Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 719

Chapter 719 I'm A Little Goldfish

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The main issue with the picnic was where to go.

The more beautiful the location, the more famous it would be, thus meaning large crowds. This was especially so for the most renowned locations for cherry blossom viewing as there would probably be more people than cherry blossoms there.

After Seiji discussed this matter with the others, they finally decided on going to Koshou Park.

This was a relatively small park that wasn’t all that well-known. There wouldn’t be many visitors, but the scenery would still be enjoyable.

This morning, Kaede drove a large SUV for everyone’s ride.

Everyone got on the SUV after they finished their preparations. They immediately headed towards the park.

Nozomi Uehara rode shotgun. Seiji and Shika sat in the middle, while Mika, Reo, and Chiaki sat in the rear.

“Let’s play a game! The loser has to sing everyone a song!” Chiaki brought out a deck of cards. It was obvious that she wanted to liven up the atmosphere.

“Sure, what shall we play?” Seiji readily agreed.

“Card guessing!” Chiaki spread all the cards and explained the rules of this Sakura Island variant card game…

Both players would draw one random card, and decide a person to go first by using rock paper scissors. The first player could guess any information they wanted about the other person’s card. The information guessed could be specific or general. The other player would then respond with “correct” or “incorrect”.

After each guess, the two players would swap roles as they tried to guess each other’s specific card. The first person whose exact card was successfully guessed would lose.

The first round was Seiji vs. Chiaki.

Chiaki won at rock paper scissors, so she chose to guess first.

“Heh heh heh, I can already detect the truth. Your card must be in the heart suit!” Chiaki pointed directly at his card.

“Wah, you actually saw through me correct.” Seiji made a pose as if he received an attack before he covered his face. “It’s my turn. I activate my special skill, eye of perception!”

Seiji then peeked out from between his fingers. His appearance right now was incredibly chuunibyou.

“Your card must be a diamond!”

“Wah you saw right through me not!” Chiaki made a cute funny face. “Your skill is ineffective against me. Wrong!”

“What!? How is this possible, my eye actually”

“It’s my turn! After careful analysis, I’ve gotten closer to the truth. Your card must be a number card!”

“Wahh how could this be correct.” Seiji acted as if he had suffered a mighty blow, pretending to be depressed.

“You got two guesses right in a row. Chiaki-neesan is amazing.” Reo was impressed.

“Heh heh heh~ I’m a famous detective!” Chiaki acted quite proud of herself.

“This game doesn’t even require basic analytical skills,” Mika retorted.

“A famous detective’s reasoning isn’t something that an ordinary person can understand!”

“Is that the legendary ultimate eye of detectives that can find the truth even with zero clues!?” Seiji acted all serious.

“That’s right, which is why you’ve lost already, pitiful young man~” Chiaki showed off an expression of sympathy.

“No I still haven’t lost, there’s still hope! I shall grasp the final light of hope!” Seiji stated resolutely as he waved his hand wildly, giving off an invisible aura. “I can see it Your card must be a heart that’s less than 5!”

“W what!?” Chiaki was instantly shocked. “You actually saw through it impossible correct.”

“Haha~ The Goddess of Hope is on my side! I shall never lose!” Seiji became spirited again.

Yet, the end result was that he lost.

Seiji sang a round of “Ethereal Snow” for everyone. Everyone applauded his singing, making the atmosphere quite lovely.

The second round was Reo vs. Mika.

The result was that Mika won.

Although Reo was somewhat embarrassed, she also sang a song for everyone: the opening song of Honey Candy Girl, “You Whom I Dream About”.

She wasn’t a particularly good singer, but the cute loli shyly singing the song was quite a moving scene for everyone.

Both Seiji and Chiaki wanted to record her with their cell phones. Unfortunately for them, Reo adamantly refused.

The third round was Seiji vs. Shika.

Seiji really wanted to win. Everyone else wanted him to win as well. That was because everyone wanted to hear Shika singing!

“Go! Brother Seiji~” Reo clenched her tiny fists and cheered him on.

“Seiji, if you win, I’ll give you some special service afterwards~” Chiaki sent him a sultry look.

“Don’t talk about something like special service” Mika commented.

“Hee hee, you’re quite popular, Haruta-kun.” Nozomi smiled.

“I shall definitely win!” A fierce glint appeared in Seiji’s eyes.

He definitely wanted to hear Shika singing more than anyone!

Shika: “”

Her face started blushing red as she sensed her adopted older brother’s desire.

In the end, just as everyone wanted, Seiji won!

At this moment, he even wanted to shout out loudly while making a victory pose. However, he restrained himself.

Chiaki and the others clapped for him before everyone turned to look at Shika.

The black-haired beauty blushed red and gave off an aura of embarrassment. This was truly alluring to behold.

Reo’s eyes were glittering, Chiaki and Mika were stunned, and even Nozomi was a little dazed by the sight.

Everyone fell silent for a moment because of this.

Seiji coughed to break the silence.

“Shika-chan, you lost, so”

Shika nodded before she touched her chest and slowly opened her mouth…

“My feelings swim about like a goldfish~

“I won’t go anywhere without you~”

The moment she started singing, her soft voice moved everyone’s hearts and souls!

“Swimming quietly in the warm water~

“I can do anything for you~”

Something changed in the SUV’s atmosphere as if everyone was brought into an alternate dimension of a beautiful realm.

“The dusk light shines like water~

“Taking you far away~”

Shika’s soft and beautiful voice, paired together with the elegant and moving song made a perfect combination.

“I’m a little goldfish~

“Who survives on your love~”

Seiji and the others were so immersed that they even forgot to give their praise.

This song was “Goldfish” by Miyuki Sakuraku. It was one of her less known songs.

The song’s length was five minutes and thirty-three seconds, and it had a calm style overall that sounded almost conversational. Many people felt that this song was overly boring and plain. But of course, there were a few that really liked this song and felt that they could enter a special realm when listening to it.

Seiji was the latter type.

When writing his story, he would also occasionally listen to this song. He felt that this song contained an indescribable meaning that helped to stimulate his imagination and enter a certain realm.

He never knew that Shika knew how to sing this song, nor that she would be so incredibly good at singing!

As he listened, he even forgot that this was Miyuki Sakuraku’s song! He felt as if Shika’s version was how the song “Goldfish” was truly supposed to be.

Miyuki was a wonderful singer. Yet, Shika was a more appropriate singer for this particular song, appropriate to the point as if this song had been custom written just for her.

“It’s finally time to go into a deep sleep~

“Deep, deep, deep~

“I shall be waiting you when the dream ends~

“Slowly, slowly, slowly~

“Our connection shall remain forever~”

The song gradually ended after the climax of the song.

Several seconds of silence reigned in the SUV before everyone suddenly started clapping!

“Wow! You sung so well!!” Reo clapped her hands vigorously.

“You should really become an idol! With your singing skills, you’ll definitely become ridiculously popular!!” Chiaki praised Shika.

“You really sung so well I felt like I was entering a dream,” Mika gave her compliments as well.

“It makes one want to listen again,” Nozomi stated while clapping her hands.

“It would be even better with an accompaniment.” Kaede smiled as well.

“It was so moving, Shika-chan! I think that you sung better than the original singer!” Seiji gave his sincere praise which came from his heart.

Shika’s face became even redder as she shyly twisted her face away.

After the applause, the card guessing game continued.

“Reo-chan, I won’t go easy on you~”

“Same for me, Chiaki-neesan!”

Chiaki and Reo faced off next. Well, it would be fun no matter who won and lost.

The SUV continued on as everyone had fun in this lively atmosphere.