Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 695

Chapter 695 Youre Nothing More Than An Ugly And Idiotic Otaku

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It was almost time.

Kaho took out a blood-red card.

This card was so red that it seemed as if it was the physical embodiment of blood. Complex black runes were on both sides of the card which glowed in metallic fashion.

Soon, a gray pentagram appeared in the center of the card.

This was the signal that the “Dream” would be about to begin.

Kaho’s mouth arced upwards slightly upon seeing this.

At this moment, familiar footsteps approached her.

Kaho immediately put away her red card and looked at her bedroom door.

Karen entered after knocking on the door.


“Why are you here in my room so late at night?” Kaho spoke coldly. “Don’t waste your time if you’re still trying to convince me, Sister.”

Karen revealed a pained expression.

But soon, she retracted that expression and changed to another expression.

Become her younger sister’s enemy Indeed, Seigo Harano’s idea at the caf was one that might not work at all.

This was a really difficult idea for Karen to accept as she had always wanted to have a closer and friendlier relationship with her younger sister Kaho.

But, Karen didn’t have any other choices now.

She would either have to abandon the idea of trying to stop Kaho, or she would have to use this method.

Simply standing by while watching her younger sister become stranger and stranger Karen was unable to do this.

Becoming enemies with her younger sister Just thinking about this pained Karen. But if this could bring safety to her younger sister

Karen firmed her determination as she saw how icy Kaho’s expression was.

Karen closed Kaho’s bedroom door and walked over with a now resolute expression.

“I’m not here to convince you.” Karen did her best to speak in an icy tone. “I’m here to take back what rightfully belongs to me!”

Kaho widened her eyes slightly in surprise.

“That demon energy the demon’s power belongs to me. You don’t have any right to it at all!” Karen glared at her younger sister. “It’s so shameless of you to even think about becoming special with something that isn’t yours! And you’re even so confident that you can achieve it, ridiculous! Wanting to have someone else’s power is already the best proof that you lack self-confidence!!”

These words were just like sharp knives that stabbed right into Kaho’s chest. Her expression flickered.

“This is mine, not yours! You absolutely won’t be able to combine with the demon energy, Kaho! Only I will be able to do so! I’m the truly special existence!!”

Karen noticed that her younger sister’s expression had changed. She then did her very best to use the most vicious tone possible to say words that she knew shouldn’t be said…

“You’re nothing more than an ugly and idiotic otaku! You’ve been this way ever since young!! You’ll be this way for your entire life!!!

“The only meaning you have in life is to be a useless ordinary person so that I look better in comparison! It’s impossible for you to ever surpass me!!

“That’s why, give back what’s mine before you accidentally kill yourself with it! You garbage!!!”

Both sisters fell silent after Karen’s outburst.

Karen felt like all the energy had gone out of her body after she said that series of vicious comments. Only by tensing her body to the very utmost did she not begin trembling violently.

Kaho’s expression became rather ugly.

Her sense of logic and reason told her that her older sister was probably just acting.

But, it was difficult for her emotions to handle this.

Karen’s words had all stabbed Kaho where it hurt the most. This caused an unstoppable rage to well up within her!

Blood runes gradually welled up within her eyes. Kaho began emanating a demonic aura.

Karen felt afraid after she saw this. Luckily, she was so tensed up that she didn’t retreat at all.

‘Was I too reckless? Should I have faced Kaho together with Harano-kun?

‘No I can’t rely on Harano-kun for this. I can only rely on myself!’ Karen suppressed her fear and firmed her resolution.

“Wonderful How wonderful, Sister,” Kaho spoke up in an incomparably grim tone.

Her words contained a raging icy chill.

“I’ve finally heard the truth in your heart not that disgusting hypocritical acting, not that boring pretense of being family, but that true condescension within you.”

‘That’s not it at all’ Karen wanted to deny this, but she forced herself to swallow it down.

“You should have said all of this long ago but it’s not too late to finally have me hear this.” Kaho’s gaze was as icy as a glacier.

“You’re right, this power belongs to you. But, don’t forget that it was transferred to me because you were completely unable to bear it! How about I help you to remember just how unseemly you were back then!!”

While saying so, Kaho suddenly grabbed onto Karen’s neck! Kaho stared directly into Karen’s eyes at close distance, while the blood runes in Kaho’s eyes began glowing with a mystical light!

“Ack” Karen felt breathing difficulties as her vision became hazy and her head became dizzy. Soon, she sunk into an illusion.

Colorful monsters appeared within a dark forest. Karen smelled blood everywhere!

She immediately wanted to vomit, but was unable to do so. This was incredibly uncomfortable.

A dense assortment of various insects suddenly appeared. They crawled everywhere, crawling on her body and entering her

‘No’ Karen instinctively wanted to resist.

But she then recalled what this was and what she wanted to do here. She forced herself to stop resisting!

‘This is my demon energy my demon power it belongs to me!!’

She couldn’t reject it. She had to accept it.

‘No, it’s so disgusting, I don’t want to

‘No, I have to accept it, I must

‘No, it’s so scary, so discomforting

‘No, I have to bear it, and take it within me’

Karen was filled with fiercely clashing contradictory emotions. Her instinctive terror and resistance kept fighting against her logic and reason trying to tell her to accept this!

If she retreated now, everything would be over.

Finally, her logic and reason won out in the end. Karen tried her very utmost to withstand this sensation and accept what she was unable to accept before!


She muttered her younger sister’s name in an effort to maintain her own spirit.

She didn’t want any of this at all.

But for the sake of her younger sister she could tolerate it she had to tolerate it!


Karen heard a sound of displeasure.

Her vision was then restored to reality. Karen instantly started coughing as her body went soft and she kneeled.

Tears poured out of her eyes. She felt incredibly uncomfortable.

Kaho looked down at her kneeling older sister.

“That’s slightly better than before, but still incredibly unseemly,” Kaho spoke in a cold tone. “That’s all you’re capable of, yet you still dare to want your demon energy back? Ridiculous. Get the hell out of here while I can hold myself back from killing you!”

Karen panted while rubbing her own neck. She then grit her teeth.

“Is that all you got? Come at me again!”

She barely managed to stand up again as she looked directly at Kaho.

“I just wasn’t accustomed to it. Try me again, I definitely won’t be like that anymore! Use everything you have on me, you thief!” Karen did her best to glare.

Kaho furrowed her eyebrows.

“Don’t use up the little patience I have left If I want to, I really could just kill you.”

Another type of chill started spreading out from her! Karen felt as if she had come into contact with death itself.

Karen didn’t realize that this was the legendary killing intent.

However, she instinctively realized that her younger sister was telling the truth!

If she continued, maybe she would really die.

But could she give up? She couldn’t.

Her younger sister had already become like this. If she didn’t stop her, just what type of terrifying existence would Kaho become in the end Karen didn’t dare to imagine.

“As long as you return what rightfully belongs to me, I won’t ever bother you again,” Karen spoke adamantly.

“That’s impossible,” Kaho stated coldly.

The sisters glared at each other. The atmosphere reached its iciest point yet.

The sisters seemed just like complete enemies.