous if Chiaki had continued along those lines.

    For the third round of selecting a demon, Seiji felt like the end result had been predetermined beforehand. Shika won the rock, paper, scissors contest to become the demon.

    The black-haired beauty silently hugged her adopted older brother and looked right into his face.

    Seiji exchanged glances with her. A moment later, he felt like he was being drawn into her beautiful eyes. He had to forcefully restrain himself and maintain a clear mind.

    He wanted to avert his gaze, but felt that he shouldn’t do that to Shika.

    The adopted siblings thus hugged each other while exchanging looks in complete silence.

    However, Mika and Chiaki felt something incredibly hot sizzling in the air! They felt like the adopted siblings were passionately kissing each other rather than simply exchanging glances.

    Time passed silently just like this with nothing else happening until the final three seconds. Shika suddenly bit Seiji’s neck!

    Seiji made a sound of astonishment.

    Thus, he was punished to become the demon’s toy for another three minutes. For the next three minutes, Shika hugged him tightly while gently licking the bite mark on his neck.

    As expected of Shika Kagura.

    Mika and Chiaki exchanged glances and could tell that both of them were thinking the same thing.

    Then, this demon game continued for a fourth… fifth… and sixth round…

    The girls took turns either teasing or being intimate and flirting with Seiji.

    Finally, Seiji managed to win in rock, paper, scissors and become the demon in the seventh round. He chose death… er, to give up! He asked to play a different game instead.

    It wasn’t that he wanted to stop his girlfriends and adopted sister when they were clearly having so much fun. It was that if they continued “playing” like this, his desire would explode soon!

    The girls also realized that things might go overboard if they continued playing this.

    Although they didn’t want to give up on such a rare chance to play with Seiji like this, they could only agree to play cards instead.

    “Ordinarily playing cards is so boring. How about we play strip poker instead? The loser needs to take off an article of clothing…” Chiaki suggested.


    “Then let’s have the loser make ero poses instead~” Chiaki jutted out her chest and made a sexy pose as if she was a fashion model.

    Seiji’s heart skipped a beat at seeing this. He used his full willpower to restrain his desires and blocked his view with some poker cards.

    “No… maybe next time.”