Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 721

Chapter 721 The Throne Finally Belongs To Me

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All the girls raised their hands of course, such a thing didn’t happen at all.

Such a thing would never be agreed upon unless they were all drunk. But, no alcohol had been brought to this picnic at all.

Although Chiaki had strongly requested alcohol at this picnic, Seiji had been adamant on refusing to allow alcohol. That was why a scenario like getting drunk at a picnic that one could read in manga didn’t happen here.

Naturally, Chiaki’s special rule wasn’t allowed to pass. Of course, Chiaki had only been joking.

And then, the King’s Game finally began.

The first person who drew the joker was Nozomi!

“What command should I give?” Nozomi mused it over while tilting her head. “How about the holders of card numbers 2 and 4 dance together!”

“I’m number 2.” Mai showed her card.

“I’m number 4.” Mika showed her card.

Mai and Mika dancing together? That sounded like a great idea!

Seiji really looked forward to this. At this moment, he suddenly recalled a memory from long ago of a certain beautiful maid smiling brilliantly while watching TV and imitating the idols’ singing and dancing on TV

As if she had supernatural senses, Mai suddenly turned to look directly at him, and an icy cold glare appeared in her eyes for just an instant.

“I’ll kill you if you dare to say it out loud!”

Seiji imagined hearing such a warning, causing his eyes to twitch. He reflexively shook his head slightly, indicating that he would absolutely keep the secret for her.

Natsuya was mystified by all this.

She noticed what went on between them and felt that it was a little strange.

As everyone watched expectantly, both girls stood up, put on their shoes, and walked over to a clearing.

“What should we do, Senpai?” Mika inquired.

“We can just dance a relatively simple dance for two. Give me your hand.” Mai smiled as she raised her left hand.

Mika placed her right hand on Mai’s left hand.

Mai held her hand and guided Mika in making the correct poses as she began stepping.

“One two three four

“That’s right, just like this, once again.

“One two three four

“That’s even better. Let’s continue.”

After teaching Mika to remember the simple dance steps, Mai then sped up the dance.

And so, as everyone watched, the two beauties held each other’s hands and danced right next to each other as they lightly stepped in elegant circles, with the falling cherry blossoms as their background!

Natsuya took out her cell phone and searched quickly for a dance song to play.

After the music started playing, the atmosphere seemed to level up even more.

Mika’s dancing constantly improved as Mai guided her steadily. Not only was Seiji’s group impressed with their dancing, this also attracted many other people’s attention.

When the dance music neared its end, Mai skillfully led Mika in an elegant twirl, and ended the dance with a classical backwards leaning pose.

*Clap clap clap* Applause started sounding!

Apart from Seiji’s group, the nearby park visitors were clapping as well.

Mai and Mika bowed politely to everyone before returning to their own positions.

“As expected of Senpai Mika danced wonderfully as well,” Seiji praised them.

“That was excellent. I’ve already recorded it.” Nozomi smiled.

Chiaki and the others also offered their praise.

Mika was rather awkward, having so much praise heaped upon her. Mai took it all in stride.

Next was the second round of the King’s Game.

This time, Reo received the joker.

The little girl ordered the holder of card #1 to pretend to be a dog, and the holder of card #9 to pretend to be a cat.

These were rather normal subjects to mimic. But due to the earlier dance, many other park visitors were still paying attention to Seiji’s group. It would be at least a little embarrassing to playact under such circumstances.

“I’m number 1.” Hitaka calmly showed her card.

“I’m number 9” Nozomi smiled wryly as she showed her card.

Hitaka was playacting as a dog. Did this count as acting out her nature? Seiji had that thought pop into his mind, but he then put it out of his mind as he felt it was a bit rude of him.

“Woof, woof, woof” The red-haired girl started crawling around on all fours. She expressionlessly imitated a dog’s barking while crawling around the picnic cloth.

Her acting was completely emotionless, and even her pretend barking was a flat monotone. Still, this was more than enough to attract people’s attention and elicit a few chuckles.

Hitaka herself seemed to be completely calm about acting as a dog. It was instead Seiji and the others that felt awkward about it.

She finished her playacting after crawling around for one circle.

Then, it was Nozomi’s turn.

The landlord lady would be acting as a cat Seiji had a subtle expression on his face as he imagined it. It was the same for the others.

“Let’s change the command, Reo-chan.” Just as everyone was feeling awkward, Chiaki spoke up.

Right now, changing the command might be slightly impolite to Hitaka who had already acted as a dog, but it had to be suggested for Nozomi’s sake. After all, it seemed a bit overboard to have a mature adult woman acting like a cat in front of everyone’s gaze.

Reo was an understanding child. She immediately changed the command to “sing a song”.

Nozomi heaved a sigh of relief, and then sang a song that was popular a decade ago.

Her singing wasn’t particularly good, but it was still enjoyable. Everyone applauded.

Round three.

Kaede received the joker.

“Number 5 should sit right in front of number 6 with back against their chest. Number 6 should close their eyes and feed some food to number 5.” The blonde teacher smiled while giving her command.

This was just a simple game, that wouldn’t have been too awkward. Yet…

“I’m number 6.” Seiji showed his card.

Suddenly, something instantly changed in the atmosphere!

Who was number 5? All the girls’ gazes clashed fiercely in midair.

“Meow~” Rana raised her hand and showed her card.

Everyone looked straight at her, causing the scene to subtly become silent for a moment.

Then, then, the cat girl sat right against Seiji’s chest and enjoyed his feeding service.

It was rather difficult for Seiji to feed Rana while his eyes were closed. Still, he got used to it after a few tries and managed to accurately bring the food to Rana’s mouth.

Natsuya and the others were rather envious as they watched this scene.

Round 4.

Chiaki received the joker!

“Heeheehee After a cruel battle, the throne finally belongs to me! The heavens have decreed it so!” The tomboy held the joker between two fingers and showed off an imposing smile as a fierce glint appeared in her eyes. “As the King, our orders are absolute. Wash your ears and listen carefully!”

Seiji really wanted to comment on how chuunibyou she sounded, but he was also a bit nervous about what command she was about to give.

It was quite obvious that the person present who would give the most difficult command to deal with was this tomboy for sure.

With a whoosh, Chiaki extended her joker card.

“Number 7 and number 8 should hug each other and hold this card together in their mouths while walking a full circle!”

Everyone was rendered speechless.

*Crack!* Seiji cracked his knuckles. “A tyrant giving unreasonable commands will be overthrown. Are you certain that you wish to issue such a command?”

If you dare, you shall be punished by the iron fist of justice!

Seiji transmitted such a meaning with his aura.

The King’s anger exploded at being threatened by a violent citizen, so she sent the royal knights to suppress him unfortunately, there was no such royal knight order at all.

Things proved that a king without the power to protect their own authority would be nothing more than a joke.

“I was just joking. The real command is for number 7 and number 8 to share a meatball skewer together.” Chiaki instantly submitted.

“That’s more like it.” Seiji stopped making a fist.

“I’m number 8.” Natsuya showed her card.

Who was number 7? Seiji looked around, but nobody stepped forward.

Could it be everyone looked at Chiaki’s extra card.

Chiaki flipped it over to reveal the seven of hearts.

She was instantly delighted by this sight!

“Let us intimately enjoy some meatballs, Yoruhana-neesan~”

Natsuya was rendered speechless.