Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Secret

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Seiji and Chiaki slowly walked down the street after leaving the coffee caf.

"Haha, you actually knocked him unconscious, youre pretty evil, Seigo No, Seiji." Chiaki broke out into laughter again as she thought back to the previous events. "But you did a great jobas expected of my S-ranked weapon!" She gave him a huge thumbs-up.

"Heh, but of course." Seiji pretended to gaze into the distance. "A person capable of defeating me does not exist in this world."

After one second of silence.

Both of them broke out into laughter.

"Whats with those embarrassing words of yours!? But its actually unexpectedly moving~" Chiaki stepped closer to Seiji as if it were the natural thing to do and clung on to his arm.

"We dont need to fake being a couple anymore, do we?"

"We dont. I just feel like doing this."

Seiji glanced at the silver-haired girl.

"How did your conversation with her go?"

"Mmm Should I say that it didnt go very well, or that it was fine?" Chiaki had a complex expression.

"It doesnt seem like you two have gotten back together again, so whats your current relationship with her?"

"Its friends," Chiaki said wistfully, "a special type of friendship. Friends that miss each other when apart. Perhaps well meet each other soon again, but maybe we might never see each other again Friends like that."

Seiji remained silent.

Although that Tetsuo Sasaki was nothing more than an idiot, one thing he mentioned was indisputablethe fact that Haruka Shimizu didnt intend to get back together with Chiaki again. Her taking along a fake boyfriend was plenty of evidence for this.

And if Haruka didnt intend this, Chiaki definitely wouldnt request it either, so

At any rate, why exactly did Haruka Shimizu invite Chiaki out of the blue? This still remained a mystery.

Seiji was waiting for an answer.

After a long period of silence.

"Even though Haruka told me not to tell anyone else, including you I think I should still let you know." Chiaki looked up at Seiji as her eyes flashed with an indescribable light.

"Are you sure? If its an important secret, you dont need to tell me."

"Its not a secret Er, I dont know." Chiaki sighed. "I dont know what exactly this is"

She didnt know?

Seiji furrowed his brows.

"Haruka, she first, she asked if I could transfer to Koaki High School, and be normal friends with her again." Chiaki slowly began to speak. "Of course, I rejected her and said this wasnt possible."

"Then, she requested that I take a temporary leave of absence from school."

"Leave of absence?" Seiji was confused.

He could understand asking her to transfer schools and be friends again, but what was with the leave of absence request?

"Thats right, a leave of absence." Chiaki nodded. "She said she wished for me to not attend Genhana High School for the time being, as there could be danger."

Seiji raised his eyebrows.

"What kind of danger?"

"She didnt tell me what it specifically was, she only said that there was a danger which could cause students to die," Chiaki said in a heavy tone of voice.

Hey now, could it be?

The only upcoming thing that might be dangerous enough for students to die at Genhana High School Seiji could only think of one such incident.

The Yin Yang Master duel!

Was this what Haruka Shimizu was alluding to? Did she know about it? Was she a person with mystical powers!?

Successive doubts kept arising in Seijis mind.

"It sounds really strange, right? What danger could befall Genhana High School?" Chiaki sighed before continuing, "But Haruka seemed so serious; she begged me to believe her and do as she requested!"

"She invited me out solely for the purpose of telling me this."

Seiji now understood the logic behind Harukas sudden invitation.

But now, new questions arose.

For Chiaki, at least.

"She obviously wasnt making all this up, but she wouldnt tell me anything about the danger I dont understand why" the silver-haired girl muttered to herself. "And she even told me not to tell anyone else I honestly dont get it; what kind of secret is this? Something which is dangerous enough to cause the death of high school students is a huge incident! It shouldnt be hidden. Why didnt Haruka tell me the details clearly, ask me to keep it a secret, and tell me to take a leave of absence from school?"

"I dont understand. She refused to speak further on the subject no matter what, so I dont get it."

Chiaki looked at the boy by her side.

"Thats why I told you, Seiji Seiji?"

Chiakis sharp senses detected something from Seijis expression and body language.

"You know?" She was astonished.

Seiji remained silent.

"Do you perhaps know what Haruka was talking about?" Chiaki slowly began to furrow her brows.

Seiji sighed after considering his options.

"I dont know if what I know is what she was referring to."

He faced Chiaki directly.

"But it seems quite probable. Chiaki, you know that I recently discussed something with the student council president, something I couldnt tell you and Mika. What Haruka just mentioned to you is most likely the same topic that I was talking with the president about."

Nobody spoke for a while.

Chiaki took a good, long look at Seijis face.

"I see." She finally ended up nodding. "Our school theres something hidden to it, isnt there?"

Seiji nodded in response.

"Its a huge secret that cant be made public. Its for the best if fewer normal people know about it," he said in a soft voice. "Thats why Im so sorry."

Chiaki shook her head.

"If you could, youd surely tell us. If you cant, that means theres a deep reason behind it. Theres no need to feel apologetic. Even though I have my doubts and want to know the truth, I wont pry. You and Haruka are both people I trust. Although its a little uncomfortable to know that both of you are hiding the same thing from me, I trust that its for my own good."

Chiaki flashed a brilliant smile.

"I feel sorry towards Haruka as well for telling you something she absolutely insisted on keeping secret but it seems that you coincidentally knew about it."

Seiji smiled as well.

"Yeah, luckily I was the one who heard about it."

"Honestly just how big is this secret? What if I told someone else about what Haruka just told me? If it hadnt been you What would have happened if it had been someone who didnt know what it was about?"

Chiakis expression showed a trace of nervousness.

Seiji mulled it over.

"I doubt much would happen if you did. Youd probably end up a companion whos also oblivious to what is going on As long as you guys didnt spread any more rumors, that is."

"Whew I was so worried." Chiaki pretended to wipe nonexistent sweat from her forehead. "Its good if its not that serious."

"While it is a big secret, nothing should happen as long as you dont go around telling everyone. But keep in mind that if you keep telling people, the consequences would be unpredictable," Seiji warned her in a strict tone of voice.

It was best not to even think about the identities of the upper ranks of the Yin Yang Masters as they were bent on hiding their existence in order to continue reaping huge benefits.

"I get it, I wont tell anyone else!" Chiaki stuck her tongue out at Seiji. "Should I call Haruka and apologize to her? By the way, do you need to talk to her? You both seem to know the same secret, after all." Chiakis expression was hard to read as she contemplated the thought of Seiji having access to Harukas number.

Seiji considered Chiakis suggestion.

"Im not sure if I need to talk to her, but you might as well give me her contact information. It might come in handy."

Giving her ex-girlfriends cell phone number to the boy that she secretly liked a little, especially considering the fact that they shared a secret together Chiaki was currently battling with complex, indescribable emotions.

Was she about to NTR herself?

No no, she liked both of them so much; if they could become a couple


Chiakis mind suddenly envisioned a brand-new scene that shed never considered before.

This scene dashed away all her uncertainties, and she could feel new horizons opening up for her!

If Seiji and Haruka could get together this seemed pretty good!?

Chiakis eyes began sparkling after she felt like she just opened the door to new possibilities.

Even though it was currently nothing more than a fantasy, it still seemed possible to her!

Possibility meant hopes and dreams!

After Seiji entered Haruka Shimizus phone number into his cell phone contacts, he discovered that Chiakis expression had become rather strange.

The silver-haired girl smiled brilliantly as she slapped him heartily on the shoulder.

"Go ahead and contact Haruka as much as you like! Flirt with her to the best of your ability; I think you have a good chance!"

Seiji was rendered speechless.

What the hell?