Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 679

Chapter 679 Are You Having Fun With Me Right Now

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Chapter 679: Are you having fun with me right now



A deafening roar sounded as dark-red mist suddenly appeared. Large amounts of vicious ghosts appeared from the mist!

Seiji had recently witnessed a similar scene at the Bloodmoon Mountain.

Miyuki Sakuraku had been by his side at that time. It was only thanks to the veteran singer controlling the entire situation that he had been able to face Shutendoji back there.

And now the situation wasn’t going well.

Although all of Seiji’s strongest ultimate abilities were currently on cooldown, he had system cards that would reset his cooldowns. He could still fight.

However, the Shutendoji before him gave him a feeling of extreme danger, just like the berserk Shigure Tendo from the previous timeline! All of Seiji’s instincts were warning him.

It was unknown whether he would be able to deal with this final boss one on one. Plus, Shutendoji currently had the home field advantage, being able to summon large numbers of vicious demons and ghosts with a single roar. He was literally the King of One Hundred Demons!

Who would be able to deal with such a large number of evil demons?

Kanna and Izawa were just injured due to the surrendering punishment. Shigure was unconscious. Shika and Keimi were the only ones who were still in healthy fighting condition

Seiji didn’t get a chance to think anymore as the demons suddenly attacked!

Shika had a calm expression as she faced such a crisis. Keimi felt fear, Kanna’s body stiffened, and Izawa resolved himself


Suddenly, a bolt of thunder descended from the sky, exploding in a white flash of electricity on Shutendoji’s body!

Seiji and the others were all astonished by this sudden occurrence.

“Warghh!!!” Shutendoji roared once again, but this time in pain.

He had been nailed to the ground.

A golden-runed spear had pierced through his body and into the ground. This spear continuously released white electricity that completely suppressed his movements.

There was another boom as countless thunderbolts flew down and struck the demons. They all instantly evaporated and the dark-red mist was dispelled! Many trees were destroyed as well as large patches of cluster amaryllis flowers were blown away.

In just a short instant, the large group of demons that Seiji and the others were so pressured by had been completely destroyed.

Such powerful spells what person would be capable of such?

A single figure descended before them.

She wore a normal jacket as her combat attire together with a full helmet that didn’t reveal her face. It could only be seen that she was female.

However, Seiji recognized her instantly or identified who she was.

“She’s incredibly talented, considered the most outstanding of our generation. She’s highly skilled at using fire and thunder magic, which is why she obtained the name” Hana’s words echoed in his mind.

Qilin Girl!

Seiji smiled at the figure before him.

Now he had witnessed what it meant to be as far apart as Earth from Mars.


“No need to be worried. She’s not an enemy.”

Seiji indicated to Shika and the others that they didn’t need to worry. This powerful individual wasn’t someone who would likely attack them.

Yui walked over to the Shutendoji that was restrained by thunder. She cast a seal and sent a puff of white fire towards him.

Shutendoji uttered even more pained and furious shouts and struggled with all his might. However, he wasn’t able to move at all and could only watch as he was devoured by the flames and became nothing more than a fireball.

Yui waved her hand, causing her spear to fly out from the fire and land in her hand.

She walked up to the large gray tree and lifted her spear.

The spear gradually gathered energy as bolts of electricity flashed all around it, seemingly distorting the surrounding space. The tip of the spear began burning with a powerful flame.


Yui stabbed the spear into the gray tree.

The gray tree instantly began glowing bright red as its black runes lit up with bloody red as if it was bleeding. Large amounts of dense black mist appeared around the tree!

*Crackle, crackle~* The spear released electricity that dispelled the black mist.

Something that sounded like countless people sighing and screaming could be heard. The darkness contained within this sound sent chills down everyone’s spines.

The black mist continuously appeared together with more ghosts. The electricity continued dispelling the mist and tearing the ghosts to pieces!

Seiji and the other observers didn’t know what exactly was happening. However, they could all feel that two very powerful energy forces were violently clashing against each other, as if two invisible giants were currently fighting.

Anyone affected by the residual waves would die!

Due to such a fear, Keimi was the first to retreat. Seiji and the others all retreated as well and observed from a greater distance.

Then, the black mist and electricity’s fight’s area of effect became greater and greater. This forced everyone to retreat even further to watch this safely.

