Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 713

Chapter 713 Obey Me

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Looking at the figure before her, Karen realized that this was what a so-called hero probably looked like.

Even though they were about to face a terrifying and vicious demon, she could feel assured as long as he was here.

Seiji didn’t attack immediately. Instead, he prepared his barriers and shored up his defenses.

He hadn’t attacked, because the time wasn’t ripe yet.

Although the current situation was bad, it was also a chance.

His original plan had been to use a special spell to forcefully awaken the insect demon once the demon energy accumulated to a sufficient extent. This would interfere with its natural awakening so that it wouldn’t have its full power, making it easier to deal with.

But right now, the insect demon had begun to awaken even though the demon energy hadn’t accumulated to such an extent. This was both a good thing and a bad thing.

The bad part was that the insect demon awakening when it still had far too insufficient energy meant that it was highly likely to use Kaho’s soul as additional nutrition. This would result in Kaho’s death!

But, the good part was that since the insect demon awakened itself in such a state, it would be even weaker and easier to deal with than planned.

Plus, Seiji had recently acquired a great boost to his Spiritual Power. It was actually quite easy for him to defeat this insect demon.

The problem was how to protect Kaho while doing so.

Killing the insect demon would be impossible to carry out, as no matter how he did it, Kaho would be affected as the host and end up dying. Cleansing and sealing wouldn’t work, either, as that would all affect Kaho’s soul. The only workable method was to completely suppress and immediately take the demon under his control! And he would have to hurry!!

To be clearer, Seiji was going to make this insect demon and Kaho into his Spirit-branded Retainer.

Suppressing demons and controlling a demon’s power for their own usage was the original job of Yin Yang Masters, after all.

All the insect shadows became even clearer as some of them transformed into physical insects. The insects surrounded Seiji and started attacking!

*Whoosh* Fierce flames arose and burned all the attacking insects to ash.

These insects were nothing more than insects to Seiji. He would burn all that attacked him.

The important thing right now was Kaho.

Currently, Kaho’s entire body was floating in midair. Her dress and mask were giving off a thick blood-red light that surrounded her entire body.

The black runes on her dress were wriggling violently and even extending outside the dress. The black runes were beginning to swiftly combine with the blood-red light, forming a half-translucent insect shape.

This insect had a sturdy shell, sharp-tipped legs, sharp limbs, a thick and strong tail, long horns, and crystal compound eyes It appeared like the mixture of many different insects, yet it didn’t appear distorted or ugly at all. Instead, it all seemed like it was naturally beautiful.

It was just like an insect chimera, the amalgamation of many different insects, which gave it a unique beauty.

“This insect demon is highly likely to have been a god in the past,” Yomi suddenly spoke up in his mind. “It probably lost the consecration it was receiving for some reason and became a demon instead.”

‘So it’s a fallen god?’ Seiji mused to himself.

“If that’s the case, can it become a god again if it starts receiving consecration and worship again?” Seiji inquired.

“Perhaps so, perhaps not. It’s just like how some people never return to their former selves after becoming fallen. It’s the same for gods that are fallen.”

*Rumble rumble rumble rumble*

The trembling in this dream space became even more violent, to the point where it was ear-piercing.

Karen felt pressure and fear from all this. But, she was within Seiji’s barrier’s protection; she looked at the figure standing before her, and no longer felt afraid.


Something which seemed like an invisible wall was broken through as the demon finally descended for real together with a tremendous sound!


Kaho no, the insect demon made a strangeear-piercing sound as its blood-red compound eyes glowed with a deep and cold light. The wings of light on its back let off a brilliant glow! It was as if it was announcing its own arrival.

Seiji had been waiting for this exact moment, so he instantly used his ultimate…

[Evolved Demon Suppression Bell]!!!

*Clang* The holy sound of the bell’s ringing instantly suppressed the strange insectoid sounds as the giant golden bell appeared and covered the insect demon’s entire body, suppressing it underneath the bell!!

