Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 656

Chapter 656 Revolution

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Chapter 656: Revolution
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From past to present, there had always been social classes.

This was a rather serious topic, far more serious than what most people thought. It wouldn’t be so easy to describe.

Seiji’s personal experiences made him feel that Akatsuki Mitarai’s actions were precisely a reflection of how cruel the issue of social classes was.

Ordinary people and Spiritual Ability users, low-ranked Spiritual Ability users and high-ranked Spiritual Ability users the difference between people in different social classes was such as if there was a frighteningly deep and dark abyss between them.

The darkness had always been present. It had never left.

It had already devoured countless people, and would continue to devour even more.

Some understood this, while others didn’t. Some only partially understood. Some understood only when it was too late. Some didn’t understand even as they died.

“Revolution” perhaps some would even scoff at hearing this word.

Such people would feel that revolution was an outdated concept to the point where it was awkward to even see in a movie, manga, or anime. Revolution was an annoying concept often used by the antagonists. The amount of emotions that a term like revolution could stir up couldn’t even compare to a convoluted story of love, hatred, and revenge.

But, actually, this word’s meaning was something that most people, especially young people, wouldn’t be able to truly comprehend.

The current generation was the information generationinformation could be obtained easily on the internet. People could learn so many things through the internet, giving them a mistaken impression that they were sufficiently wise and knowledgeable enough, that they were far wiser than people from generations before them.

“Revolution”? Haha.

The current generation didn’t need such a concept at all! Society was quite advanced and cultured. We were smart enough to no longer need or be fooled by such an archaic term! Human society was foundationally based on personal benefits, and so-called “revolution” was nothing more than a traditional form of sophistry

However, was that really the case?

Who could be certain that the “wise thoughts” one had weren’t actually intentionally manipulated to be that way by the higher-ups?

Who could be certain that the “truth” one was certain of wasn’t actually a great falsehood planted by others?

Had the time of “revolution” truly passed? Was this word truly meaningless now?

The constantly active internet brought along too many mistaken impressions. The neverending source of electric light caused people to forget the terror of the darkness.

Yet, the truth wouldn’t disappear simply because of people’s misunderstanding or ignorance.

Social classes indeed existed.

The so-called term of “revolution” wasn’t outdated. It still had its meaning for existence.

However did that mean revolution was “correct”?

Or was revolution yet another “mistake”?

“Those in high positions, getting away with whatever they please That’s indeed the case,” Seiji agreed. “Those in the highest positions have power and authority. They can do anything that they want, committing crimes for the sake of personal benefits or even just for their desires. There are probably countless people like that. Those who do evil deserve to be judged. I’m more than happy to see the deaths of those who abuse power.”

“Haruta-san” Rota’s tone was obviously delighted.

“However,” Seiji continued. “I can’t agree with your actions just like this Perhaps you guys are correct, perhaps you’re true revolutionaries, yet I’m unable to know for sure what you really are.”

“In that case, it’s okay to just”

“Nor do I want to know what you really are!” Seiji greatly emphasized this portion. “That’s because I’m still a ‘Haruta’. Although I’ve been exiled from my family, I still have family that shares my name. I’m not referring to that Shuntou Haruta, but other family of mine that I’m related to by blood. If you want to overthrow the old order, it’s possible that you might harm them, which is why I can’t possibly join your side.”

In the end, this was a matter of what one chose to support.

Seiji chose to support the family that he viewed as important rather than what was “right”.

He had always been this type of person who didn’t do the “right” thing.

He was willing to kill others.

He wanted to start a harem.

He wouldn’t save everyone that he could possibly save.

He only wanted to do what he wanted, what he liked to do. He would ignore everything else.

From this standpoint, he was foundationally similar to Akatsuki Mitarai.

He wasn’t a good person.

He wasn’t an evil person.

He was simply himself that was all there was to it.

Everyone fell silent for a moment.

A chilly night breeze blew past.

“Haruta-san how regrettable,” Rota spoke in a calm tone. “For an instant there, I thought that you’d become our companion. Yet, you chose your own path. I think that it’s excellent the way things are. Although you refused to stand with us, I can sense that you’re treating us seriously I’m happy that you seriously considered our thoughts and made your reply.” Rota chuckled. “Actually, I’ve also wondered myself if I’ve gone insane, actually wanting to do something like creating a new order. But, that’s indeed what I want to do. That’s a definite fact. That’s because I’ve already seen too much evil in this world. I’ve always been confused about why so much evil existed. What I want to do might not necessarily be correct, but the way the world is now is absolutely wrong!”

The last three words that Rota stated had an ironclad tone containing an unshakeable firm conviction.

Rota probably had some type of personal story here.

What had Daikawa Rota experienced and thought about to form such a conviction? Seiji didn’t know.

The only information he knew about Daikawa Rota was all surface level.

“Haruta-san, are you going to become enemies with us?” Rota inquired.

“If you try to kill me, of course I will.”

“Does that mean if we don’t do anything to you, you won’t interfere with our plans?”

Seiji fell silent for a moment as he thought it over.

“I only have two friends in this entire tournament. I don’t know if they’re among your targets for revenge. If they are”

“Could I ask for your friends’ names?”

“Kanna Fujihara and Ryuuno Izawa.”

“I shall ask our alliance leader about this. If our revenge list doesn’t have their names, I shall attempt to convince our alliance leader not to list you and your friends as targets but I’m not the final decision maker,” Rota told Seiji in a low voice.

“Your alliance leader is that the person who created the Revenge Alliance?”

Rota didn’t respond… although this was a type of tacit admittance.

“I hope that we won’t become enemies, Haruta-san.”

He turned around and started leaving after saying that.

“I hope the same Thank you, Rota-san.”

Daikawa Rota strode off and waved his hand as an indication that he heard.

A few shadowy figures hiding nearby also got up and left together with him.

Something flashed in Seiji’s eyes.

Rota wasn’t the person who created the Revenge Alliancethis “alliance leader”. Yet, it was evident that Rota had an important position in the Revenge Alliance.

Seiji felt that it would be best if he didn’t become enemies with the Revenge Alliance. He had told the truth just now. Out of all the other participants, Kanna and Izawa were the only people Seiji cared about apart from himself and Shika. As for anyone else, including that Shuntou Haruta Seiji could only say that they would have to watch out for themselves.

He didn’t have the obligation to save everyone that he possibly could. Even if he might be able to achieve this through saving and loading, he still didn’t feel obligated to do so.

He wasn’t such a kind person. Neither was he prideful enough to think that he could save everyone.

This was his way of doing things that he viewed as “right”. But, perhaps he was “wrong”.

“Brother” Shika called out to him as she saw that Seiji was simply standing still.

Seiji smiled at Shika.

“Let’s continue checking the terrain.”

The two of them moved onwards.

After walking for a while, Seiji spoke up. “Shika-chan, what do you think of my conversation with Rota-san just now?”

Shika fell silent for a moment.

“I think that Brother is correct,” she spoke adamantly.

“Thank you,” Seiji told her sincerely.

He’d already expected that his adopted younger sister would probably answer in such a way no matter what he chose.

Yet, he still asked her such a question it was actually because he was doubting himself.

Did he really do the right thing just now?

He believed that he had done the right thing. Perhaps there was a better choice available but thinking so might also be overly arrogant.

God would laugh at human decisions.

But even so, humans couldn’t give up on thinking.

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