Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 725

Chapter 725 Killing Monsters And Leveling Is Wonderful

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Mika was similarly astonished.

This was also her first time witnessing Kaede and Mayuzumi’s abilities. Mika was also especially surprised to see Mayuzumi summoning a character from her manga. Still, Mika didn’t receive as much of an impact as Yukari did.

“The Awakened’s abilities are truly wondrous,” Natsuya exclaimed.

Idelia was a spirit who didn’t have her own intelligence or will. Seiji explained this to Natsuya on behalf of Mayuzumi.

Even so, this female main character from “Honey Candy Girl” was able to smile and greet everyone like a real person due to Mayuzumi’s control. Yukari felt as if there was no difference from a real person.

Seiji then asked Hitaka to take a rest so that Kaede could try fighting first. He would carefully watch to make sure that no harm came to Kaede.

A sword-wielding spiritual monster rushed through the wall of fire!

Kaede aimed her spiritual gun and fired a black Mana Bullet that accurately landed a headshot against the spiritual monster. The monster’s form half collapsed.

The spiritual monster fell on the ground, but it was still writhing.

Before it could crawl up again, the blonde teacher went closer and shot more Mana Bullets in succession! She completely crushed its body and head with the bullets.

Kaede had standard shooting posture and remained calm throughout as if she was used to such actions Yukari was once again shocked to witness Genhana High School’s nurse and health teacher in such a manner.

The spiritual creature transformed into a dark red mist that floated into Kaede’s body.

The experience absorption method was the same as before with Hisashi. Seiji was now certain of it.

Soon, another two spiritual monsters rushed over from the right.

Kaede defeated one with her bullets, while the other had almost reached her. Kaede flapped her black wings, instantly creating a strong gust of wind that blew the monster backwards!

Kaede then flapped her wings again, this time beginning to fly!

White cherry blossoms were falling, the black wings were beating, and feathers were flying Mika and Yukari both exclaimed at the beauty of this scene.

Flying was something that humans naturally desired to experience. If there was a ranking of special abilities that humans wanted the most, the ability to fly would definitely rank in the top ten.

Kaede flew above the spiritual creature and aimed at it with her bullets. Soon, she defeated the spiritual creature. She then descended to absorb the experience mist.

“Well done,” Seiji praised her. “However, some spiritual monsters have long-distance attacks, so you need to be careful even while flying.”

Kaede smiled and nodded.

It was then Mayuzumi’s turn.

When the next spiritual creature rushed forth, the ice demon girl Idelia stood in front of the manga author. Idelia lifted her hands as a blue mist appeared. The blue mist instantly transformed into a large batch of sharp icicles that shot forward!

The spiritual creature was completely shattered by the icicle attack. A small portion of the experience mist floated towards Idelia and was absorbed by her.

This was the same absorption method as Hoshi, where the experience was shared and absorbed by the summoned spirit.

“It’s not necessary to use such a strong attack against a single weak creature. You should pay attention to conserving your strength,” Seiji advised her. “Also, you should have Idelia get closer to the mist basically, Idelia should kill the spiritual creature at a suitable distance that’s not too far away. Otherwise, she’ll be unable to absorb the experience mist.”

Mayuzumi nodded.

At this moment, another spiritual creature charged out from the left. Taking Seiji’s advice, Mayuzumi had Idelia get closer and shoot out less icicles than previously to kill off the monster. Idelia was then able to absorb the complete amount of mist.

Then, Mayuzumi tried a second method of attack: releasing a glowing mist that froze the spiritual monster, then having Idelia get close and shatter the frozen monster with her ice sword.

Mayuzumi tried a third method of attack as well: Idelia created a two meter plus ice sword and cleaved the next spiritual monster in half!

A frail appearing beautiful female mage instantly transformed into a greatsword wielding warrior. It was a surprising turn of events.

Yukari wanted to shout “This isn’t Idelia’s style at all!” out loud. However, Idelia was being controlled by her creator right now, the goddess of the “Honey Candy Girl” world so Mayuzumi could do whatever she wanted.

