Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 714

Chapter 714 I'll Come Play With You In The Future

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Seiji’s command transmitted itself through the Yin Yang Seal.

The insect demon started making berserk sounds as it received this command and furiously struggled against it.

Previously, it was invading a human, but now a human was invading and conquering its will Naturally, the insect demon strongly resisted against this! Although it was greatly weakened and seriously injured to the point where it couldn’t fight back anymore, it still didn’t want to surrender.

*Shing!* Seiji sliced the insect demon again and then increased the strength of his spell in order to forcibly engrave his seal upon the insect demon.

A white light immediately started invading the demon’s body!

“Gagagaaaaa” The insect demon felt a tremendous pain.

Forcefully imprinting the seal like this gave Seiji a significant amount of pressure as well. It was possible that he would receive damage to his soul, but he didn’t care! He was willing to pay such a price in order to protect Kaho.

A fierce glint appeared in his eyes as he shouted loudly, “O! BEY! ME!!!”

The insect demon screamed pitifully as the command spell invaded its body. It kept losing blood-red light from its body, and its already greatly diminished wings became even smaller and started dimming.

Being forcefully suppressed by the power and will of the human before it felt just like an extremely hot object slowly piercing through its body and soul. It hurt an incredibly great deal!

No matter how much it was unwilling to surrender, that would only cause it more pain After coming to this realization, the insect demon chose to surrender.


The wings of light dissipated into a light stream and the insect demon’s body melted away to reveal Kaho’s body within.

Seiji felt the pressure disappearing as he received the message of obedience from the insect demon.

That was enough?

Seiji had mentally prepared himself for a long battle of wills. He didn’t expect that the insect demon would surrender so easily.

Excellent, he would create the contract immediately!

“With the Azure Dragon of the East, the White Tiger of the West, the Vermillion Bird of the South, and the Black Turtle of the North as my witnesses, you shall serve me as your master and I shall take you as my servant. I shall give you a name and consecrate you as my spirit. Your power shall become my power, and my wish will be your command” Seiji authoritatively uttered his incantation.

As he uttered the incantation, he could faintly sense a giant insect demon with blood-red compound eyes and colorful wings and hear its hissing along with sensing its will.

Obedience, anger, fear, helplessness Seiji sensed the insect demon’s complex emotions.

He didn’t really care right now just what this insect demon that almost killed Kaho was feeling right now. It was fine with him as long as it stopped resisting.

“With my Yin Yang Seal, I give you the name: Koumei!”

Giving the demon a name of his own creation would complete the contract and completely place it under his control.

“Gaga” the insect demon uttered a sound that contained what sounded like both agreement and obedience. Its figure then faded from his vision.

The entire process was highly successful.

Seiji heaved a sigh of relief as there were no problems anywhere.

He then hurriedly checked on Kaho’s condition.

“Urk” she muttered a sound.


Karen couldn’t resist running over.

“Sis ter” Kaho gradually regained her senses and saw Karen before her.

“Kaho it’s so wonderful wahhh” Karen no longer sensed any ominous aura on her sister’s body, so she couldn’t resist hugging Kaho and beginning to cry.

Seiji silently watched over this scene and felt relieved. Since Kaho had woken up immediately, this meant she wasn’t seriously injured.

However, he soon sensed something that caused his eyes to flash.

“I’ll send you both back to reality now take a good rest,” he told the Miyamoto Sisters.

“Harano-kun thank you” Karen felt that it wouldn’t be enough no matter how much she thanked him.

“Seigo” Kaho wanted to say something as well, but she was too weak to say anything.

“Let’s talk afterwards,” Seiji told her gently.

He then released Shinobu and sent Karen and Kaho out of the dream world.

Shika walked over to Seiji’s side and remained highly on guard.

Seiji turned around and looked at the direction that Shika was guarding against.

The crow-masked personItsuki Kamitanihad appeared again in his black yukata and crow mask!

“Congratulations on your victory~” Kamitani said joyously while applauding Seiji. “Please tell me a location in real life where you can accept the winner’s prize, 100,000 sakuras~~”

Seiji and Shika both coldly stared at him and didn’t respond.

“You don’t want to tell me your address? This is 100,000 sakuras! A total of 100,000 sakuras!!” Kamitani extended his hands.

Several seconds of silence reigned.

“Alright, I know that 100,000 sakuras isn’t anything much to you guys, since your team won the Bloodwine Ritual tournament. This amount of reward money is paltry compared to what you must have received from that.” Kamitani shrugged. “Actually, I had wanted to set the prize money at 10 million sakuras, but the organization rejected that because we didn’t have enough money. So, we’re an evil organization that’s rather poor Heehee, isn’t that a funny joke?”

Seiji and Shika remained staring coldly at him without any laughter.

“You should at least say something. Acting like that makes me seem like an idiot. I’m at least an important member of our evil organization.” The silver-haired boy sighed dramatically.

“I’m rather surprised that you have the self-awareness that you’re in an evil faction,” Seiji spoke up.

“Thank you for finally talking But please, don’t be so serious. Evil organization or whatever? I was just joking about that. Isn’t it too clich these days to label things as outright good or evil?”

“No matter how clich it sounds, evil still exists.”

“It doesn’t exist~ In today’s generation, nobody pays attention to such outdated concepts, as the most important thing in life is to have fun!”

“You intentionally appeared in front of us at the end in order to waste everyone’s time?”

“Don’t be in such a rush. We should chat a bit more.” Kamitani chuckled. “I’m quite interested in you, Haruta nii-san.”

“I’m not interested in you at all, Kamitani-san,” Seiji spoke in a cold tone.

“Don’t be like that, I actually protected you, you know. Some people in the Messengers organization wanted to kill you,” Kamitani spoke in a meaningful tone. “Or, they wanted to at least give you a severe warning by taking revenge such as killing your girlfriend or something like that”

Suddenly, the temperature steeply dropped!

This wasn’t a mere sensation about the atmosphere. The temperature had literally dropped.

The silver-haired boy found himself surrounded by a bone-piercing chill, as if he had suddenly fallen into a land of ice and snow. Yet, this effect wasn’t caused by any spell.

This chill didn’t count as much to him at all. However, Kamitani instinctively sensed danger from Seiji across from him who was emitting killing intent.

Seiji’s powerful killing intent had actually affected the surrounding environment of this dream. This meant that Seiji was able to use his mental willpower alone to directly interfere with this dream realm!

“As expected your soul isn’t simple at all, Haruta nii-san.” Kamitani still chuckled.

His tone sounded similar to before, except it was a little more mysterious and deeper.

“After the Bloodwine Ritual tournament, you managed to revive so many people from death. That’s something that should have been almost impossible, yet you managed to accomplish it. Not only did you manage to accomplish this, you even recovered after such a short period of time.

“This is a miracle it’s a miracle to the point where it’s terrifying.

“That’s why some people in the Messengers organization want to kill you.

“But, I think that would be too much of a waste. Besides, if we kill you just like that, it would likely bring great trouble upon us if your older sister gets mad at us.

“That’s why I came to find and observe you and I confirmed that you truly are an interesting existence.

“I’ll come play with you again in the future.

“In order to not anger you, I promise not to touch your women in the future. And in exchange, I hope that you won’t view me with such great enmity.

“After all, it won’t be any fun if you’re always so serious.”

After saying this, the silver-haired boy snapped his fingers.

The entire dream realm suddenly made booming noises as the dream started shattering!