Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 724

Chapter 724 Absolutely Have To Draw This Scene

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Yukari’s feeling of tension was somewhat eased as she was affected by Mika’s strong will.

Not long after, the van picked up Mayuzumi.

Seeing how the manga author had an obviously nervous expression as well, Yukari took the initiative to begin chatting about manga in order to ease Mayuzumi’s tension. Mika also joined the conversation.

Now that everyone for the battle had been picked up, Kaede drove to Natsuya’s residence.

All four got off the van and entered Natsuya’s residence. Yukari found to her astonishment that Mai Houjou was the person who greeted them!

Mai Houjou had recently given the graduation speech at Genhana High School’s graduation ceremony Yukari had heard rumors about this beautiful senpai of hers who had the nickname of “Smiling Executioner”. The rumors had left Yukari with a deep impression.

Yukari never expected to see Mai in Natsuya’s residence, not to mention in maid attire! And, it looked so suitable on her!

The attire looked so good on Mai that Yukari was tempted to take out her art tools and begin drawing right away. However, now was evidently not the time to do so.

Mai led the four to the guest room and had the girls change into their spiritual equipment there.

After putting on sturdy black-colored combat equipment, a helmet, and looking at the longsword, gun, and shield before her, Yukari really got the feeling that she was about to participate in actual battle.

Although she was still somewhat nervous, she was also beginning to get a little excited.

Yukari suddenly recalled when she first awakened and fought against the giant spider. Although that memory had been relegated to a corner of her mind, it suddenly became completely clear again.

Fighting against that large red spider had been Yukari’s only fight in her life. At that time, she had taken quite a beating. If that had happened in real life, she might have been seriously injured or even died.

Perhaps it was because she had received such a beating that she reflexively didn’t dare to recall it. She felt something indescribable upon recalling it at such a time.

Seiji had saved her at that time. Now, it was time for her to fight for Seiji’s cause.

Yukari blushed as she recalled how Seiji had seen her naked at that time. Then, she remembered how she had wanted to give him a gift as a way of getting closer to him, however

The purple-haired girl sighed softly and cast all idle thoughts out of her mind.

Meanwhile, Mika walked out of the restroom after she transformed and changed into combat equipment. Mayuzumi widened her eyes in surprise at the sight.

“You’re Uehara-san?” The manga author tried asking the silver-haired beauty who wore a dark-red cape and gave off a fantastical aura.

“Yep, it’s me.” Mika nodded.

“You actually transformed so beautiful, just like a magical girl,” Mayuzumi praised her.

Yukari was also astonished to see Mika’s transformation.

The growth of the “hero” had indeed surpassed Yukari’s imagination.

Mika smiled politely in response to the attention.

After everyone put on their combat equipment and confirmed that it was a decent fit, it was time to test their weapons.

After hearing how to use the spiritual weapons and watching Mika give a demonstration, Yukari, Kaede, and Mayuzumi each tested their weapons.

The end result was that Yukari and Mayuzumi were unable to use any of the sword, gun, or shield.

Kaede was only able to use the spiritual gun.

Mika recommended to all three that they should take the shield regardless. Although they were all unable to inject Mana into the shield, the shield would still provide some basic protection.

Mai then led the four girls to the spellcasting room.

“After you enter that door, you’ll be in the Domain Please, everyone, be cautious in battle. May fortune smile upon you all.” After nearing the door, the maid stopped and bowed towards the girls.

“Thank you, Houjou-senpai.” Yukari reflexively bowed back. Mika and the others simply thanked Mai.

“No need to be so polite. I’m just a maid.” Mai smiled.

The purple-haired girl was completely dazed by this perfect maid’s smile.

However, Yukari soon regained her senses and followed Mika into the spellcasting room.

A gigantic strange black marking could be seen on the ground within the spellcasting room. Five irregular ovals were within the black marking. This all gave off a sense of mysteriousness.

The moment that she entered the room, Yukari’s vision darkened and she felt her body spinning swiftly while falling downwards. She started hearing unclear sounds as if she was about to fall into an unknown realm

But before she could feel fear, her vision suddenly cleared up again. The strange sounds disappeared, to be replaced by…

“Welcome, everyone,” Seiji spoke up.

Yukari reflexively looked in the voice’s direction. She paused in surprise at what she saw.

The handsome boy was wearing a dark gray jacket that seemed to be made out of high-quality materials. He was wearing silver armlets that appeared rather cool, giving him the aura of some main character that came out of an RPG game.

However, he wasn’t fighting right now. Seiji was idly sitting in a chair while holding an exquisite porcelain teacup. Obviously, he was currently sipping on some tea.

A round table was before him, with a teapot placed upon it. There were also a few plates of confectionaries. Natsuya Yoruhana was currently sitting across from him with a teacup of her own.

The student council president was wearing dark red form-fitting attire, with a cape and miniskirt that accentuated her excellent figure and beauty. Quite frankly, she appeared really ero!

Yukari was rather surprised that they were drinking tea, but she was even more surprised to see Natsuya wearing such an outfit!

The student council president was actually wearing form-fitting attire in tandem with her pretty face and excellent figure! Natsuya seemed so much like the very definition of ero that Yukari’s mind went completely blank from the impactful scene.

She wanted to draw this she absolutely had to draw this scene!!

A fierce passion welled up within her heart. The purple-haired girl’s instincts as an ero artist were raging!

However, she didn’t have any art tools with her in this alternate dimension.

Only when Yukari tried to bring out her art tools but realized there weren’t anydid she regain her senses.

She couldn’t help but clench her fist and do her best to suppress the urge in her heart.

Mika, Kaede, and Mayuzumi were also astonished.

However, they were astonished mostly because of the tremendous wall of fire around this area!

White cherry blossom petals were falling everywhere, surrounded by a raging red flame wall. This gave off the impression of a fantastical setting.

Humanoid spiritual monsters wielding black weapons kept jumping through the flame wall. A red-haired girl (Hitaka) wearing a red dress took care of the monsters easily.

“This flame wall is a barrier that I placed here. It’s preventing the great majority of the spiritual monsters from entering,” Seiji explained. “After you all finish your preparations, I shall open up a hole in the flame wall, allowing more spiritual monsters to enter Things should be mostly safe with me and Natsuya watching over things. Still, you all need to be careful while fighting. That about sums things up. Any questions?”

Nobody had any questions.

Kaede revealed her pitch-black wings, while Mayuzumi summoned Idelia.

Yukari received yet another impact for the umpteenth time today when the “White-clad fallen angel” blonde teacher revealed black wings just like a fallen angel’s. Not to mention, the greatly popular ice demon girl from Mayuzumi’s “Honey Candy Girl” anime actually appeared in physical form

Regardless of the wings, Idelia was a character from a manga! Yet she could actually be summoned

Yukari felt like she was dreaming as she looked at the beautiful ice demon girl who wore a butterfly hair accessory together with her traditional style dress. Idelia even appeared together with glittering sparkles as a visual effect when she was summoned.

This was unmistakably an extradimensional existence!

The purple-haired girl couldn’t help but recall how Hisashi Juumonji had addressed Mayuzumi Amami as a goddess when the knight order was first formed. At that time, Yukari had thought he was joking around. Now, she was beginning to think the same way herself.

A manga author and artist who was capable of summoning her own created character to reality it really seemed like such a person could be called a goddess.

‘Goddess Peach!’ Yukari thought to herself.