Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 689

Chapter 689 System Could You Please Give Me A Discount?

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Seiji was quite shaken by receiving such a direct confession and feeling her heartfelt words.

Kaho left after that. Seiji silently watched her leave. He was unable to continue trying to convince her to stop absorbing the demon energy.

It would be difficult for him to transfer the demon energy out of Kaho without her agreement.

Forcefully transferring it out of her would be highly dangerous. Plus, Seiji felt just how resolved Kaho was about this. He found it difficult to forcefully go against her wishes.

All he could do now was to let her older sister Karen know about the situation, along with telling Mika and Chiaki about this. He could only hope that the girls could convince Kaho to change her mind.

Although Seiji hoped for this, he felt that it was likely that Karen and the others would all fail in convincing Kaho.

Kaho brought out her self-confidence. This was the direct result of his previous encouragement. Yet, Seiji never imagined that she would use her newfound self-confidence on such a matter!

“It’s my fault no, it’s too arrogant of me to think so.” Seiji felt guilty for a moment, but then he denied that he was to blame.

Kaho had made this decision by herself. She had resolved herself.

Although this was partially due to his influence, or perhaps even largely due to his influence, this was still foundationally her decision.

Thinking that her resolution was his own fault would be nothing more than arrogance. Yet, he wasn’t completely blame-free, either.

“If I hadn’t said those words to her in the beginning If I hadn’t told her such encouraging words that I believed to be correct, would all of this have been avoided?” Seiji muttered to himself.

Sometimes, good intentions wouldn’t have good results. Was he seeing a real-life example?

Seiji didn’t regret his own kind intentions. He simply couldn’t help but imagine if things would’ve been different if he hadn’t said so much to Kaho in the beginning.

His actions influenced her life. Yet, this influence wasn’t the type that he hoped for.

So, in the end, Seiji Haruta was still just a “normal person”.

Luckily, he possessed an extraordinary powerthe ability to save and load.

If things developed into the worst possible outcome, then he would use this power.

“Kaho I believe in you. I hope that you can respond to my trust,” Seiji said to himself.

“I won’t kill you.

“Nor will I mourn your death.

“As for you falling in love with me all over again that’s not something I can decide. That’s something for you to decide for yourself.”

Mika and Chiaki both contacted Kaho to talk to her after they learned the situation from Seiji.

But as Seiji expected, they weren’t able to change Kaho’s mind.

He had done everything he could already. The rest would depend on what happened afterwards.

Continuously improving his power level would be the best method to deal with the fires of chaos that were starting everywhere!

Seiji received a large amount of points and items through his system as a reward for the gifts that the revived tournament participants had given him.

There wasn’t anything special in the items. They were all consumable cards he had seen before. However, all the points he’d gained allowed him to construct his [Dojo] for his [Spirit House]!

While at the hospital, Seiji paid 666 points to create it. However, he found out that the construction speed for the [Dojo] was incredibly slow.

The [Living Room] had only taken a short period of time to complete while he had some tea and surfed the internet. Yet, the [Dojo] had already been under construction for several days. It only finished now.

After the [Dojo] finally reached 100% completion, Seiji was filled with expectations as he paid 33 points to enter his [Spirit House].

A gray crack instantly appeared in midair before him. It then spread into a gray oval with a black-and-white Yin Yang diagram spinning around inside!

So this was the portal to the [Spirit House] Seiji looked it over before entering.

His vision grayed as he felt his body spinning around. Several seconds later, he regained his balance and saw a gray spacethe [Living Room]!

Just as he expected, the [Living Room] was completely empty and had nothing in it whatsoever.

On the right wall was a white paper door. The word [Dojo] was written on the door in black lettering.

Seiji walked over and opened the paper door. He saw that the [Dojo] was also a gray space with nothing inside, identical to the [Living Room]. The only difference was that the [Dojo] was much larger.

He didn’t feel anything special even after stepping inside.

Seiji tried to practice cultivation within this space. He instantly felt that something changed in the atmosphere!

System notification: [16 points have been deducted as a fee for cultivating within the Dojo.]

It even charged him a fee automatically How convenient. Seiji’s cheeks twitched.

He cultivated seriously and soon discovered that the effectiveness of cultivating here was much greater than cultivating in the basement of Natsuya’s mansion!

His Mana flowed quite smoothly and spellcasting was much easier than before. It felt like his entire body was lighter and his mind was far clearer. It was much easier to learn and understand.

As expected, the system’s products were excellent!

System: “Heehee~” (as imagined by Seiji.)

It took only a short while for Seiji to fall in love with the feeling of cultivating here.

Cultivating in Natsuya’s basement felt like proceeding through a swamp, while this was just like freely swimming in the ocean! He felt as if he could go anywhere he wanted, see anything he wanted, and do anything he wanted. It was just that free.

This was such an excellent experience that Seiji unknowingly lost track of time

More than one hour later.

A bright red flame was burning silently on Seiji’s hand.

This was the fire element spell [Mana Flame]. He successfully learned this spell in such a short amount of time!

Not only that, Seiji controlled the flame to instantly form a fireball. He shot this fireball which exploded brilliantly against the wall!

[Mana Flame Bullet], or [Flame Bullet] for short. This was the fire element upgraded version of his [Mana Bullet] attack.

Seiji extended his arms and ignited flames on both his hands. He then transformed the flames into fireballs that he shot out.

He then gathered more and more fireballs as ammunition to fire simultaneously.

He increased the number of fireballs to three, four, five, six only when he created eighteen fireballs did he finally feel some difficulty.

Seiji pushed forward and shot all eighteen fireballs simultaneously. They exploded in unison against the Dojo’s wall and burst into flames!!

As long as he cultivated for a while longer here, he would be able to surpass eighteen fireballs and simultaneously cast even more! Seiji was just that confident.

He checked the time and discovered that he had actually cultivated for less than two hours here.

Making such progress in so short a time was the best proof of the Dojo’s abilities.

What would happen then if he brought a Spirit Image inside and cultivated his Mana instead?


Seiji opened up his system and checked the [Furniture] option. He saw that there were new items added which could be placed within the Dojo.

Ignoring the furniture with no special effects, there were indeed Spirit Images included among the items with special properties.

The cheapest one cost 233 points and could be used for only one month.

The short usability seemed like such a pitfall for the price. However, one sentence in its description caught Seiji’s attention”Anyone who concentrates on this Spirit Image will be able to enter Visualization.”

Out of everyone in his knight group, only himself, Shika, and Mika knew how to use Visualization. And, Mika was quite new to the concept. She was still learning from her Spirit Controller teacher, Ruri Kinsa.

Everyone else didn’t even know how to Visualize. They would need to learn and practice, and it might not even be possible for them to learn.

Yet, according to this Spirit Image’s description, even someone who didn’t know how to Visualize would be able to enter a state of Visualization just by concentrating. This would save Seiji’s knight group a great amount of effort in having to learn Visualization!

With such a function, 233 points was definitely worth it, even if it was only for one month.

Seiji then looked at the more expensive Spirit Images they all had the same function, but with longer usability periods and better effects. The more expensive Spirit Images looked like better deals.

Seiji really wanted to purchase one. Yet, he didn’t dare to look directly at their prices.

“System, could you please give me a discount?”