Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 796

    Chapter 796 You're Not Human

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    That was the place where everything began and where everything would end… just joking.

    However, for Seiji’s group, this entire incident indeed began in Kosui Park, with the cherry blossom viewing incident.

    When Seiji saw back then that the cherry blossoms were glowing, he felt that this would be no small incident. Indeed, it turned into a major incident, but he’d never expected that things would become so terrible.

    He had to learn what happened. In order to obtain this important information, it would be worth it to take some risks.

    Seiji finished his preparations, activated the anti-god invisibility, and left his Spirit House, returning to reality.

    The world outside was still cold and dark, with white mist everywhere.

    Compared to how it was at first, the chill was now even stronger than before. The giant spiritual cherry blossom tree was also an even brighter red.

    This meant that the situation was constantly worsening!

    Maybe many people were now in eternal slumber, and would never wake up… Seiji stopped himself from thinking about this and headed for his destination.

    Moving over long distances would cost a significant amount of stamina and mana.

    It was impossible to drive a car on the streets in the current situation. The streets were too clogged for this right now.

    The only usable transportation tool would be a bike.

    Although Seiji was capable of jumping between building rooftops for faster traveling, Seiji had only been to Kosui Park once before. Since visibility was very poor with all the white mist currently, he felt like he would get lost if he traveled on the rooftops.

    Thus, in order to not get lost, Seiji stayed on the streets. Since biking would save him a significant amount of time and energy, Seiji decided to borrow a bike… Well, let’s not go into the small details of how he “borrowed” a bike.

    Seiji sped as fast as he could on the bike and finally arrived at Kosui Park.

    This park was rather large. Kamitani had only said “Kosui Park” without mentioning a more specific location. Seiji thought that he would have to search around the whole park, but he soon sensed something abnormal right after entering the park.


    Feeling heat in this dark and cold environment was just like suddenly encountering flames in the middle of a land filled with snow and ice.

    “Voidfire”. Seiji figured that this code name was similar to Yakushi’s, a name that represented the individual’s abilities. Judging from this, the person named Voidfire was likely highly skilled at using fire magic.

    Seiji cautiously walked over towards the source of the heat.

    The closer he got, the hotter he felt. It was as if winter had transformed into summer in this high-temperature area.

    And then, Seiji saw burn marks on the ground.

    The more he proceeded forward, the more he felt like he was nearing an active volcano. Seiji increased the strength of his personal barrier to resist against the high heat as he continued onward.

    Then, he saw a black cherry blossom tree… Seiji tried to walk up and touch it. However, the entire tree collapsed and revealed that it was nothing more than ash!

    It seemed that the entire cherry blossom tree had been burned completely, leaving only its original shape behind.

    Seiji saw many similar cherry blossom trees as he continued onward. Judging from the scorch marks on the ground, all of this was caused by a single very large-scale AOE fire magic spell.

    Finally, Seiji saw a huge pit in the ground.

    This pit was truly deep… Seiji estimated that it was more than thirty meters deep!

    There was no more white mist around this gigantic pit. Seiji could clearly see that there was something large and red in the middle of the bottom of the pit.

    That something resembled a burning flame. However, it wasn’t moving… It seemed abnormal, almost as if it was only a picture or a mannequin.

    Seiji took a good look at that red “flame”.

    That was likely some type of barrier… He was unable to see through it to determine if there was anyone inside.

    Logically speaking, this Voidfire person was probably inside. But, this also might be nothing more than a spell, with the spellcaster no longer being in this area.

    High temperature, a gigantic pit, and flames… Seiji’s first thought was that a meteor had fallen here.

    But if Voidfire was down there right now, had he fallen down there from the sky?

    Seiji looked up and glanced over at the crown of the gigantic red cherry blossom tree covering the skies. He felt that this might really be possible.

    Seiji could sense that it was likely dangerous to get any closer to the pit. So, he stood by the side of the pit and shouted a greeting.

    There was no response.

    Seiji tried shouting three more times and still received no response.

    He could only approach closer in order to check things out.

    Seiji cautiously entered the pit and began to move towards its bottom.

    When he was only about ten meters away from that mysterious “flame”, a small portion of the “flame” suddenly split off and rapidly approached him!

    [Emergency Flash]!

    Seiji instantly decided to activate the third ability of Mika’s character reward card, blinking away instantaneously to dodge this attack.

    *Boom!* The “flame” crashed into the earth, exploding with a violent heat wave that also created a large hole in the ground.

    After this attack missed, the “flame” immediately turned around and appeared like it was about to attack again.

    “I come in peace!” Seiji raised both his hands while shouting and swiftly retreating. “Itsuki Kamitani told me to come here—”

    *Bam!* The second impact created yet another large pit with an explosion.

    Seiji used the momentum of the shock wave created from the blast to swiftly propel himself back to the edge of the pit.

    The “flame” stopped attacking him and retreated.

    Was this something that the spellcaster personally controlled, or was this a completely automated magical defense system?

    Seiji furrowed his eyebrows as he tried to figure this out.

    “Voidfire-san, my name is Seiji Haruta. I just learned about you recently from Itsuki Kamitani.” After a period of silence, Seiji decided to shout this towards the “flame”. “I heard that you were a person filled with a sense of justice, and that you tried to stop Soul Society from sacrificing innocent citizens, but you failed. I want to know what exactly happened… and if possible, I would like to help resolve the current situation. I truly do come in peace. Please come out and talk to me!”

    After he shouted this, Seiji waited around.

    Approximately one minute later, the “flame” started moving again.

    The “flame” kept contracting and becoming lighter until a humanoid figure was revealed within.

    “Seiji Haruta… what are you?” A raspy voice came from the hazy white figure.

    Seiji paused in surprise when he heard this question. He thought that perhaps he might have misheard.

    “You’re asking me what I am?”

    The white shadow remained silent.

    “I am… a human.” Seiji decided to answer like this.

    “Liar!” the white shadow—Voidfire—shouted in his raspy voice. “You’re not a human!”

    Seiji was rendered speechless.

    What the hell? What was all this?

    He was utterly confused.

    Being asked “What are you?” by a person he’d just met for the first time, responding with “human” and having this answer rejected… What type of expression should he even have here? Why was this even happening?

    “Answer me, what exactly are you!?” Voidfire asked once again.

    ‘Hey, that’s what I’d like to know here!!’

    Seiji really wanted to retort like this, but he could sense that Voidfire was being incredibly serious. Casually retorting might cause Voidfire to react negatively.

    And so, Seiji seriously thought about this question.

    “Actually… I’m an existence who came here from another world.” After thinking about it, Seiji decided to answer seriously in this manner. “After I arrived in this world, I melded together with Seiji Haruta and began to live here with his identity. But, as for who or what exactly I am, even I don’t know.”

    ‘Since you asked me so sincerely (in such a chuunibyou fashion), I’ll be kind enough to reply seriously (in the same chuunibyou fashion!)’

    Voidfire fell silent once again.

    At this moment, the “flame” became active again, appearing like it was burning normally, just as if it reflected Voidfire’s emotions.

    Just as Seiji was worried that this high-ranked member of the Messengers would angrily attack him, Voidfire’s raspy voice spoke once again, “An existence from another world… Your true identity should be that of a ‘divine envoy.’ You, divine envoy who doesn’t know your own self, inhuman existence from another world, mysterious person who pretends to be Seiji Haruta in this world… I’m quite pleased to meet you.”