Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 752

    Chapter 752 Pay Me With Your Body

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    Seiji explained to Natsuya about this Spirit Image’s special qualities that he had read about in his system.

    It was a Spirit Image that could help people to enter Visualization the moment they looked at it this was doubtlessly the highest quality type of Spirit Image out there! Natsuya gave up entirely on understanding just how Seiji had managed to craft it.

    Such a Spirit Image would surely sell for a tremendously high price if it was to be sold. But, unfortunately, this Spirit Image couldn’t be taken out of Seiji’s personal dimension. It could only be used here.

    Natsuya asked if she could try Visualization with it as well. Seiji told her she was more than welcome to.

    Soon, Natsuya entered the state of Visualization just like everyone else.

    Seiji really wanted to try using the Spirit Image that his system had crafted as he hadn’t even gotten a chance to try it for himself yet. But, with everyone else in the state of Visualization, he felt that he needed to stay behind and watch over them.

    And so, Seiji practiced cultivating a new spell while observing how everyone else was doing.

    Mai was the first to wake up and regain her senses.

    She blinked and felt like her head was really heavy. It took several seconds before her brain started working properly again.

    ‘What happened to me? Where am I? Why am I here?’

    And then, she recalled everything, and was astonished.

    ‘I actually became so absorbed in that painting that I entered Visualization!?’

    Mai had never successfully entered Visualization in her life, or even anything close. Yet, she was actually able to do so just now!?

    “Senpai, you’re awake,” a voice spoke up next to her.

    She reflexively turned to look and saw Seiji.

    Seeing his handsome face, she recalled the experience she just had during Visualization, causing her to begin blushing.

    In her Visualization realm, Mai had dreamed about herself being a ninja who carried out a mission together with her companions. During the mission, they were ambushed unexpectedly by a vicious demon.

    Some of her companions were killed, while others were captured. Finally, she was the only one remaining. While struggling with all her might, she was saved by a Yin Yang Master.

    This Yin Yang Master was physically identical to Seiji. And, his name was Seiji Kamijou!

    She received healing and treatment from “Seiji Kamijou”. The two of them then fought demons together while saving Mai’s companions who had been captured. During this process, romantic feelings bloomed between them

    Mai felt quite awkward as she recalled some of the rather steamy moments between herself and the Seiji Kamijou from that dream.

    ‘That’s not something that I actually want! I just got too immersed during Visualization. It’s not related to reality at all!’ Mai said that to herself in her mind.

    “Senpai?” Seiji noticed that something seemed to be a little strange about Mai. “Is something the matter?”

    “It’s it’s nothing.” Mai forced herself to forget the scenes in her mind.

    “Are you really alright?”

    “Of course I’m alright.”

    Seiji blinked as he looked directly at her.

    “How was your Visualization just now?” He changed the topic. “You’ve successfully entered Visualization, right?”

    “Yeah” Mai looked at the Spirit Image again. “This painting is truly miraculous. It even allowed someone like me with low spiritual ability to successfully Visualize.”

    “It’s good that it was useful to Senpai.” Seiji smiled.

    “I’d really like to know how you’ve obtained this Spirit Image, but I suppose I won’t receive an answer.” Mai looked back at him.

    “It’s not that I don’t want to answer, but even I don’t know how it was created in my dimension.” Seiji shrugged.

    This was a question that only his system could answer. Yet, his system was the rare type which was permanently silent. Maybe it was the story type where the cheat power required no explanation?

    Something flashed in Mai’s eyes.

    While she appeared calm on the surface, it was difficult for her to suppress her inner turmoil.

    She had been tested to have very little talent for spiritual ability or Manawhen she was young. Thus, it was difficult for her to ever improve her power level. But after seeing this unique Spirit Image, she easily entered Visualization without even realizing it. She could also feel that her spiritual power had evidently improved what did this mean?

    This meant that a path previously sealed to her had finally opened up!

    This path had been opened so “easily”, to the point where she felt like it wasn’t real. Yet, she could concretely feel that her spiritual power had indeed improved.

