Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 693

Chapter 693 They'd Definitely Be Popular Idols

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The Juumonji Group helped to interrogate the man who attacked Seiji for seemingly no reason. Seiji thus learned that the man was a puppet master named Youta Itou, who had been astounded by Shinobu’s beauty and impulsively wanted to steal her for himself.

This was an impulsive crime rather than a planned one. No wonder Itou had been so obvious with his actions.

Seiji considered it a good thing that Itou wasn’t related to the Mitarai Family at all.

It was possible that the Mitarai Family would still want to steal Shinobu back. However, both Seiji and Natsuya believed that even if the Mitarai Family wanted to steal Shinobu back, it was highly unlikely for the Mitarai Family to make it so obvious by acting right away.

Yet, Seiji didn’t expect that this type of trouble would be attracted.

Seiji realized that he had underestimated Shinobu’s value in the Spiritual Ability user society. It seemed that he would have to pay more attention in the future.

After the interrogation of Youta Itou was over, Itou immediately admitted his wrongs and begged for his life.

Seiji felt that killing him seemed rather overboard. So, Seiji forced Itou to swear never to do such a thing again. More importantly, he also forced Itou to pay a very large amount of money as compensation. Seiji then knocked Itou unconscious and had the Juumonji Group toss Itou into a random alleyway.

Seiji gave half of the money he obtained to the Juumonji Group as payment for their services. He kept the other half of the money for his own personal usage.

Although Seiji was already somewhat rich now by normal standards, who would think that they had too much money? He didn’t want to let Itou go without any compensation at all.

“This humble one feels like it’s understandable why someone would want to steal away Miaki-san here.”

Hisashi swiftly came over after hearing about this incident. He was filled with praise for the extraordinarily beautiful puppet girl Shinobu Miaki.

“Such a perfect puppet is literally the dream of us otakus!”

Seiji was rendered speechless.

“Dream?” Shinobu blinked her eyes.

“Dream here means something wonderful. He means that he thinks you’re a beautiful existence.”

“That’s right! May I take a few pictures of Miaki-san? I’d also really like to take a selfie together with her!” A flash appeared in Hisashi’s eyeglass lenses.

“Even I haven’t had a selfie together with Shinobu-chan yet. Wait for your turn.” Seiji refused.

“Why do I have to wait!? Let’s take some pictures right now!”

“I’m not in the mood.”

“I can immediately have the best background setting established here!”

“It’s not an issue of the background setting.”

“I can immediately prepare all sorts of different attire!”

“It’s also not an issue of the clothing.”

“I can immediately hire the most professional photographer!”

“It’s not like we’re trying to shoot a photo collection here!”

Seiji adamantly refused Hisashi and took Shinobu back to his apartment in one of the Juumonji Group’s cars.

“She looks completely like a human. Amazing,” Mika was astounded after she met the human puppet girl.

“Can I touch her?” Chiaki’s eyes lit up.

Seiji said that she could touch Shinobu anywhere she wanted Of course not.

“Shinobu-chan is just a child. Don’t scare her.”

“If she’s a child, she needs intimate contact even more to help her mature!”

“And the truth in your heart is?”

“I really want to have fun playing with such a beautiful puppet little sister, teehee~”

The middle-aged man type monster Chiaki was immediately slain by Yin Yang Master Seiji.

“She’s cool, soft, and smooth” Reo was curious and received Seiji’s permission to touch Shinobu’s hand and face.

“She really doesn’t feel any different from an actual human. It’s so hard to believe that she’s an artificial creation.” Kaede, who was Genhana High School’s health teacher and nurse, giving her more knowledge of the human body, also touched Shinobu and exclaimed.

Shika simply watched all of this quietly and didn’t say anything at all.

Shinobu also looked towards Shika and blinked.

The puppet girl and the “Reaper’s Curse” calamity girl silently exchanged glances this scene mysteriously caused everyone else to become silent.


Seiji heard a sound and looked to see what it was. It came from Chiaki’s cell phone that she was holding.

“This scene was truly too beautiful. I couldn’t help myself and took a picture.” Chiaki showed the picture.

