Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 708

Chapter 708 Insect Queen

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Chapter 708: Insect Queen

Three-Eyed Cat was feeling like things were really bad right now.

That was because of the insects So many countless insects had suddenly appeared from everywhere!

He wasn’t particularly afraid of insects. However, it was another matter when insects were so numerous that they filled one’s entire field of vision.

Not to mention, these insects were killing people!

Three-Eyed Cat personally witnessed several players being killed by the insects swarming and entering their bodies. He couldn’t help but tremble in fear even though this was only a game.

‘Is this really just a game?’

This was a dream, and a game within a dream. That was what the crow-masked person said.

But, why would someone go to the trouble of creating such an abnormal dream game? It couldn’t be possible that it was just to let some random people have fun!

There had to be something about this dream Since he got dragged into it, he would have to face the truth eventually

Was it now time to face the truth?

Three-Eyed Cat didn’t know.

“This was all caused by my younger sister,” a voice spoke up beside him.

Three-Eyed Cat looked at the girl who called herself Butterfly after the shape of her mask.

She had just used her special power to repel the attacking insects.

If it weren’t for her, Three-Eyed Cat knew that he would have likely ended up dead, invaded by insects just like all the other game players. His own power was useless against so many insects.

Three-Eyed Cat raised his eyebrows after hearing that her younger sister had caused all this.

“I can sense her location I’m going to find her now,” Karen told him. “Three-Eyed Cat-san, thank you for taking care of me. Now”

“I’m going along with you,” Three-Eyed Cat interrupted without waiting for her to finish. “Insects are everywhere right now. I’ll die immediately if I leave your side. It won’t be fun at all to be killed by insects like that. And, I have a faint premonition that being killed by these insects might have potential serious consequences instead of simply respawning. That’s why, I’m going anywhere that you go.”

“I’m sorry.” Karen was apologetic.

“Why are you apologizing?”

“Because My younger sister created all of these insects”

“You don’t have to apologize for your younger sister’s actions.”

“No although she created these insects, her power should have originally been mine.”

After she said that, Karen’s butterfly mask suddenly started glowing a blinding red. The mask then transformed into a helmet shaped like an insect’s head. The helmet had glittering ruby-like compound eyes and two long black antennae on top.

Karen’s plain dress transformed into a bright red one-piece dress covered in mystical black runes. Two large and colorful butterfly wings spread out from her back!

Three-Eyed Cat widened his eyes in surprise.

This appearance was rather beautiful.

That was what he truly thought. Although it looked a little strange at first, observing it for a while longer gave him a sense of indescribable beauty.

And as a boy, his gaze was especially attracted to her majestic breasts!

Previously, her dress had been rather plain. Even so, her breasts were rather attention-grabbing. But now that she was wearing a beautiful and alluring one-piece dress, this instantly multiplied her charisma even further.

Three-Eyed Cat suddenly felt an impulsive desire to see Butterfly’s true appearance under her mask.

“I’m going to take back what should belong to me.” Karen looked in Kaho’s direction.

Suddenly, all the insects in the distance suddenly parted and left an open path, as if pushed apart by an invisible force!

Three-Eyed Cat was awed by the sight.

“Let’s go, Three-Eyed Cat-san.”

“No need to use honorifics with me any longer. You can just call me Three-Eyed Cat My Queen.”

Karen paused in surprise at this.


“There’s a well-known movie called Insect Queen. Have you seen it before?”


“I feel like you really resemble the female lead of that movie. If you’re interested afterwards, you could try watching it.”

Karen didn’t know how to respond and simply nodded.

She then set out together with Three-Eyed Cat.

As they proceeded down the path that the insects opened up, Three-Eyed Cat was gradually able to sense a powerful existence in front of them.

The closer they got, the colder he felt. He felt a chill invading his body, and even gradually felt it more and more difficult to breathe.

A stench of blood filled the air. He sensed something frightening in front of him, so Three-Eyed Cat did his best to remain calm, and restrained his instincts that told him to turn and run away at top speed.

Finally, Karen and Three-Eyed Cat arrived at a wide and flat platform.

There was a throne in the center of the platform More accurately, this throne was actually composed of countless insects. It was shaped like a red dragon with its wings spread, with a tall and regal appearance!

A girl who wore a bright red one-piece dress and an exquisitely detailed and colorful butterfly mask was sitting on this throne. She was leaning on her left hand on the throne arm, with her chin propped, as if she was quietly thinking about something.

The moment he saw her, Three-Eyed Cat was certain that this girl was Butterfly’s younger sister.

That was because she had identically large breasts!

Apart from this most noticeable trait, there was also their clothing, masks, and similar auras. All these details confirmed for him that they were sisters even if he couldn’t see their faces.

The younger sister had a far more powerful aura than the older sister. The girl on the throne seemed far more like a queen. And, she also showed off far more flesh Three-Eyed Cat found it difficult to budge his eyes from her snow-white chest.

He figured that if he was going to die soon, he could at least enjoy some eye candy before he died.

Karen looked at Kaho.

At first, Karen had wanted to ask her younger sister about this dream game world. But now, she felt that none of that was important anymore.

Kaho was clearly sitting there, yet she seemed like a complete stranger No, she didn’t even seem human anymore. She seemed more like a human-shaped monster!

“My younger sister Are you still you?” Karen couldn’t help but ask.

Kaho didn’t answer.

Karen didn’t know if she didn’t understand, or couldn’t be bothered to answer, or if she didn’t hear at all.

Karen walked forward.

After taking only two steps, all the countless insects everywhere in the corridors and pipes suddenly flew over and attacked Karen and Three-Eyed Cat!

Karen stopped in her footsteps; the wings on her back glowed.

The next instant, the attacking insects suddenly changed their direction and flew elsewhere. However, some still returned to the platform.

“Kaho” Karen gently called out her younger sister’s name as she continued walking over.

Kaho stopped propping up her chin and looked directly at Karen.

All the insects that composed the throne started moving and swarmed Karen like an unstoppable torrent!

Karen’s wings glowed even brighter and redder, and sent out an even greater power to turn around the insects!

The gigantic throne rapidly decreased in size as the insects left it, revealing what was hidden within.

Human-shaped insects No, wait! All of them were wearing masks. They were actually players that had been transformed into insect forms!?

Karen widened her eyes in surprise. Three-Eyed Cat was shocked by the sight.

She was actually capable of transforming other players into insects!?

These apparently transformed insect form players were stacked underneath the throne as the throne’s frame. After the insects left, the stacked players appeared rather abnormal, yet also comical.

Kaho then stood up.

The insect-shaped players all got up and turned to look at Karen and Three-Eyed Cat in unison. These insect-shaped players’ eyes were all glowing with a mystical light.

Three-Eyed Cat felt his fear increasing even further by receiving icy stares from these abnormal existences! He felt as if he could foresee his fate of being torn into tiny pieces, or something even worse

His instinct to run reached its peak, but Three-Eyed Cat forced down his fear and stopped his own legs.

“There’s too many tiny insects for me to deal with, but maybe I can kill off one or two of the large ones.”

He then activated his Sin Activation power.

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