Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 727

Chapter 727 Ive Fallen In Love With The Sensation Of Becoming Stronger

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“You don’t get to say something like that!” Seiji rolled his eyes at Kazuko. “You just said that I need to suppress the boss monster girl that’s coming?”

“Yes. That will prevent her from being able to enter the real world. Of course, the best solution will be to kill her.”

“You make it sound so easy Couldn’t you have been more careful while investigating?”

“I’ll pay more attention next time. Why don’t I perform some self-bondage to apologize?”

“That won’t be necessary!”

Although Seiji verbally refused, he still couldn’t help but imagine the way Kazuko would look while tied up and naked.

“I can even add the service of pretending to be a dog or cat,” Kazuko added.

“I said it’s not necessary!”

Although Seiji wanted to see it, he had to adamantly refuse!

The tremendous waves of spiritual monsters kept attacking. They were all destroyed by the girls.

The monsters became stronger, so the experience mist they provided became denser. Yukari felt even more addicted to the pleasure of absorbing the mist, but she kept warning herself to maintain a clear mind. She couldn’t allow herself to become lost in the pleasure like earlier.

But as the invisible sense of pressure approached from beyond the fire wall, Yukari found it more and more difficult to control herself!

Yukari could sense that an existence far stronger than the spiritual monsters was approaching. Logically, that existence should be left to Seiji and Natsuya to deal with. But, the closer that existence approached, the more excited Yukari became or, more accurately, the stronger her desire to battle became.

Logically, she didn’t agree with this. However, her body was no longer under her own control. It was as if her body instinctively desired to fight such a powerful existence.

Yukari wanted to stop and tell Seiji that something felt off about herself. But she was unable to do so.

She desired to fight a strong enemy! She really wanted to fight a strong enemy!

She knew that something was wrong with her own desire. However, she still wanted to do this.

Was this what her body truly desired? Or was this what she truly wanted in her heart?

The purple-haired girl was unable to figure it out.

There was no need to figure it out anymore.

That was because “she” had finally appeared!

The fire wall barrier was broken through.

First, glowing red petals which suppressed a portion of the fire wallappeared. The opening in the wall then rapidly expanded to allow a red-clad individual to float through.

She wore a bright red crown, a pitch-black mask, light clothing, and had a snow-white body Her colors were in vivid contrast, and she would definitely give any man a tremendous impact!

Seiji instantly understood why Kazuko said “you’ll definitely be happy to see her” now that he finally saw “her”.

This female demon had an incredible figure! And, she was showing off so much fanservice by being almost naked!

There was a light red veil around the female demon’s body or something that resembled a veil. Just like how some sexy lingerie would accentuate the body rather than doing anything by covering up the private parts, her red veil made her seem even sexier.

Seiji could only stare, mouth wide agape, when he witnessed such a stimulating sight. Even though he had prepared himself to attack immediately, he was unable to attack right away.

Mika, Kaede, Mayuzumi, Natsuya, and Hitaka were all similarly astonished by this demon’s physical appearance. None of them were able to instantly react.

Yukari was the only one who rushed the female demon immediately!

Crack! Yukari’s spiderweb whip made a loud sound as it viciously aimed straight for the female demon’s head.

*Pow!!* The female demon blocked the blow with her veil.

Although her veil seemed lightweight, it actually possessed powerful defensive properties. Not only did the veil block the attack, it even shattered Yukari’s spiderweb whip back into threads.

The purple-haired girl then swung a second whip with her left hand!

This time, she aimed for the female demon’s foot, but the veil blocked the whip and shattered it yet again.

Swoosh The red flowing petals started gathering together and flowing like a river, suddenly swarming towards Yukari!

There would be dire consequences if Yukari took such an attack!

“Yukari!!” Seiji shot out a [Fire Mana Bullet], but he was too late.

It seemed that the purple-haired girl was right about to be struck by the female demon’s attack. However, Yukari’s figure suddenly vanished as she dodged this attack at a speed which astonished everyone.

Boom! Seiji’s [Fire Mana Bullet] finally arrived and scattered the flower petals with an explosion.

Yukari stopped at a distance of several meters away. Spiderweb was twirled around her hand, with the other end of the long thread sticking to the ground.

Just now, she had shot spiderweb at the ground to pull herself and move at such an astonishing speed.

Right after this, she then shot spiderweb at the ground close to the female demon and instantly pulled herself over for another whip attack!

“Don’t force yourself! Yukari, hurry and retreat!!” Seiji unsheathed his sword and joined the fight.

Hitaka also rushed the demon.

Natsuya cast support spells to protect the three fighting against the demon.

Mika, Kaede, and Mayuzumi all attacked from range with their black bands, gun, and Idelia’s icicles.

The female demon blocked all attacks with her veil and the falling cherry blossom petals. She twirled around at high speed in midair, almost as if she was dancing.

Not only did Yukari not listen to Seiji and retreat, she even started attacking more forcefully. Although the veil blocked the spiderweb whip every time, Yukari continuously attacked without pause.

Yukari’s whips were continuously shattered. However, minor amounts of spiderweb kept sticking to the veil.

Seiji called out to Yukari several times, but received no response. He could tell that something was wrong with Yukari again.

However, she was different from when she was previously in a daze. The current purple-haired girl was vicious and dexterous It was as if she had gone berserk, but hadn’t lost her sense of reason. Seiji was hesitant on whether or not he should forcefully try to stop her.

At this moment, Yukari suddenly stopped in her movements.

She extended her arms and smiled as an ice-cold look entered her eyes.

“I’ve caught you,” Yukari spoke in a low voice as her hands started to glow black. Right after that…


All the spiderweb that had accumulated on the female demon’s veil suddenly started glowing black. The strands then hardened and pierced right through the veil into the female demon’s body, impaling the dancing demon in midair!

“Iiiyahhhh!!!” The female demon instantly started screaming in pain.

Seiji and the others were all shocked by this scene.

The devilishly beautiful half-naked female demon was screaming in pain while being impaled in midair. This scene appeared rather abnormal yet also contained indescribable beauty as if it was a painting of a tragedy which contained some type of deep meaning.

The demon was evidently struggling, but it was no longer able to move or control its flower petals. Its screams gradually subsided.

Yukari walked over and raised her hand.

The female demon gradually transformed into a thick blood-red experience mist that was all absorbed by Yukari’s hands.

“Heeheehee~” Yukari started chuckling gleefully.

Seiji frowned upon hearing such a laugh.

“Yukari” He walked over and put his hand on her shoulder. “Can you still hear me?”

If she didn’t respond, he would unhesitatingly deal with her right now.

“I sure can,” the purple-haired girl responded.

Yukari turned around and smiled while looking directly at Seiji.

“No need to worry about me. I’m fine.”

“Are you certain?” Seiji took a deep glance at her.

“I am. My heart and soul are still me. I haven’t become fallen. It’s just that I’ve discovered something I didn’t know about before.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s difficult to express Maybe I should call it a hidden will within me or a deeper level of strength I don’t know exactly how to describe it.”

Yukari then glanced over at the female demon that had less than half of her corpse remaining. The rest of the body was still transforming into Yukari’s experience mist.

“Just think of it as my having Awakened for a second time. The first time was Awakening to my ability, and the second time was Awakening to a new mentality. I’m still Yukari Asamiya, and I won’t become a monster. What you worry about won’t come to pass. Simply speaking, I’ve fallen in love with the sensation of becoming stronger.”