Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 707

Chapter 707 Having A Demon And A Goddess Within His Body

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Chapter 707: Having a demon and a goddess within his body


Seiji cut down a Sin Activation player who had transformed into a bat monster. The bat heavily crashed into the ground.

Although the bat tried to struggle, Shika stabbed it straight through, causing it to stop moving with a wail.

Shinobu then flashily arrived and smashed the bat person out of the game with a “Hiya!”

Seiji then recalled Shinobu as he looked around, ascertaining that there were no more enemies.

“Are you guys alright?”

Shika said that she was fine. Isamu also felt alright after he recovered from his Sin Activation form.

After leaving the magma district, Seiji and his companions defeated many players.

Seiji had Shinobu take as many players out of the game as possible. There were a few that he was unable to do this for, but he tried his best.

Isamu swiftly grew stronger through the continuous battles.

By now, he only needed three seconds to use Sin Activation and fully transform. He could now transform his gun into other weapons apart from a revolver, leading to different fighting techniques.

Neither would Isamu be incredibly weakened after the transformation wore off. He now only needed to rest for a while before transforming again.

However, it was difficult for Isamu to continuously use any weapon other than the revolver.

It was quite evident that he had grown stronger. However, there was one part where Isamu didn’t improvehis strange mentality about performing after transforming.

Isamu tried his best, but was unable to control his urges at all. Something was off with his state of mind while transformed.

Isamu could remember everything that happened while he was transformed, and felt really embarrassed. Although his two new allies didn’t comment any further on this, he still felt that he was behaving rather silly.

Actually, Isamu was the most embarrassed about the fact that he secretly felt that it was fun to act like that It was as if he was happy about breaking taboos such as taking off all clothing and running around naked on the street.

‘Just admit it, you’re foundationally the type of person who enjoys that type of humiliation. You’re just a pervert who wants to be naked in front of everyone.

‘No, no, not at all! That was just an analogy, I’m not a pervert! Nor am I enjoying such a state!!’

After commenting on his own thoughts, Isamu forced himself to stop thinking along these lines. He then asked his new teammate a question he had been wanting to ask. “White Night, I was kinda curious What exactly is that silver-haired little girl?”

Out of all the extraordinary powers that his two allies showed off, this silver-haired loli that kept jumping out of White Night’s body and swinging a golden hammer even larger than herself was what Isamu was the most curious about.

Isamu hadn’t asked before, because he was worried that it would tread upon some taboo. But now, he really couldn’t hold in his curiosity anymore after fighting alongside them for so long.

“She’s a young demon, and her hammer attack is actually a soul attack. This has the effect of forcing players to quit tonight’s game,” Seiji explained.

“Oh” Isamu only half understood. “She lives within your body.”

“Indeed.” Seiji chuckled. “Actually, not only do I have a cute demon living within my body, I even have a beautiful goddess inside me.”

“A goddess?” Isamu widened his eyes in surprise.

“That’s right, a beautiful and powerful goddess.”

After Seiji half-jokingly and half-seriously said this, he heard his bonded female spirit chuckling.

Yomi simply laughed and didn’t comment on his words.

Having a demon and a goddess within his body Did this count as a typical Spiritual Ability user? Isamu didn’t know.

He had zero knowledge about real Spiritual Ability users.

But judging from White Night’s combat strength, he seemed rather powerful among Spiritual Ability users?

At any rate, Isamu was quite certain that he would never be able to defeat White Night. Even if Isamu multiplied the transformed himself by ten, he felt that he wouldn’t even pose a threat to White Night.

‘Why am I thinking about such things? I’m not a Spiritual Ability user, nor do I have the chance to become one


Isamu couldn’t help but recall Double Snake’s words.

This might be a chance to become a Spiritual Ability user instead of an ordinary person, as long as you risked your life If that was really the case, would he dare to make such a gamble?

Or, did he want to gamble?

Isamu felt that he didn’t dare to gamble.

But as for whether he wanted to gamble or not He was unable to answer this question.

At this moment, there were sounds of explosions again.

