Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 68

Chapter 68: It's Almost the White... Season Again

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Sunday night, at the Silver Valley bus station.

A handsome boy whose dashing looks attracted glances from almost all the women passing by stood near the stations entrance.

He wore a dark shirt under a light gray windbreaker on his torso. His legs were clothed by form-fitting long pants which displayed his impressive physique. His clothes went well with his amazingly handsome idol-like looks. He was so handsome it was almost unfair.

The sight of him standing there and looking at his cell phone seemed like a scene out of a television drama. Many women were even looking around to see if they could find any hidden cameras secretly recording this scene.

Only the others nearby who were also waiting for someone knew that this wasnt a scene out of a television drama. Just like them, this boy was just a normal person waiting for someone.

The part that wasnt normal was the fact that in the space of a few minutes, he was already approached by a total of three girls and four talent managers!

The handsome boy politely rejected each and every one of them the same way and treated each girl and talent manager seeking the next star with a polite yet firm attitude.

Was he an idol? A model? A rich young master?

The other people around him were quite curious about his true identity as well the person who he was waiting for.

*Tap tap...* The sound of footsteps echoed out.

A girl walked out of the bus station, heading towards the boy.

"Im sorrydid you wait long?"

Shes finally here!

All the curious onlookers turned their heads, eagerly wanting to discover the identity of this girl.

They were greeted by the sight of a girl with medium-long silver-colored hair tied with a red ribbon. Her face was clear and beautiful, her eyes seemed like lakes, and her pink lips were arced upwards seductively... She was wearing a lace one-piece miniskirt dress with a dark-colored jacket on top. She also had on black stockings and high heels that accentuated her wonderful figure and the mesmerizing absolute territory of her creamy white thighs!


The girl didnt go overboard with decorating herself, nor was she missing the youthfulness of a teenage girl. Taking everything into consideration, she seemed almost fantastical.

She was definitely a head-turning pretty girl.

When she approached the handsome boy with a smile on her face, the bystanders who were furtively paying attention could only sigh in their hearts, what a perfect couple!

"No, I only waited five minutes." The boy put away his cell phone as he smiled in a way that would make a girls heart flutter.

"Liar... But your answer passes the test." The girl covered her mouth and chuckled, before linking arms with the boy as if it was the natural thing to do.

The two of them then left the bus station together.

As everyone else watched them depart, some thought about the person they were waiting for, while others thought about how that couple would spend the night...

"How is it? It definitely feels more like a date this way, dont you think?"

The silver-haired beauty also known as Chiaki laughed as she talked to Seiji.

"Indeed, it does. Everyone watched me while I was standing there, and some girls even came up and flirted with me. It feels like Im part of a museum exhibition." The handsome boy named Seiji sighed helplessly.

Sigh, we could have just come together, but Chiaki said that it would improve the atmosphere by doing this. This isnt a real date, though However, we do need to act like were a couple.

At the Snow White coffee cafe.

Seiji suddenly thought of the anime called "White Album" in his past life.

Yep, its almost time for that season. It seemed like they were going to encounter a similar situation to what happened in that story

What was about to happen wasnt an ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend meeting each other; it was two ex-girlfriends...

Or to be more precise, two ex-girlfriends and two current boyfriends...

Or to be even more specific, an ex-girlfriend and her current (fake) boyfriend and an ex-girlfriend and her current (real) boyfriend?

Eh... It was difficult to tell everyones relationship with each other!

Seiji lost himself in philosophical thoughts.

While he was taking a mental vacation, Chiaki had already pulled him into the store. They followed the server to a second-floor room that had been previously reserved.

In front of room 203.

Seiji finally regained his senses from his pointless philosophical pondering as he looked at Chiaki, who was beside him.

The silver-haired girls eyes were fixed on the door in front of her. Although she appeared calm on the outside, her eyes displayed a variety of complex emotions such as nostalgia, anticipation, disappointment, and depression...

Seiji could feel her grip on him unconsciously tighten.

He could even feel her soft, supple chest pressed against his arm. So, it turned out that Chiaki was...

*Cough cough!*

It isnt time for such thoughts, you idiot! Seiji mentally reprimanded himself.

"Itll be fine." Seiji comforted her with a smile as she glanced over at him. "Go ahead and face them. No matter what happens, you just need to remember that youre not by yourself."

There a faint light glistening in Chiakis eyes.

"Youre acting so brave now, even though you didnt even dare to face your older sister last night~" She suddenly took a casual tone of voice and teased him playfully.

"Er... Thats different!" Seiji averted his gaze.

"Hehe." Chiaki let out a short giggle, and her mouth began to arc upwards again as she observed the boy.

Ah, that confident, casual smile of his, just like usual!

Thank you, Seiji. She was truly grateful to him in her heart.

Then, she pressed the doorbell.

"Please enter." The door opened automatically after hearing a voice from inside.

Seiji glanced at Chiaki before holding the door open for her as they entered the room.

The room had a huge window overlooking the street below, allowing a clear view of it. Seiji recalled, however, that he couldnt see into the store, which meant it was a one-way mirror at work.

The room was wide, elegant, and luxurious. There was music playing from somewhere, and the soft singing of a female singer could also be heard. It seemed like an excellent place for a date.

There was a circular table in the right half of the room. One boy and one girl were seated there.

The girl had light blue long hair that had a silky sheen. Her waist-length hair was clipped together by a white barrette adorned with pink accessories.

She was wearing an elegant blue one-piece dress with a white fur coat draped over her shoulders. Her blue eyes had a quiet air to them, and her round face seemed soft and gentle. Her smile seemed almost wistful; she was a classical beauty.

The part of her that gave Seiji the deepest impression was her atmosphere of tranquility. It was as if her beauty was something natural and unblemished, like an undiscovered lake or virgin forest.

An ultra top-notch beauty... Seiji understood just by meeting this girl why Chiaki had instantly fallen in love with her.

This girl seated before him possessed enough charisma to attract anyone, regardless of gender!

Her name was... Haruka Shimizu.

"Chiaki..." The blue-haired girl stood up with a enigmatic sparkle in her eyes as the two of them entered. "Long time no see."

"Haruka..." Chiaki glanced at the girl, an indescribable light flashing through her eyes. "Indeed, its been quite a while."

The two of them didnt allow their gazes to waver one bit as they walked closer towards each other.

Finally, they stopped, a persons width separating the two beauties.

It was a subtle distance where they could easily reach out to the other and hug their counterpart if they wanted, but it also seemed slightly distant from each other.

"You... seem to have been doing quite well," Haruka muttered.

"...You as wellyoure more beautiful than before." Chiaki smiled.

Chiaki reflexively lifted her hand and was about to touch Harukas hair, but she instantly stopped herself right after lifting her hand.

Haruka glanced at Chiakis hand before retracting her gaze.

"Please take a seatIve already prepared coffee for you guys."

This room in the Snow White cafe contained its own coffee beans, instant coffee, as well as a coffee machine, coffee pot, and so on. Everything was do-it-yourself; it seemed that it was specially designed this way for the guests...

The guests came all the way to a coffee cafe but have to make their own coffee!?

Well, Seiji didnt understand what the rich were thinking.

It didnt matter anyways, since he wasnt the one making the coffee.

Only when he sat down next to Chiaki did he start paying attention to the boy with Haruka.

Cough cough, it definitely wasnt because Shimizu-san was just too eye-catching... Ok, finethats what it was.

Seiji curiously inspected the tranquil girls supposed boyfriend, who was currently seated beside her.