“Haruta-kun, may I ask who that person is?” Izawa asked a question that everyone wanted to know the answer to.

Seiji fell silent for a moment.

“My apologies. Please allow me to keep that a secret; I don’t know if she’s willing to publicize her involvement or not.”

Yui’s appearance here was undoubtedly a direct intervention in this affair.

Seiji didn’t know if his older sister was acting secretly or if she didn’t care if others knew about what she was doing. Besides, the Haruta Family had a mortal enemy here Seiji glanced over at Shigure and Keimi.

Seiji chose to keep her identity a secret in order to err on the side of caution.

Izawa understood and didn’t pry any further.


There was a frightening sound which made it seem like the sky itself was falling. White flames erupted with a brilliant dazzle, yet no heat emanated from the fire at all. It all seemed as beautiful as fireworks.

After the light finally faded, everyone saw nothing except a large crater where the gray tree had originally been located the entire tree had disappeared!

Yui walked over to the large fireball that remained and cast another seal.

The flames suddenly burned even fiercer as pitiful screams came from within the fire. The fireball then gradually became smaller and smaller, and the screams also came to a stop.

When the fireball shrunk down to the size of a person’s hand, the flames disappeared to reveal only a ball of bright-red blood.

“Come over by yourself.” Yui sent Seiji a magical message that only he could hear.

Seiji blinked before turning around to Shika and the others.

“I’m going over for a bit. Everyone, wait here for me.”


“I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”

Seiji walked over to Yui by himself and stood before her.

“Excellent job,” Yui praised him.

“Thanks to you.” Seiji smiled.

“This is the Challenger’s Bloodwine that belongs to you and your teammate. I’ve already cleansed it of all impurities from earlier. It’s now a spiritual wine that has no negative side effects. Drinking it will greatly improve your power level.” Yui looked directly at Seiji. “You now have three choices. First, you can directly drink this. Second, you can combine this spiritual wine with the remaining energy from this location and then drink it. This will be highly risky, but you’ll obtain much greater power. It’ll even be possible to directly become a top-level Spiritual Ability user and become one of the top-ranked Spiritual Ability users in all of Sakura Island.”

That powerful? Seiji raised his eyebrows.

“Third you can combine this spiritual wine with the residual energy here but choose not to drink it. Instead, you can use it to save all the people that died here.”

Seiji was astonished to hear this.

“All those dead people are still savable!?” he asked in his astonishment.

“Their souls have yet to leave this island. Perhaps it will be possible to revive them using this spiritual wine, but the odds of success are unknown,” Yui told him. “It might succeed and it might fail. It’s also possible that only a portion of people will be revived.”

“So, you’re saying that it’s only a possibility with zero guarantee?”


Seiji fell silent.

At this moment, conversation options appeared before him

[A: I choose the first option.]

[B: I choose the second option.]

[C: I choose the third option.]

‘Are you having fun with me right now, system of mine?’

Seiji felt rather helpless and wanted to beat up his imaginary system fairy at seeing how incredibly simplistic these conversation options were.

Although the options were incredibly simplistic, at least this was still an important hint from his system that this was a highly important choice.

The first option was the safe option which would bring him certain benefits. The second option was risky but would bring him greater benefits. The third option was to abandon his own chances at gaining anything all for the sake of an unknown chance to revive others!

The great majority of dead tournament participants had no connection to Seiji whatsoever. He felt that he had no need to save those who had died.

As promised, he had already tried his very best to protect those who came to him for protection.

It was so difficult for him to finally win. Logically, he should take what he deserved, rather than sacrificing it for the sake of others. Not to mention, those others weren’t any friends or family of his. They were his competitors. Some were even his enemies!

Seiji knew that the most logical choice would be to choose the first option.

Drinking this spiritual wine together with Shika and improving both their power levels would be the safest bet.

Although the second option was rather attractive, when considering the risk or the price for the potential power, the risk didn’t seem worthwhile.

The third option was nothing more than a distraction that he shouldn’t focus on!

And yet

Seiji found it difficult to come to a decision as he recalled the pitiful appearance of all the corpses he saw during this tournament.

Yui silently watched him.

‘What will you choose, Seiji?’

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