This was an impressive sight that left Karen with a deep impression.

The insect demon instantly started making sounds of pain.

It felt aggrieved, having received such a vicious attack the moment it arrived.

The insect demon was incredibly angered as it tried to break free from the bell, making loud banging noises within!

The insect swarms around the platform also went into a frenzy, diving towards Seiji, the bell, and his barrier!

[Evolved Spirit Flames]!!!

Seiji released powerful flames that burned all the insects in a wide AOE attack.

This was just how willful he could be now that his Spiritual Power stat exceeded 1200. If he increased his skill at controlling the fire, he could even release an entire sea of fire which could burn the whole dream world to nothingness.

Although Karen had mentally prepared herself, she still couldn’t help but be astonished to personally witness just how powerful Seigo Harano was.

He was suppressing the insect demon with one hand and burning up all the insect swarms with the other Amazing.

Yet, Shika still remained calm.

That was because she had seen even more incredible scenes against more powerful opponents before.

Who cared about dealing with some puny insects? She had seen her Brother Seiji breaking the boundaries of life and death by reviving the dead before! That was what her Brother Seiji was truly capable of!

The way he appeared like a god during the final part of the Bloodwine Ritual tournament had etched itself deeply into her mind.

Shika refused to believe that it would be the only time he would ever appear like that.

Even if he wasn’t capable of it now, her Brother Seiji would definitely show off such a power again in the future.


The thick and powerful scorpion tail pierced through the bell.

This was actually because Seiji intentionally controlled the strength of his [Demon Suppression Bell] spell. He hadn’t used his full amount of Spiritual Power on the spell. Otherwise, the insect demon would have been instantly killed.

Since the bell was pierced through, this weakened the power of the spell, and the insect demon began attacking the bell even more violently.

The scorpion tail furiously whacked the bell from the outside, while the insect demon violently attacked from inside. The golden bell was gradually breaking down.

Karen was quite worried about this scene. However, Seigo Harano in front of her didn’t appear to be worried in the slightest.

Finally, there was the loud sound of an explosion as the insect demon broke free through the bell!

But, it only enjoyed its newfound freedom for one second, because…


A second [Evolved Demon Suppression Bell] covered it again immediately.

Insect demon: “”

Everything fell abnormally silent for a moment. Even the insect swarms seemed to stop in their movements.

Such a powerful spell could be successfully cast in succession?

Of course, it was nothing for Seiji now.

He was a man who had excellent endurance (for spellcasting)!

Karen realized that her worries had been for nothing.

The insect demon uttered more berserk sounds and began its second round of resistance. Once again, the insect swarms went into a frenzy. And once again, the insect swarms’ attacks against Seiji were fruitless.

After a relatively longer time than the first, the insect demon broke through the bell again.

Then, it was immediately covered by a third [Demon Suppression Bell]!

Its sounds of fury became weaker than before. And when it was covered by a fourth bell, the insect demon sounded more like it was crying.

“It’s probably about time” Seiji was calculating when he should make his next move.

The insect demon broke free from the bell for the fourth time.

However, Seiji didn’t immediately cast another [Demon Suppression Bell] as he did before. Instead, he rushed over and swung his [Evolved White Lotus] spiritual blade…

Demon-slaying [Shadow Cut]!

*Shing!* A sword slice that seemed to cut through shadow itself slashed powerfully at the insect demon!!

The much-weakened insect demon’s body was cut straight through as it received a serious injury. A large amount of blood-red light poured out of its wound, as if it was spurting blood.

“Gaahhhhwoooo!!!” the insect demon screamed pitifully as it collapsed.

Seiji continued casting another spell…

Yin Yang Seal, [Master’s Command]!

A white light magically appeared in midair and swiftly tangled itself around the insect demon’s body. This white light restrained the demon and forced it to stand up!

“Obey me!!!” Seiji shouted authoritatively at the demon as a silver light appeared on his hand to reveal his Yin Yang Seal consisting of the three colors of black, white, and silver.