“This district is also going to be flooded with magma. Hurry and move!”

Seiji, Shika, and Isamu hurriedly dodged the flowing magma.

As they moved, they focused on avoiding other players while the magma flowed. They only fought unavoidable battles.

It was quite easy to deal with ordinary players. However, players under the effect of Sin Activation weren’t so easy to deal with.

As they kept moving, they met with more and more Sin Activation players. It was as if they were trying to attack a monster nest.

Magma shot everywhere and monsters were prowling around, making this a dangerous environment!

Since Isamu was being carried for all this, he felt like he was watching a fantasy-disaster-themed movie from up close.

Many times, he felt as if he was about to be sprayed by boiling lava and killed, or that a transformed player monster’s attack would hit him and he would die, or that a monster would catch him and kill him. Yet, White Night always managed to overcome all dangers and carry Isamu while proceeding forward with jumps and leaps

This was so cool!

After realizing that White Night was super-reliable, Isamu felt as if he was experiencing a stimulating yet also safe roller coaster.

Just as Isamu thought they would reach the safe district just like that, an abnormal existence suddenly appeared before them.

This existence felt like human yet also inhuman If Isamu had to forcibly describe it, this existence felt like something heavy, icy, and bloody gathered into human form, containing frightening power. Isamu became instinctively afraid.

“White Night, there’s something before us”

Before Isamu could even give a warning, he saw many red objects approaching Insects! Locusts!

A red locust swarm was flying straight towards them! The swarm was so dense that they were impossible to avoid.

“Knight of Zero!” Seiji indicated for Shika to stay close to him as he cast his [Turtle Armor] defensive spell.

The locusts crashed into the barrier and were repelled.

Seiji instantly felt an immense pressure from blocking the insects out. He then witnessed the locust swarm attacking another Sin Activation player, who screamed and rolled on the ground, emanating sounds of incomprehensible pain. That was because the locusts transformed into red light that entered the player’s body!

This was a frightening scene to behold.

Red insects Seiji recalled what he saw when he was doing his “inspection” for Karen Miyamoto.

Now, he was certain.

The person he knew that Kamitani was referring to had to be Kaho!

Double Snake was in a state of extreme fear right now.

As a woman, she was like many other women in that she hated insects.

But right now, she was completely surrounded by countless insects. Many extremely long centipedes had tied her up to the point where she couldn’t move!

If this was reality, she probably would have fainted already. But, she was actually unable to faint inside this dream.

Double Snake really wanted to faint or even die right nowas long as she could leave this place.

Yet, she was unable to do so. For some reason, she couldn’t even close her eyes. She could only watch as countless insects moved around in her vision. She was forced to listen to their skittering sounds and smell their stench, sinking into deep fear.

Suddenly, the insects before her parted and created an open path.

Someone walked over.

This person was a girl who wore a bright red one-piece dress. She had astonishingly large breasts and wore an exquisitely detailed and colorful butterfly-shaped mask.

Her dress had abnormally complex black runes upon it. These runes resembled a variety of insects that transformed into runes which overlapped each other, giving the dress an indescribable strange beauty.

The dress was low-cut and revealed a significant amount of snow-white cleavage, which appeared rather alluring. If she was walking on the street, her voluptuous breasts and the deep cleavage would surely attract many male gazes.

She was so demonic!

That was Double Snake’s opinion of this girl before her No, this existence that seemed to resemble a girl.

Although her clothes and figure were incredibly alluring, her butterfly mask was even more attention-grabbing.

Double Snake looked at the complex mask for several seconds and felt her head going dizzy and consciousness fading.

Double Snake then saw something thick, red, and many-jointed suddenly rising up behind the girl and stabbing right at Double Snake!

ShtickDouble Snake felt tremendous pain.

Her consciousness was jolted by the immense pain, but she soon went unconscious again and fell into the darkness together with her fear.

Double Snake didn’t know what was happening to herself. She was no longer able to think of anything as she was swallowed by her fear.

Right before she was completely devoured by the icy cold deep darkness, her final remnant of consciousness felt regret.

Who knew what she was regretting?

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