After the manga author and her summoned spirit tried their attacks, it was now Yukari’s turn.

Yukari stood close to Seiji. Soon, she saw a spiritual monster rushing through the wall of fire and aiming its weapon at her.

The purple-haired girl lifted her right hand, activated her ability, and flung out…

*Thud!* The white spiderweb strand formed into a whip and viciously struck the humanoid spiritual creature, slicing it in half as if the whip was a bladed weapon. The monster was instantly defeated.

The red mist floated over to Yukari and entered her body, giving her a wondrous feeling.

More spiritual monsters rushed over.

Yukari wielded her whip and defeated several spiritual monsters at once, continuing to absorb the mist.

This proved that these spiritual monsters were quite weak compared to her. Yukari mentally heaved a sigh of relief.

However, this was basically just testing out her abilities, like a warmup. She couldn’t afford to let herself become too relaxed.

After Seiji confirmed that all his knight order members were fully prepared, he undid a small portion of the flame wall barrier.

A horde of spiritual monsters instantly rushed through the opening!

Mayuzumi had Idelia release a patch of glowing ice mist. Kaede created a strong wind with her wings. Mika used her Mashiro’s Clothes ability, and Yukari swung her spiderweb whip The four girls used Seiji’s suggested formation and tactics to work together as a team against the monsters!

The spiritual monsters arrived endlessly, only to be continuously defeated, transforming into experience mist for the four girls to absorb.

Seiji cautiously observed the battle, and intervened whenever it was necessary.

Yukari and the other girls saw just how powerful he was. They felt reassured from his support, and became even better at using their own skills naturally.

The never-ending amount of spiritual monsters provided an unending amount of experience Some time later, Kaede was the first to level up and learn a new skill.


A dark gray arc of light shot out from a powerful tornado that smashed through countless spiritual monsters, cutting up their bodies and weapons.

Kaede named this skill “Wind Blade” as it was like swords of wind. Her wings could create this powerful tornado that had a powerful damaging area of effect.

Then, Yukari leveled up and learned a new skill.


She released numerous spiderweb threads that tangled up several spiritual monsters. The strands then started glowing white, preventing the monsters from moving.

The purple-haired girl then started manipulating the threads with her fingers. The spiritual monsters then started moving and using their weapons to attack other spiritual monsters!

Yukari named this skill “Thread Manipulation” as it allowed her to control enemy monsters to be used by her instead. It was a powerful control effect. The weakness was that Yukari needed to concentrate fully on the threads while using them, and the effect would be canceled if the spiderweb thread was cut through.

Next was Mika.

She didn’t learn any new skills. Her original black band skill simply leveled up. Mika was now able to shoot out twice the number of black bands, and the bands also became more flexible and powerful.

Seiji half-jokingly recommended that she name her skill “Black Tentacles”, but as expected, this met instant rejection. And so, this skill was simply named “Black Blades”.

Mayuzumi didn’t learn any new skills, nor did Idelia visibly change. She didn’t visibly “evolve” like Hoshi’s summoned eagles did. However, it was obvious that Idelia was gradually becoming stronger, with noticeable increase to speed and power.

As the girls became stronger, Seiji had to intervene less and less. He even widened the gap in the flame wall barrier to allow more monsters in at once.

This was the Awakened something flashed in Natsuya’s eyes as she personally witnessed Mika and the others’ strength.

Yukari felt the joy of becoming stronger.

Her nervousness from earlier had completely disappeared. She was now immersed in the wondrous feeling of killing monsters and leveling up.

This felt exactly like playing an RPG game and leveling up her character. However, it was herself that was leveling up instead, so it was even more fun and realistic. It felt like more of an achievement!

This was truly wonderful.

However, the only insufficiency was that these enemy spiritual monsters were far too weak.

After killing off an unknown countless number of spiritual monsters, Yukari began hoping for a stronger monster to appear so that the battling could have some difficulty to it.

She felt that she could become even stronger if she defeated a powerful monster!

The purple-haired girl started wishing for a boss monster to appear.