Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 740

Chapter 740 Really Difficult To Accept..

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Seiji had thought that these crystals were an excellent benefit the system had given him. He’d never expected that they were worth even less than his points.

System: ‘Of course it’s still a benefit for you, but this is how the price is. Besides, I won’t have an upset stomach.’ (Picks nose while saying this)

Seiji: ‘That was just a small joke, don’t hold a grudge over it!’

It was the same for all the [Furniture] options in the system. With the conversion rate of 33:1, it was quite a bad deal.

Seiji wanted to protest, but the system had an absolute monopoly, so protesting would be useless. He could only hope that the “1 crystal” unit wasn’t too much.

He chose the [Bathroom] option and confirmed that he wished to use 12 crystals to construct one for his Spirit House.

A narrow gray crack instantly formed in midair. The crack then opened up into an oval shape that began to glow.

The Inner World Crystals illuminated by the glow swiftly transformed into a dark red liquid that flew into the gray oval!

Seiji could only watch as the crystals everyone gathered after so much hard work disappeared so quickly. He hoped that at least half would still remain.

After only a few seconds, the oval closed itself, and the crack disappeared. The system informed him [Bathroom currently under construction. Completion progress: 0%.]

Seiji felt that the remaining crystals were at an acceptable number.

In total, he had received 37 crystals from ordinary Sakura samurai demons, 26 slightly larger crystals from the Generals, 2 crystals from the Kings, and seven large crystals from the tree demons. The [Bathroom]’s construction of “12 crystals” used up every single small crystal from the Sakura samurai demons, and a very small portion of one crystal from the tree demons.

Seiji then chose to construct a [Warehouse] for the price of 22 crystals.

The gray crack appeared once more, and absorbed the crystals through its glowing oval.

This time, it absorbed three and a piece of the tree demons’ crystals, leaving roughly three and a half tree demon large crystals behind.

Seiji did an approximate calculation and found that there were roughly 25 crystals remaining according to his system’s standards. He could construct one more room, exchange for some furniture, or save the crystals for opening the door.

The [Warehouse] was like his personal dimensional storage that he could open up by itself. The price for opening the [Warehouse]’s door was only 8 points, but the crystal cost was the same as the 33 point door opening requirement for the Spirit House, 1 crystal It was truly such a terrible deal.

Although that was the case, if he could obtain this many crystals with each training session in the Domain, he would be able to upgrade his entire Spirit House after only a few grinding sessions!

Yet, Seiji felt that this was improbable. The loot dropping monsters would only appear randomly. There was no guarantee that he would receive crystals every time he came to the Domain. Neither was there any guarantee for the amount of crystals.

Still, he wanted to try.

He didn’t ask his knight order members to continue fighting. Instead, he went into the Domain by himself for some grinding.

As a result, he didn’t obtain a single crystal after the first wave.

He obtained one crystal after the second wave.

He obtained zero crystals from the third wave.

He obtained two crystals from the fourth wave.

His grand total of crystals obtained: three.

Seiji’s cheeks twitched as he looked at the measlythree small crystals in his hand. This probably didn’t even count for a single crystal according to his system’s unit for crystal!

“Do you still want to grind?” Kazuko floated in midair while looking at him.


He decided to leave the grinding at that for today.

After Natsuya returned, Seiji told her about what happened and showed her the crystals.

“These are called Inner World Crystals. Soul Society is currently collecting them,” Natsuya told him. “I’ve heard that they’re an important resource. However, it’s considered top-secret what they’re used for. My ranking isn’t high enough to know about their use.”

“I can guess what they’re using these for, because these crystals are highly useful to me as well,” Seiji told her honestly.

Natsuya revealed a surprised expression when she heard this.

Seiji smiled.

“I’m capable of using these crystals to open up an alternate dimension Basically, a personal Inner World Domain belonging only to me!”

“Your personal Domain” Natsuya widened her eyes.

“It’s different from Kazuko’s Domain because my Domain is a safe and stable dimension with no monsters in it at all,” Seiji explained. “I need as many crystals as possible to upgrade this Domain of mine. I’m guessing that Soul Society requires these crystals to do something similar, which is why these have become an important resource.”

