Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 694

Chapter 694 You Need To Become Your Younger Sisters Enemy

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Seiji was delighted to see that Shika and Shinobu seemed to be getting along well with each other.

He wondered if Shinobu would be affected by the “Reaper’s Curse” ability he hoped that she wouldn’t.

Everyone had fun taking pictures for a while longer. It was then time for lunch.

The puppet girl was unable to eat any human food as her food was Seiji’s Mana. She could only drink water.

During lunchtime, Seiji glanced over at Shinobu who simply watched over everyone else in silence as they ate. All she had was a cup of water.

“Yomi, is there any method to have a demon like Shinobu be able to eat human food?” He queried his bonded spirit in his mind.

“Of course there is. You can use a spell to consecrate the food so that she can eat it,” Yomi told him.

“Teach me, then.”

“Are you certain? Consecrating food for a demon is no simple matter.”

“What do you mean?”

“What do you think a demon will become once it starts receiving consecrated food?”

Seiji carefully mulled this question over.

“Could you actually be talking about becoming a god?”

“That’s right. Gods and demons actually aren’t that different from each other to begin with. In fact, you could even say that the main difference between them is receiving consecration and worship,” Yomi spoke in a seemingly meaningful tone. “Demons that receive consecration can become gods. Gods that lose consecration can become demons. Of course, there are other elements involved as well. Shinobu won’t instantly become a god just because you consecrate some food for her. However, consecration is still consecration. It’s a deeply meaningful action. It’s best that you understand this.”

Something flashed in Seiji’s eyes.

“What will happen if Shinobu-chan becomes a god?”

“I don’t know.”

“Yomi, you must have received consecration in the past, right?”

Yomi chuckled but didn’t respond.

Seiji felt helpless as he realized she didn’t want to say any more on this matter.

He had a very simple way of thinking. All he wanted was to make it so that Shinobu could enjoy the taste of food. But after hearing Yomi’s words, Seiji couldn’t help but become hesitant.

In the end, he was unable to come to a decision even after lunch was over.

Karen Miyamoto was feeling rather down.

Ever since she learned of the situation from Seigo Harano, she had tried her very best to convince her younger sister to abandon the demon energy. However, she was unable to shake Kaho’s determination.

So Karen started blaming herself, regretting, feeling guilty, afraid Various emotions roiled within her. She didn’t know what she should do.

By the time that she regained her senses, she discovered that she had already dialed a certain person’s number in her cell phone.

The person in question soon picked up.

When she heard his voice, she wanted to say something but was unable to say anything.

It felt as if her throat was blocked. She didn’t know what she should say.

He called out to her twice but received no reply. Even so, he didn’t hang up the phone call.

One or two minutes later, he finally spoke up again,“Miyamoto-san, how about meeting each other?”

A few minutes later, Karen walked out of her home to the same nearby caf as last time. She sat down in the exact same booth as last time and ordered some coffee.

Last time she came here, her younger sister was by her side.

But now even though the store was playing gentle and pleasant music, Karen felt pained as she looked at the empty seat beside her.

Why did things turn out this way?

Kaho’s current face appeared in Karen’s mind. Even though this was clearly her younger sister’s face, Kaho looked so unfamiliar.

Her younger sister was gradually becoming a different existence, yet the older sister was completely helpless to do anything about it.

It had been so hard to finally establish a good relationship with her younger sister, and yet they started drifting apart again just why was that?

Karen was unable to come up with the answer.

The server brought the coffee that Karen ordered. The aroma helped to wake her up a little.

Karen directly started sipping on her coffee that had no milk or sugar added. The bitter taste began spreading in her mouth.

‘It’s so bitter’

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she started drinking her coffee.

Seiji took a taxi to the caf.

Before he arrived, he took Shinobu who was tired from her first day’s activities back to Natsuya’s residence. He had to withdraw Shinobu’s soul from her physical body and leave the human puppet’s physical body back at Natsuya’s residence, which was why Seiji was somewhat late to arrive.

When he entered the coffee caf, he saw Karen Miyamoto sitting there listlessly in the same seat from last time. The coffee mug before her was completely empty.

Seiji sat down across from her and ordered some coffee for himself as well as asking for a refill for Karen.

Then, silence reigned.

It wasn’t that Seiji didn’t consider what to say to her. It was that no matter how much he thought about it, he didn’t know what to say.

The silence continued even after the two coffees arrived.

Seiji then started drinking his coffee as well, allowing the bitter taste to spread in his mouth.

“Miyamoto-san I’m sorry.”

An apology was all he could end up saying.

‘I never thought that things would turn out this way I was unable to convince Kaho I might have encouraged her unnecessarily in the past’ These were all reasons he could give along with his apology.

Still, Seiji felt that no matter how he tried to phrase things, they would all seem like excuses.

Karen’s eyes became misty and tears started flowing again.

“It’s my fault if it wasn’t for me” Her words were filled with self-blame.

It would be quite easy right now to say something like “It’s not your fault.” But, Seiji knew that it wouldn’t diminish her feeling of guilt at all. He could only sigh.

“Things might not necessarily have the worst outcome Believe in Kaho.” That was all he could say.

Karen only responded with sobs.

“Is there really no method?” After Karen finished crying, she implored him as if she was begging. “I can do anything as long as Kaho is safe”

“I’m sorry, there isn’t.” Seiji sighed.

The key element here was Kaho’s own will.

She had decided to accept the demon energy in order to obtain the demon’s powers. That was the hard part.

She hadn’t gone insane, nor was she confused. She clearly knew what she wanted and believed that she could do it!

Her friends’ and family’s attempts at convincing her otherwise hadn’t shaken her one bit at all. With such a resolute will, it was impossible for anyone to do anything.

Karen now had a look of despair as she lowered her head.

Seiji felt uncomfortable and could only silently drink his coffee.

“That demon energy came from my body to begin with can’t I just steal it back from her?” After remaining silent for a while, Karen started muttering.

“Forcefully transferring the demon energy without the host’s permission is highly dangerous. Kaho will likely be harmed.”

“Then we can do it while she’s asleep”

“That’s no good.” Seiji shook his head. “There will be danger no matter what I would have said it already if there was a safe method.”

It was indeed possible to forcibly transfer the demon energy. The issue was about the risk.

Doing so would be just as or even more dangerous than Kaho accepting the demon energy. That was why it was meaningless.

“Kaho herself needs to be willing” Seiji sighed.

At this moment, he suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

“Perhaps that may just work” He couldn’t help but say it out loud.

“What?” Karen’s eyes lit up upon hearing this. “Have you thought of an idea?”

Something flashed in Seiji’s eyes as he remained silent.

“Harano-kun any method is fine, please tell me!” Karen begged him with great sincerity.

“I can’t really call it a method, it’s only an idea one that might not even work.” Seiji looked directly at Karen. “Even if it succeeds, it might worsen your relationship as sisters to the point where it can’t be recovered.”

Karen instantly widened her eyes.

Worsen their relationship as sisters to the point where it couldn’t be recovered just what idea could this be?

“If friends and family can’t convince her, the only one that’s left is an opponent, or an enemy,” Seiji spoke in a heavy tone. “You need to become your younger sister’s enemy, Miyamoto-san.”