Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 685

Chapter 685 Meow Meow

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Chiaki became a lot more obedient after she climaxed.

Seiji didn’t do anything else to her after that. He simply hugged her quietly.

A while later, he asked her what happened recently in the past two weeks that he was unconscious. This was because he could tell that something seemed off about her even if she acted normal.

“Nothing much, the only noteworthy matter is about Kaho”

Seiji looked directly at her and indicated with his expression that he didn’t believe this.

“A boy who pries too much into a girl’s secrets will lower her opinion of him.” Chiaki averted her gaze.

However, Seiji’s dating sim system revealed to him that not only did Chiaki’s favorability rating towards him not decrease, it even increased.

“I’m going to do you until you tell me if you won’t say anything.” Seiji raised his hand again.

“You’re such a bad boy” Chiaki started blushing again.

And so, Seiji “played” with her for a second time.

“You’re so evil I’m so wet”

“Just take it off and I’ll have the nurse bring you some new underwear.”

“You demon”

“Hmm?” Seiji raised his tone.

Chiaki retreated into a ball, as if she was a defenseless kitten.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to go through this as well. Hurry and tell me what’s going on. Then take care of the rest at your home.”


The tomboy paused for a moment before she told him…

Ever since a few days ago, she faintly felt like she was being spied on.

In the classroom, in the clubroom, on the road, and even in rooms with nobody else there at all

She couldn’t find anyone suspicious, nor did she discover any hidden cameras. Mika, who was often with her, didn’t notice anything at all. It was the same for everyone else, so Chiaki was wondering if she was being overly paranoid.

“The president ah, I’m referring to the former drama club president, she wants me to be the next president of the drama club. The vice-president and all the other members also agreed. But, I refused” Chiaki suddenly changed the topic and started talking about her club.

The drama club ex-president Anya Saigenji was a high school senior who had already graduated earlier in the spring. Logically, the vice-president Shiina Shiho should be the one accepting the president position. However, this legendary former president who singlehandedly revived the drama club believed that Chiaki Wakaba would be a better candidate.

All the club members also agreed with the ex-president’s chosen member. However, Chiaki herself believed that it was too much for her, so she refused. And so, Shiina Shiho became the new drama club president.

Shiina was an excellent vice-president. However, she felt too pressured after becoming the drama club president, and didn’t do so well. This made her feel even greater pressure, creating a vicious cycle.

The atmosphere in drama club became rather bad because of this. Chiaki felt that she was to blame, and was frustrated because of this. She also wondered if her frustrations were causing her to become paranoid to the extent of hallucinating about being spied on. That was why she didn’t want to tell Seiji

‘What typical problems of youth.’ Seiji even wanted to laugh.

Of course, he wasn’t laughing to make fun of Chiaki’s troubles. He simply felt that Chiaki was really cute with her worries about her club.

She always acted so casually, as if she wouldn’t have any frustrations in life. But actually, she would still have her own troubles.

She’d probably never expected that the former club president Anya Saigenji would ask her to take on the role of drama club president.

However, this was quite a reasonable choice. Although Seiji didn’t know much about the drama club, just based on his first impression back when he went to visit, he felt like Chiaki was far more suitable to inherit the drama club president position from the legendary former president compared to the senpai Shiina Shiho.

Without a doubt, Shiina Shiho was an excellent vice-president. However, her personality made it so that it would be difficult for her to be the best leader for an entire major club.

As for Chiaki, as long as she remained foundationally the same but more serious, she would definitely become an excellent president. She would definitely help the drama club to continue flourishing until she graduated.

That was probably what Anya Saigenji and the other drama club members believed as well.

However, Chiaki herself never wanted to or even considered being the drama club president. Being casual and unrestrained was part of her very personality and charisma, but the same traits also restrained her. Although this position was quite suitable for her, she reflexively felt that it was unsuited for her and refused.

“You probably didn’t even consider whether or not you’d be suitable for president when you refused, didn’t you?” Seiji asked her.

“Yeah” Chiaki agreed.

“The end result is that Shiho-senpai ended up taking a position that she’s completely unsuited for, causing a bad atmosphere in the drama club. Everyone has complaints about this, and you feel guilty you’re really an idiot.”

“Wahh” The tomboy twisted her body in embarrassment.

“It’ll only make things worse now if you tell everyone that you regret things and want to be the president. So, why don’t you put in some effort and help Shiho-senpai to become a good president?”

“But if I help out, that’ll make Senpai feel even more awkward”

“That’s easy enough to get around. Just give ideas that other drama club members will carry out or tell her such as Hoshi.”

“Even if so, won’t Senpai get angry if she finds out.”

“I doubt that Shiho-senpai is someone that small-minded. And if she really is, simply have an argument with her.”

“You make it sound so easy”

“If you’re that scared, I can take your place and argue with her for you.”


“You aren’t really thinking about having me argue with her, are you?”

“You were the one who offered.” Chiaki hugged her boyfriend tightly.

“I was just saying it to say it. If I really did so, you’d definitely regret not talking to her yourself.” Seiji patted her on the head.

“Meow meow~~”

“Don’t act cute by pretending to be a cat.”

“Woof woof~~”

“Dogs are no good, either.”


“I have a blood-related sister and an adopted younger sister. I don’t lack for sisters.”


“You’re the same age as me, and stop using your male acting voice!”

Seiji instantly felt something ominous when he heard Chiaki calling him “Senpai” in a male voice, as his cheeks twitched.

“I need to teach a good lesson to this mouth that likes to say things it shouldn’t.” He stared at Chiaki.

“I’m so scared” Chiaki pretended to be frightened as she widened her eyes to look pitiful.

“Hmph, keep acting!”

“Have you practiced before?”

Seiji ended up doing it with Chiaki as well. He couldn’t help but ask because he felt that her movements were far more practiced than Natsuya’s.

“Yes, with a banana” Chiaki’s face flushed red. “I’ve researched the relevant information, and practiced all sorts of methods and positions I’m better than the student council president, aren’t I?”

“Indeed, if we’re talking only about technique.”

“Which do you prefer? The inexperienced scion, or the well-practiced male girlfriend?”

“I already said that there’s no such thing as a male girlfriend!”

“I’ve worked so hard”

“I like both types.”

“That’s such a harem-like answer. You fail.”

“I am indeed a scumbag harem protagonist. You don’t like it? Bite me~”


“You really bit me down there!”

“En ah”

“Stop biting, there’s not much time left, Shika-chan will be back soon!”

“Shu Joo”

“I like your type more, alright? Hurry and stop”

“Wuu Lah”

“Stop no”

When the bell to his hospital room rung, Seiji just happened to climax for another time today.

Chiaki was quite satisfied and even told him “Thanks for the treat.”

‘Honestly.’ Seiji glared at her.

Only after they cleaned up did Seiji finally open the door to allow Shika to enter.

“As for your feeling of being spied on,” Seiji did his best to put on a serious expression. “It might be your mistaken impression, or perhaps there really is some person or something magical that’s gotten involved with you. Let Mika know and have her stay together with you as much as possible. If you feel that anything’s wrong at all, let us know immediately. Have Mika be on guard and contact me as soon as possible.”

Chiaki nodded.

She felt incredibly safe to have such a reliable boyfriend worrying about her.

She really wanted to act spoiled for a while longer, but the adopted sister guardian standing next to him wouldn’t allow that well, she had plenty of opportunities in the future.

The tomboy smiled seductively and blissfully.