The scion paused in astonishment.

Seiji possessed an alternate dimension Domain a safe and stable Inner World location with no monsters at all

Natsuya knew what it meant to be in possession of such a location. It was no exaggeration that such a location could become the foundational base for any faction or organization!

Seiji was actually capable of creating and upgrading such an alternate dimension!?

Natsuya didn’t doubt his words at all, but she found this really difficult to accept

Was it really that difficult?

This was Seiji Haruta!

The scion recalled all the astonishing feats her boyfriend had pulled off in the past, helping her to swiftly calm down and accept this as reality.

By now, even if Seiji stated that he was capable of creating a spaceship, she would probably be able to accept it.

Just how did he do it Although she wanted to ask, she felt like asking would be meaningless.

“How many crystals do you need to fully develop your dimension?” Natsuya asked a question that she felt was more meaningful.

“I’ve already completed part of it. I’ll be able to basically complete it if I can obtain as many crystals as I did today for a few more times. But, the more crystals I can obtain, the more upgrades I can make,” Seiji responded.

He had already completed part of his dimension!?

Natsuya was astonished yet again.

“The completed portion Can I go in and take a look?”

“Of course. But, opening the door to my dimension will cost a small amount of crystals each time. It’s a bit wasteful to just go in and look, and I haven’t finished setting it up inside yet. How about I invite you in once it’s suitable for staying long periods of time in?” Seiji smiled.

“Oh” Natsuya didn’t know what to say after this.

Although she already felt that Seiji and his knight order were the future, at this moment, Natsuya started feeling like she had still underestimated this group, or this new faction’s development potential.

Later that knight, Seiji contacted his younger sister Hana.

Hana responded with “I’m currently in a game” and an emoticon of “wait a moment”.

And so, Seiji started playing the mobile game “Puppets’ Frontline” on his cell phone.

“I’m UP44 Don’t get close to me, I’m not interested in you at all!”

He drew yet another five-star SSR puppet right after he logged in. She was a beautiful blonde-haired girl with huge breasts. She also had an assault rifle, and was wearing a one-piece dress that revealed a great deal of cleavage while she spoke in an icy tsundere tone.

Seiji added this SSR to his SSR squadron in the game. He now had enough SSRs for a full team of only SSRs. He then began to attack the game’s events.

When he was fighting the event boss, the blonde large-breasted girl was the first to be defeated. Her dress became torn and she moaned as she collapsed on the ground while covering her nearly completely exposed voluptuous breasts with her hands. Her face was flushed red and she appeared quite seductive.

At this moment, Hana sent him the message of “We can talk now.”

Seiji responded with “I’m playing a game.”

Hana sent an emoticon of slapping the table in impatience.

Seiji responded with an emoticon of “relax, calm down.”

Hana responded with an emoticon of flipping the table.

After Seiji cleared the event and defeated the boss, he sent his puppet girls to be fixed ingame as quickly as possible. He then accepted Hana’s video chat offer.

“What the hell game were you playing!” The cat-eared hat girl appeared on his screen and immediately questioned him.

Seiji showed her his cell phone screen and told her it was Puppets’ Frontline.

“Such a low-level game If you want to play a strategy game, try this one!” Hana sounded condescending as she sent him a link.

Seiji clicked the link out of curiosity. He saw that it was an advertisement for another game.

“An independent sandbox game from Huaxia, with Xianxia as the main topic. The player shall take on the role of a cultivator with a mission

“A randomly created Xianxia world. Every world will be completely unique, and every game will be a brand-new adventure

“There are several dozen cultivating sects and thousands of skills and techniques, along with thousands of npcs with their own lives

“The content is abundant and exquisite, and includes cultivating, exploring, communicating, fighting, management, and crafting

“Excellently reviewed and majorly popular in Huaxia, with more than one million copies sold. Now, a Sakura Island edition of this game is coming…”

“The renowned game, Bright Heaven Scroll!”