On the screen, the extraordinarily beautiful silver-haired girl and black-haired girl were silently gazing at each other. There was something indescribable about this picture.

Seiji remained silent for three seconds before he also brought out his cell phone.

“I’m merely taking pictures as reference for my writing.”

He used this excuse to have Shinobu and Shika model together for him.

Everyone then discovered that the two of them were basically a perfect combination!

As long as Shinobu and Shika were in a picture together, any pose would appear amazing!

Every picture turned out beautifully. No professional photographer was necessary to publish these photos.

“They’d definitely become super popular if the two of them joined the entertainment industry as an idol pair!” Chiaki was quite confident about this.

“I think so as well.” Mika agreed with this.

“They’re truly so beautiful the effect would probably be even better if they wore traditional Sakura Island clothing.” Kaede sighed after seeing the pictures.

Even Reo’s eyes were bright and starry as she continuously snapped pictures.

“It’s not that easy to be an idol. Still, they really are such an excellent combination, Shika-chan and Shinobu-chan” Seiji sincerely praised them as well.

If he put these photographs on the internet, he was sure that they would instantly be a viral sensation. If they wore more appropriate clothing for pictures or had proper backgrounds or cosplay, they would definitely become a huge hit!

That was just how amazing their combination’s effect would be.

Seiji didn’t want them to become idols. Still, he could imagine what they would look like if they went up on stage as idols and danced together just imagining this sent ripples through his heart!

Seiji wasn’t that interested in idols that were in 3D. However, if Shika and Shinobu made an idol team, he would definitely be their loyal fan, no questions asked. He would definitely become one of the fanatical fans that supported his favorite idols no matter what!

No, he had to stop himself from imagining along these lines. Otherwise, he really would be having them become idols.

Seiji stopped his fantasies in time and did his best to calm down.

Shika felt a rather subtle sensation towards Shinobu Miaki.

Her sensation was rather difficult to describe. The best she could come up with was that she felt Shinobu was a rather unique existence.

Shinobu was a puppet demon that Shika’s Brother Seiji had saved. Seiji had to provide his Mana so that Shinobu could remain alive and move about perhaps she felt unique because she could only exist due to Brother Seiji?

Shika felt that was probably the case after some contemplation.

Shika herself was someone who only found meaning in life because of Seiji.

And, Shinobu could only survive because of Seiji.

Shika and Shinobu were similar yet different. That was why Shika felt something so subtle about Shinobu.

Would the human puppet be affected by her “Reaper’s Curse” misfortune ability?

‘Shinobu is alive and moving around because of Brother Seiji’s Mana. Perhaps she’ll be just like Brother Seiji and won’t be affected by my ability’ Shika thought that to herself.

Or, perhaps that was what she hoped for.

Why did she have such a hope?

Did she want to become companions with Shinobu since they were the same?

No, they weren’t the same they were only similar.

Still, that might really be the reason.

Shika wasn’t sure of her own subtle feeling’s true identity. But, she did confirm that she wanted to have a good relationship with Shinobu Miaki.

Shinobu felt rather close to Shika Kagura.

Shinobu didn’t know how to express this feeling of hers. She only sensed that Shika felt similar to her master.

In Shinobu’s opinion, Shika was the most special person that she had met so far.

Master’s adopted younger sister as well as Spirit-branded Retainer Shinobu would address her as Kagura-sama.

Shinobu was quite happy to take pictures together with Kagura-sama.

Looking at each other, getting close to, and touching Shinobu obeyed orders and made various poses together with Kagura-sama. This gave Shinobu a wondrous sensation of delight.

“Kagura-sama is very beautiful.”

The puppet girl looked at the black-haired girl from a close distance. Shinobu gave Shika some praise which she just learned recently.

“You’re beautiful as well there’s no need to call me -sama. Just call me Sister.” Shika smiled as she responded.

‘That’s no good.’ Shinobu wanted to say that.

However, Shika’s smile attracted her attention to the point where she was in a daze.

“Sister” Shinobu couldn’t help but say that out loud.

Shika was quite shaken by this.

She received quite an impact by the beautiful human puppet addressing her like that.