Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 711

Chapter 711 Its Not Harano Kuns Fault

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Now, the problem was, having a date with a Spiritual Ability user no, no! Having a real life meeting with a Spiritual Ability user, just what time and place should he pick?

Isamu was unable to come up with any ideas.

“Er I don’t know where would be good, nor do I know when you’re free, White Night. So why don’t you decide the time and place?”

“Someone like you absolutely has to be a virgin,” Three-Eyed Cat commented in a low voice.

“W-what!?” Isamu reacted as if he had been pricked by a needle. “What does this have to do with being a virgin!?”

“If you don’t understand, forget it. I don’t feel like explaining things in detail to you.”

“Explain, you bastard! Something wrong with being a virgin!?”

“Nothing, I was simply stating the objective truth.”

“Objective? The hell! How could you possibly determine by one sentence if a person is a virgin or not!?”

“If you’re not a virgin, I apologize. I can even kneel to you if you want,” Three-Eyed Cat stated calmly.

“Er” Isamu was unable to retort to this.

He was indeed just a simple high school student who had never even had a girlfriend yet. Obviously, he was still a virgin.

For a moment, Isamu felt like lying, but then sensed that he would feel even more awkward if he lied about it, and that he would feel empty inside even if he managed to somehow fool Three-Eyed Cat.

“I I am a virgin, so what!? Who cares if you guessed correctly!? Does that make you amazing!?”

“I was just casually saying it, and didn’t expect you to have such a large reaction I apologize for offending you.”

“This type of apology makes me even angrier, damn it! Do you want to fight me!?”

*Cough cough.*

Seiji interrupted with his coughing.

“Three-Eyed Cat-san, would you like to have a real life meeting for a chat?”

Isamu was surprised to hear this. Three-Eyed Cat remained calm.

“Why are you inviting me?”

“Because I think that you may be interested.”

“I can meet you simply if I’m interested?”

“Not me, I was talking about your interest in Owl,” Seiji commented. “I think that the two of you seem to make a good pair for each other.”

“I don’t make a good pair with him at all!” Isamu immediately rejected this.

“I don’t think that I would make a good pair with such an idiot, either Still, I suppose that he’s good enough as an intermediary between you and me,” Three-Eyed Cat mentioned calmly.

“Hey! Who are you calling an idiot!?”

“Owl, calm down. Having you and Three-Eyed Cat meet in real life and become companions will have benefits,” Seiji told him.

“What benefits?” Isamu inquired.

“Asking such a question already proves that you are indeed an idiot,” Three-Eyed Cat commented.


“Owl, I’m different from you and Three-Eyed Cat-san. Although I may be able to help you, both of you have gotten dragged into this dream that none of us know how to escape completely. You’ll mostly have to rely on yourselves,” Seiji told them seriously. “Since we don’t know how many nights this strange dream will last for, meeting and gaining a new companion should be far better than facing everything by yourself.”

Isamu fell silent.

After he calmed down and carefully thought it over, he felt that White Night was correct.

Although Three-Eyed Cat was somewhat venom-tongued, he seemed like a smart person. If it weren’t for his reminder, Isamu wouldn’t have come to the realization that this was a good chance to make friends with a Spiritual Ability user.

As for whether Three-Eyed Cat was a good person that was more difficult to determine, but Isamu doubted there would be any problems with White Night around.

Seiji then told the other two a time and place to meet up in real life.

Isamu and Three-Eyed Cat both etched this information into their minds.

Seiji released Shinobu and had her smash the two out of the game. He then walked over to Karen and Shika.

“Three-Eyed Cat-san and”

“I had them quit this dream for tonight. They should now have woken up in real life,” Seiji explained to Karen. “How are you currently feeling?”

“I’m alright we should hurry after Kaho.”

“Yeah. Before that, I need to apologize to you. I’m sorry. I’ve never expected that things would turn out this way.”

“It’s not Harano-kun’s fault”

“No, I’m responsible for all of this.” Seiji canceled his flame wall barrier as he said this.

There were no longer any insects outside the platform. In fact, not a single insect could be seen anywhere.

“I gave such a terrible idea that caused Kaho to be targeted by others I truly apologize,” Seiji said sincerely as he looked all around him in an effort to determine where Kaho had gone.

“Harano-kun” Karen sensed his heartfelt apology and didn’t know what to say.

“I shall properly self-reflect afterwards and do my best to make it up to you Although it might be impossible to make it up to you, I definitely won’t avoid my responsibility.”

Seiji’s words contained power that shook Karen’s heart.

She then thought back to what she’d felt the moment he appeared when she despaired the most. She felt like she was beginning to fall for him.

‘You’re so cool, Harano-kun No wonder Kaho likes you It’s a pity that’

Suddenly, Karen realized something in a sudden flash of inspiration.

Transferring the demon energy on that day when Kaho accepted part of her demon energy, something else had occurred: they had met Seigo Harano’s girlfriend in person!

At the time, Kaho had appeared to be quite calm on the surface, without any emotions such as disappointment or depression. She seemed to be fine.

…But was she really fine?

Karen thought about it from Kaho’s standpoint. If she had furiously tried to change herself for the sake of the person she liked, then saw his girlfriend

This girlfriend was beautiful and noble. She was a scion from a major family, as well as the student council president of their high school. Not only that, she was a Spiritual Ability user with mystical powers. She was just about a perfect match for Seigo Harano!

There was such an incredible difference between Natsuya Yoruhana and Kaho Miyamoto.

In such a situation, would Kaho really be able to remain calm?

That would be impossible!!!

How could she possibly be calm! Even if she managed to act calm during the process, she would definitely become depressed, disappointed, or sink into even worse negative emotions afterwards!!

And assuming that there was indeed such a girl who could remain calm after experiencing such a letdown, Kaho Miyamoto definitely wasn’t such a girl!

Karen knew this very well as Kaho’s older sister.

Her younger sister Kaho definitely wasn’t such an amazing girl who had excellent control of her emotions. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have become a shut-in otaku girl who closed her heart to others for so long.

So, the truth must have been…

Ever since the day that Kaho accepted the demon energy, or perhaps from the very moment, something went wrong with her!

This wasn’t solely because of the demon energy’s influence. It was more an issue with Kaho herself.

She had been completely heartbroken.

In the most pitiful method possible!

It was impossible for Kaho to compare to Natsuya. It wasn’t even a competition. The competition ended before it even began

Kaho hadn’t cried a single tear or displayed a single hint of negative emotions despite being so painfully heartbroken all because she had obtained something new to rely on that day.

The demon energy basically, the demon itself!

Karen felt that she had solved the mystery.

She also felt guilty and pained incredibly guilty!

What type of older sister was she! Her younger sister had seemed fine after her heartbreak, so the older sister hadn’t noticed something so obviously wrong at all!!

Karen had thought that Kaho was alright but how could she have possibly been alright! Just the fact that she acted fine meant that she couldn’t have possibly been fine!!

‘I’m sorry, Kaho.

‘I am the worst sister there is!!!’

Karen clutched at her chest and felt that it was difficult to breathe.

“I think that Kaho went in that direction what’s the matter?” Seiji noticed halfway through that something seemed off about Karen.

“I just figured out”


“Kaho the real reason she became like that”