    “Young Master Haruta May I continue using this Spirit Image to Visualize in the future?”

    “Of course.”

    “Do I need to pay anything for it?”

    “Nothing at all,” Seiji smiled. “Please go ahead and use it anytime you want. No need to be polite.”

    “That’s not an acceptable answer!” Mai decisively denied him. “That’s the worst type of answer at all, not wanting anything in return. I’m not a member of your knight order team, nor am I one of your girlfriends. Why be so generous to me?”

    Seiji was rendered speechless for a moment.


    “Stop! I know that you’re about to try some sophistry on me, but that won’t work with me,” the maid adamantly refused.

    ‘What’s with saying that I use sophistry?’ Seiji commented in his mind.

    “I only feel that there’s no need to mind this Although there is indeed a slight cost to allowing Senpai to use the Spirit Image, with our relationship, there’s no need to pay it any mind. It’s just like how Senpai has never minded helping me before,” Seiji stated sincerely.

    “I have minded.”

    “No, you haven’t.”

    “I have.”

    “You haven’t.”

    “I have!” Mai clutched her chest.

    ‘You have ample of something else’ Seiji almost said what he thought out loud as he glanced at her ample bosom.

    ‘Such a troublesome maid Senpai I have.’ Seiji stopped staring and thought things over.

    “If you really mind so much, why not pay me with your body?”

    Mai: “!?”

    “Ahh so comfortable

    “That’s the spot use some more force ahh

    “Wow Senpai amazing”

    “Stop making strange sounds!” Mai forcefully squeezed Seiji’s arm.

    She was currently giving him a massage.

    Of course, Seiji had been joking when he said to “pay him with her body.” He’d actually meant that she could work, as in give him a massage.

    Seiji was currently lying face down on the dojo’s ground, with Mai kneeling next to him and massaging his shoulders.

    The maid had an annoyed expression and seemed slightly angry.

    While she appeared angry on the surface, she was actually pretending in order to conceal what she felt.

    When she heard “pay with your body,” she had been astonished, and also a little she felt a subtle emotion that could perhaps be described as “secretly delighted.”

    This caused her to feel some self-loathing.

    ‘I didn’t immediately realize that he was joking, and even felt like that’ Mai’s feelings were currently rather complex.

    It was all this idiot’s fault!

    She kept complaining in her heart, and wanted to squeeze him harder during the massage to punish him. Yet, she couldn’t bring herself to do so.

    Not only that, touching his body like this caused her to recall her experience during Visualization, and the intimate contact she had with the “Seiji Kamijou” from her dream. This caused her to become even more flustered.

    Meanwhile, Seiji knew absolutely nothing about all this.

    Right now, he truly felt that it was a wonderful idea to ask Mai to give him a massage. Her massage felt wonderful!

    As she massaged him, he felt his muscles relaxing more and more. It felt as if all the fatigue hidden deep within him had been released, which was a wondrous sensation.

    “Senpai you can use some more force” Seiji sighed in pleasure.

    After hearing this, the frustrated maid instantly sat on top of Seiji’s back and forcefully squeezed his back!

    “Ahh” Seiji felt some slight pain.

    But more than that, he wondered about her current pose!

    He could feel that it wasn’t only her hands on his back anymore could it be that she was sitting on him?

    Seiji instantly couldn’t help but imagine what it would look like with the maid actively massaging him while sitting on him. He felt that something seemed rather suggestive about such a pose.

    “Senpai, you’re ah”

    He felt some slight pain from her forceful massaging, but in a way, this felt good as well.

    Forget it Seiji decided to stop caring about what position Mai was currently in. It was fine as long as it was comfortable.

    Meanwhile, as Mai sat on his back and heard such sounds coming from Seiji, she felt a mysterious sense of pleasure. She felt as if she was riding and had conquered him.

    ‘No, I’m only giving him a massage!’

    Although she tried telling herself this, she actually enjoyed such a feeling, looking down at and toying with him. She didn’t even realize that her lips were arcing upward.

    ‘You’ve brought this upon yourself, Young Master Haruta.’