Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 702

Chapter 702 Throw Shinobu At You

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‘When you say that it won’t hurt, can’t you sound a little more confident?’ Isamu thought to himself.

“Why do you have that type of ability?”


“Brother, watch out, four o’clock!” Shika suddenly warned Seiji with a magic message.

Seiji immediately looked in that direction and saw a gun pointing at him!

He reflexively dragged the boy standing in front of him into a nearby building. Shika followed right after.

One second later, there was the sound of gunfire as many bullets shot into the corridor and pipe they were just standing in!

Isamu realized that they had just been ambushed. If it hadn’t been for Seiji dragging him to safety, he definitely would have died there already.

After a while, the enemy player stopped shooting. Then, a large man wearing a tiger mask appeared. He started approaching down the pipe.

*Boom!* Isamu started shooting.

Earlier, when he tried to give up his gun, Seiji indicated that he didn’t want it. So, Isamu still had his gun.

He was lucky enough to hit the man directly in the chest. However, the man merely shook slightly before he immediately started returning fire!

He was actually alright!?

The tiger mask man clearly wasn’t wearing any bulletproof vest. He actually managed to stay standing after receiving a direct hit?

Isamu was astonished by this. The strange smile-masked girlShikacreated some ice blades and shot them at the tiger mask man, knocking him down.

Seiji immediately rushed over and pointed his hand at the enemy player. A white light appeared on his hand.

*Whoosh!* A silver-haired small girl appeared from the white light. She lifted up a large golden hammer, which was even larger than she was. With a “Hiiyah!”, she smashed the hammer at the large tiger-masked man!


There was a muffled sound together with golden waves that spread out from the impact.

This technique was known as “Throw Shinobu at you!”

Cough, that was just a joke.

Actually, Seiji was using Yomi’s so-called method. This was to release Shinobu’s soul in order to use a soul attack against the target which would forcefully shake the person’s mental spirit and wake them up.

It was just that the process ended up looking surprisingly cute.

Shinobu’s soul form was appearingmuch younger than her physical body. Her large hammer was her soul-attacking method. She looked quite cute, and her “Hiiyah!” would surely shake any lolicon’s soul!

Seiji personally felt that he wasn’t a lolicon, yet even he was shaken by her cuteness. That was the evidence of just how impactful it was.

After Shinobu attacked, Seiji instantly pulled her back into his body again as he observed the soul attack’s effects.

The tiger-masked man started shaking, and his entire body started becoming clear. He was about to leave this dream.

Yet, he suddenly roared, and his body became restored again. He trembled violently as he crawled up while the mask on his face glowed red.

Seiji frowned upon seeing this. He speedily created a golden longsword in his right hand and sliced down!

*Shing!* The tiger-masked man’s head was cut off and sent flying.

And yet, the mask released a blinding red light, causing the head to suddenly fly backwards and back onto the body as if time had been reversed! The head reattached itself with a strong shock wave that forced Seiji backwards.


The tiger mask man then roared as he began transforming, just like a tiger. Just like the previous wolf mask man’s transformation, the tiger-masked man soon became a muscular tigerman with vicious appearance!

Although the soul attack was effective, this person had been resistant to the soul attack. It even caused his mask to use Sin Activation.

‘I should have weakened him further before having Shinobu attack!’ Seiji came to this conclusion.

The tigerman viciously pounced at them. Seiji battled with his sword together with Shika’s support.

During this battle, another player appeared and started shooting bullets at all of them!

The tigerman jumped over and tore that player to pieces. The tigerman’s body then glowed red as his power increased.

Even more players started appearing. All sorts of gunfire kept rattling out, causing the scene to become chaotic.

Seiji defeated a boy who wore a fly-shaped mask. He then summoned Shinobu to deal the final blow with her hammer. This indeed successfully helped the boy to leave the dream! He proved his inference that first defeating a person without killing them in the game and then using a soul attack would be a workable method.

At this moment, another player’s mask used Sin Activation. He transformed into a pitch-black tentacle monster that shot out many tentacles at Shika!

Shika started battling the tentacle monster. Seiji wanted to come to her support, but he was blocked by the tigerman. Not only that; other players kept interfering as well.

Isamu was also attacked. He managed to kill another player with his gun, but Isamu also received a gunshot wound.

Now was the time to use his newfound power.

After seeing the strange smile mask girl and angry demon mask boy use extraordinary powers, along with the tigerman’s transformation, Isamu realized that he wasn’t the only one who received powers in this dream world.

This seemed only natural to him. This game wouldn’t be so that he was the only one to receive special powers.

Isamu scoffed at himself for thinking for even a short while that he was special.

But even though he wasn’t special, he had special powers in this dream world.

Although he wasn’t powerful, he could still fight!

Isamu closed his eyes and concentrated on activating his new power. He felt his body speedily heating up, as if his consciousness was rising and becoming lighter

At this moment, Isamu’s owl-shaped mask began to glow a dark red. The mask transformed into flashy red eyeglasses.

Isamu’s T-shirt and shorts transformed into a black jacket and long pants with a gray cardigan inside. He also gained a bright red tie.

Red gloves appeared on his hands. Even his standard semi-automatic pistol transformed into an exquisite antique revolver!

“Heh heh heh!” Isamu started chuckling in delight.

When he opened his eyes, he felt like he was incredibly happy. Although something felt wrong to him, he didn’t really care. The important part right now was to have fun with this game (battle)!

He immediately stepped out from the building and entered the battlefield with extravagant moves as if he was stepping out onto a stage.

Several other players immediately noticed his flashiness and shot at him!

Isamu moved around as if he was dancing and miraculously dodged all the bullets! He then returned fire with the revolver and landed three headshots in a row against three different enemy players! His bullets all left red streaks in the air.

Seiji widened his eyes in surprise as he witnessed this scene.

‘Hey now, why does he suddenly appear like the main character of a certain famous video game!?’

“Hey~ Friend, just leave the small fries to me~” Isamu shouted towards Seiji with a jubilant tone. “Please concentrate on those ugly monsters~”

“Thank you Could I ask who you are?” Seiji’s cheeks twitched.

“Heeheehee~ I’m the person you just saved. Although I’m not as outstanding as you and that miss over there, I’m still more than enough to deal with small fries. Allow me to repay the favor I owe you~”

As Isamu spoke, he landed another three beautiful headshots against another three players.

Although his actions and movements seemed beautiful, they also seemed overboard. Plus, he was now speaking in a lilting tone. When paired with his current appearance, a nice description would be that he seemed like an actor on stage, and a not-so nice description would be that he was a chuunibyou

This state was evidently abnormal! Seiji thought back to how the boy before him looked when talking to Seiji earlier. It was astonishing how he had suddenly transformed into such a state. What exactly had happened?

‘Is this another form of Sin Activation? People that still maintain their logic and reason after Sin Activation will become like this!?’

That was a completely different style from those who transformed into monsters. You could either transform into a monster or a chuunibyou

Question: What would you choose between transforming into an insane bloodthirsty monster or a chuunibyou addicted to performing?

Answer: Seiji would choose death!

Transforming into a monster was quite terrible, but transforming into a chuunibyou would be so embarrassing!!

Although it was embarrassing, maybe it would also be a little cool?

‘No, no, I definitely don’t want to become like that!’ Seiji forcefully retorted to himself.