Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 690

Chapter 690 Terrible Man And Terrible Woman

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As always, Seiji’s system remained forever silent.

‘Fine, I knew that wouldn’t be possible.’

Seiji was just casually thinking it. He didn’t have any hope whatsoever of actually being able to receive a discount.

Sigh he really missed his cute and nave system that gave him a fifty percent discount on the [Bullet Time] skill.

System: “You’re the cute and nave one!”

Seiji: “At that time, you must have been worried that I would be instantly killed by something I couldn’t even see, which is why you voluntarily sold me such a godly skill at half price, isn’t that right?”

System: “I I wouldn’t worry about someone like you at all! Hmph!!”

Seiji: “That’s why I’m saying that you’re cute and nave, thank you very much.

System: “Get the hell out!!”

Of course, the above conversation was entirely imagined by Seiji.

Still, upon closer consideration, that was the only time the system had ever given him a discount. Perhaps that really was the system’s way of thinking at the time.

Seiji mulled it over but then decided to stop thinking about this subject. He continued practicing his cultivation.

Actually, earning points wasn’t that difficult for him. The issue was more about time.

He was still grinding his [Actions] every day, and had a constant stream of points from his “Brother Monogatari” story and the artwork he uploaded to the internet Seiji’s points income was now several times more than when he’d first started.

At his current rate, buying every room in the [Spirit House] and all the furniture would only be a matter of time. However, real life danger wouldn’t wait for the hero to grind.

Seiji was now facing unknown dangers. He wanted to speedily increase his own and his friends’ strength. That was why he felt his points were so insufficient.

After dinner, Seiji worked on the second volume of “Brother Monogatari”. He was somewhat frustrated because his planning for the story wasn’t going well.

Seiji finished his tea which was on the table. He then picked up his teacup and walked to the living room for a refill.

Kaede and Reo were currently watching TV together in the living room.

The blonde-haired teacher noticed his arrival with his teacup. She smiled and poured some tea for him.

Seiji thanked her and sipped on his tea while he watched what was on television. However, his mind was still thinking about his novel’s plot.

“Not having success with your writing?” Kaede spoke up softly.

Seiji returned to his senses and looked at Kaede.

“A little trouble, yeah”

“I don’t know anything about writing novels, but I can sense that you seem somewhat frustrated.” Kaede looked directly at him. “It’s probably better if you don’t rush so much.”

Frustrated? Seiji was surprised to hear this.

He calmly analyzed things and found that this was indeed the case.

He wanted to hurry and finish his novel as soon as possible, which made him unknowingly become frustrated without realizing it.

“I didn’t even notice thank you for reminding me,” Seiji responded with a smile.

Kaede looked directly at his handsome face.

“Can I do anything for you, Seiji?”


“I want to help share the burden because I can see how much pressure is on you Anything is fine at all, as long as I’m capable of doing it.” Something flashed in the blonde teacher’s eyes.

“Thank you, but I’m alright.” Seiji smiled. “You’ve already done so much. Thank you for taking care of Reo so often for me.”

As he said this, he glanced over at the little girl who was currently absorbed in her television show.

Reo would definitely feel uneasy due to hearing such strange sounds in her dreams. It was likely due to Kaede’s care and accompaniment that she didn’t feel afraid.

“Taking care of Reo is something that I myself wanted to do but can I count this as you owing me a favor?” Kaede chuckled.

Seiji blinked upon hearing this.

“Of course. What favor would you like from me?”

“To go out on a date with me.”


“Do you not like the idea?”

“How could that be, it’s just”

“I don’t mind at all.” Kaede’s face flushed red as she revealed a seductive expression. “Something that Mika and Chiaki can accept is acceptable to me as well.”

Her way of addressing Mika and Chiaki had changed unknowingly. Instead of calling them “Uehara-san” and “Wakaba-san”, she now addressed them by name directly.

Just like between Shika and Natsuya, Seiji surmised that something must have happened between Kaede, Mika, and Chiaki while he was unconscious.

He didn’t even know what type of expression he had on his face right now.

The television show reached a climax in its story, causing Reo to squeal in excitement.

Kaede’s left hand moved to squeeze Seiji’s right hand.

Seiji wanted to take his hand back. However, she wouldn’t let go.

The blonde beauty gazed deeply into his eyes, transmitting her love with her expression.

Seiji wanted to avert his gaze. However, he found himself unable to do so.

In his mind, he cursed himself for being a scumbag man as he sighed.

“You have better choices than me, Kaede”

“I think that the choice before me is more than good enough already.”

“I’m not as good as you think I am”

“You’re better than I think you are.”

“That’s not what I mean”

Seiji didn’t know how to express himself right now. “I’m a terrible person who can’t resist his own desires. I’m scummy to the point where I don’t even know how to describe myself.” Seiji sighed as he gently held her hand. “This is exactly what I mean a truly good man should adamantly refuse you at this point in time.

“I like you, Kaede. But, my like for you probably can’t compare to what you feel for me. My like for you is a typical scumbag man’s type of like. You deserve someone better this isn’t an excuse for rejecting you. That’s what I truly think.”

After saying this, Seiji slowly let go and tried to use some force to withdraw his hand.

Yet, Kaede still held his hand tightly.

“You’ve finally admitted that you like me.” Something flashed in Kaede’s eyes.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

“You call yourself a terrible man, but I know that I’m a terrible woman as well,” she whispered. “Even though I know I’m not good enough, I still stuck so close to you, followed you to where you live, and even got a job at your school just for you, injecting myself into your life

“If a man dared to do such stalkerish activities to me, I would definitely tell one of the goons in our Juumonji Group to kill him for me.

“Yet, although you were bothered by a terrible woman like myself, you didn’t hate me for it Even though you rejected me, you also expressed your thanks.”

‘Thank you for liking me.’

This sentence of his had etched itself deep into her heart.

Before she heard this, Kaede Juumonji had only fallen in love with Seiji Haruta at first sight. But, her love transformed into something more after such a gentle rejection.

From a certain standpoint, that was definitely a misused rejection. Not only did Seiji not achieve his goal, it even had the opposite effect from what he’d intended.

“Perhaps your behavior is somewhat lacking, but I wouldn’t say that you’re terrible or evil because of them,” Seiji told her.

That was what he truly believed.

“I could say the exact same for you.” Kaede smiled gently at him.

That was what she truly believed.

The terrible man and terrible woman didn’t believe that the other was terrible at all.

Seiji wanted to say something else when an exciting scene appeared on the television show. Reo shouted in excitement and interrupted his thoughts.

He reflexively turned to look at Reo. When he turned back to Kaede, the blonde teacher suddenly went up and kissed his lips!

Seiji: “~~~~~~”

‘There’s an elementary school kid right next to us, Teacher!’

This sudden ambush of such a soft, warm, and luscious sensation caused his body to freeze over.

Kaede revealed an alluring smile after she successfully ambushed him.

“If you don’t promise to go out with me on a date, I’ll do even more to you” she threatened him while holding on to his hand tightly.

“Hey, you’re supposed to be a teacher.” Seiji smiled wryly.

“Right now, school’s out on vacation But if you insist on viewing me as a teacher, that’s fine as well. A teacher-student relationship that seems really stimulating.” Kaede licked her lips, giving a devilish appearance to her beautiful face.

Although she always acted quite ladylike, she was still foundationally a “bad woman” as befitting someone with her family upbringing. She was just like her nickname at school described her.

‘Since you’ve already said out loud that you like someone like me, I absolutely won’t be letting you go, Seiji.’ The blonde beauty thought that to herself as she enjoyed the sweet sensation she’d just experienced.