Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 710

Chapter 710 Damn I'm Falling In Love

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Not only was Kaho here, even Karen was present!

Seiji could guess why this was the case. If things were really like he thought, he would truly be quite guilty without a doubt!

No matter what the situation was, the important thing right now was to focus on the present.

After he cut down the scorpion tail and saved Karen’s companion, the insect players all attacked him!

Seiji retreated while carrying the heavily injured Three-Eyed Cat. He also simultaneously created a dozen fireballs and shot them out!

*Boom boom boom boom!* The successive fireball explosions burst in flames!! This managed to stop the insect players’ attacks.

Shika sent out an attack spell against the centipede/snake hybrid monster, while Isamu transformed and shot bullets at the insect players!

Kaho’s scorpion tail soon regenerated itself and was about to attack again, when Karen’s bees obstructed the tail.

The scorpion tail then started glowing red as it used a massive sweep to swipe all the bees away!

Karen gritted her teeth as she released even more red mist, creating more bees to stall the scorpion tail.

Seiji checked on Three-Eyed Cat’s condition. Seiji then witnessed Three-Eyed Cat’s body beginning to glow silver and becoming hazy. Soon, Three-Eyed Cat’s body became nothing more than a dark gray ball of light which reformed into a human shape that was complete and healthy!

“Having extra lives is this the so-called cats have nine lives?” Three-Eyed Cat looked at himself.

This ability would activate after receiving fatal damage, instantly completely healing his body and removing all negative statuses. It could activate for a total of nine times Three-Eyed Cat had just understood that he possessed such a powerful ability.

“It would seem that my power is suitable for melee Honestly, though, I don’t really like being the warrior type.” As he said this, he whipped out his claws and voluntarily started fighting against the horned rat mask beetle-shaped player!

“You’re really strong, aren’t you?” Three-Eyed Cat spoke to Seiji as he fought. “I can sense that you’re strong So ignore the small fries! Hurry and go deal with the queen!”

Right after he finished saying this, all the countless insects around the platform suddenly started flying towards the platform like an unstoppable flood!

Evidently, Kaho was beginning to use her real powers.

“It’s too late we’re all going to die.” Three-Eyed Cat sighed upon seeing this scene.

“We won’t die.”

Seiji remained calm as he speedily created seals. He used a makeshift spell consisting of both fire and barrier magic, creating…

[Evolved Spirit Flame Barrier]!

*Whoosh!* Golden flames soared up into the sky, creating a tremendous fire wall which burned all the attacking insects!

Three-Eyed Cat widened his eyes in surprise at this scene.

Yet, this wasn’t all. Seiji moved around at high speed and surrounded the entire platform with a fire wall, completely stopping any insects outsidefrom entering!

This rather impressive-seeming flame barrier astonished both Isamu and Karen. Shika was the only one who wasn’t flustered as she continued concentrating on battling.

“Nobody is going to die while I’m here.” Seiji returned to Three-Eyed Cat’s side and told him that.

“You you’re amazing.” Three-Eyed Cat dodged the insect players’ attacks. “Just who are you? Are you a player with some sort of cheat?”

“I suppose you could call me that.” Seiji joined the fight.

Since the insect players were now faced with such a powerful threat, they all used Sin Activation to become powerful monstrosities!

But for Seiji and Shika, they were only a little more difficult to deal with than ordinary Sin Activation players.

Their figures flickered as their swords left afterimages, with fire burning and ice freezing

Isamu and Three-Eyed Cat were barely of any assistance in this fierce fight.

While they were capable of fighting the untransformed insect players, it was too difficult for them to deal with the transformed insect players. Rather than overstretching their limits, they knew that they should simply rely on the veterans.

Isamu and Three-Eyed Cat soon met and recognized each other.

“Three-Eyed Cat-kun, I’m so happy to be fighting together with you again, haha~”

“Are you alright, Owl?”

“Of course I’m fine. I’m quite delighted to meet you again~ Besides, you were the one who appeared seriously injured. Are you alright now?”

“I’m fine as I learned to my surprise that I have powerful regenerative abilities And, something seems off about your emotions. Is that a side effect of your power?”

“No! The current me is the real me!! Heeheehee~~”

“I understand. Owl, who are these two people? Do you know who they are?”

“He’s White Night, while she’s the Knight of Zero. They’re Spiritual Ability users on the side of justice!”

“Spiritual Ability users I see.”

Three-Eyed Cat heard the basic situation from Owl.


There was a heavy thud as Karen was swept away by Kaho’s scorpion tail!

Seiji managed to catch her in time.

Kaho didn’t chase after Karen. Instead, she speedily retreated towards the fire wall and shielded herself with the scorpion tail before jumping over the wall!

Evidently, she was running away.

“We need to go after her”

“Let’s deal with what’s remaining here first.”

Seiji put down Karen and told her to rest for a while as he and Shika continued dealing with the remaining insect player monstrosities.

He had Shinobu smash out of the game every insect player that he defeated.

Seiji didn’t know if these transformed players would suffer negative side effects from being forcibly transformed by Kaho or not. All he could do was send them out of the game.

Not long after, the fighting ended.

Seiji was now facing Owl and Three-Eyed Cat who had returned to their normal forms.

“Owl, and this is”

“Three-Eyed Cat.”

“Three-Eyed Cat-san Now, I’m going to have both of you quit this game tonight.”

“Is that because we won’t be of any use in the upcoming battle?” Three-Eyed Cat asked rather weakly.

This was his first time transforming with Sin Activation. He still felt rather weak and uncomfortable after returning to normal form, and could barely stand.

“Simply speaking, yes.” Seiji nodded.

“White Night” Isamu looked at him.

“I’m truly grateful to you, Owl You’ve already done enough.”

“Shouldn’t you have something actual as thanks instead? Owl’s helped you so much, and all you’re going to do is give verbal thanks?” Three-Eyed Cat interjected.

“Don’t say that, Three-Eyed Cat”

“You’re right.” Seiji agreed. “I should show something actual as my appreciation.”

He thought it over for a second.

“Owl, go ahead and tell me a location in real life. I shall send over a token of my appreciation to that location.”

“There’s no need! I helped of my own free will, and I wasn’t even that much help.” Isamu shook his hand.

“Don’t be an idiot, Owl. If you don’t want it, I’ll take it, since this is a present from a Spiritual Ability user,” Three-Eyed Cat stated.

“I wasn’t fighting for the sake of any potential reward!”

“I don’t think this has any conflict with you accepting a reward, though. You should properly accept what you deserve to receive. Otherwise, you’ll regret it.”

“I won’t regret it at all! You care too much about material things, Three-Eyed Cat.”

“That’s right, I am indeed such a person. I would definitely accept the present, or even use the chance to make friends with the Spiritual Ability user, rather than being stupid to the point of doing nothing at all,” Three-Eyed Cat stated lightly.

“You” Isamu felt angered.

Previously, he’d thought that Three-Eyed Cat was a nice fellow, but he hadn’t expected that Three-Eyed Cat was like this no, wait.

Isamu suddenly understood Three-Eyed Cat’s intentions.

“White Night I don’t need any gift as thanks I just want to become friends with you. Is that alright?”

Seiji blinked at this.

“Sure.” He smiled.

Isamu’s heart suddenly started beating quicker after hearing this and seeing Seiji’s smile.

‘Damn, I think I’m falling in love Ptui! Not at all!! I was just getting a little excited.

‘He’s a real Spiritual Ability user! He’s powerful and nice!!

‘If I become friends with him, perhaps he’ll be able to help me get rid of this dream forever, or I might even be able to become a real Spiritual Ability user although the latter might be nothing more than a pipe dream, it still might be possible!’

At any rate, there wouldn’t be any downsides to becoming friends with White Night. It would be truly fortunate for him.

“Is that really alright?” Isamu couldn’t help but ask again.

“Of course. Tell me a time and place, and we can meet up and have a chat in person,” Seiji told him.