Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 646

Chapter 646 Sister You Actually Really Enjoyed That Didnt You?

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Seiji retracted his hands and asked the sisters, “The demon energy transfer is complete how do you two feel?”

There was no reply.

It took a while before Karen regained her senses. Kaho also opened her eyes at this time.

“Sister are you alright?”

“I’m fine But Kaho, you”

“I’m fine as well I feel better now.”

After confirming that the sisters were fine, Seiji hurriedly left the room as the sisters were still naked from the waist up.

“Kaho, are you really alright?” Karen looked at her younger sister in worry.

“I’m really fine,” Kaho responded calmly. “Although I was rather uncomfortable just now, I no longer feel anything.”

Actually, she still felt something.

However, what she felt wasn’t pain or fear. It was an indescribable subtle yet wondrous sensation.

Kaho was unable to describe what this sensation was, but she didn’t feel that it was bad at all.

However, she knew that if she stated this out loud, her sister would likely think that there was something wrong with her. And so, Kaho did her best to keep up a calm expression.

After they finished putting on their clothes, Kaho saw that Karen still had an apologetic expression as if she owed Kaho. So, Kaho smiled at her sister. “You don’t need to worry I’m not like you. I won’t force myself to bear things that I can’t. If I can’t withstand it, I’ll mention it immediately.”

“Kaho” Karen looked at her younger sister. “Thank you.”

Karen was clearer than anyone about just what kind of pain her younger sister was helping to share the burden of. Apart from thanking Kaho, Karen couldn’t think of anything else that she could say.

Kaho smiled and didn’t respond.

Before the sisters left, they saw Natsuya Yoruhana once again.

However, Kaho felt something slightly different inside this second time that she met the brilliantly shining student council president. Still, Kaho didn’t allow any of this to show in her expression.

This was a rather subtle change in her mentality. Yet, Kaho herself didn’t know why she had changed her mentality or, more accurately speaking, she didn’t care to analyze deeper.

Seiji accompanied them out the door of Natsuya’s residence and got on her car together with the Miyamoto Sisters. He accompanied the sisters all the way to their home.

Kaho also felt that something had subtly changed within her regarding her feelings for this gentle and handsome boy. This felt slightly off to her, but it was actually alright for her as well.

“Pay attention to see if anything happens. Contact me instantly if anything does Have a good night, both of you.” Seiji smiled and said goodbye after taking the Miyamoto Sisters home.

“Although I’m quite grateful to Harano-kun, both times he helped out were so embarrassing, honestly.” Karen vented her complaints slightly after returning home.

“Heh heh indeed.” Kaho chuckled.

Her chuckle sounded a little abnormal.

Karen glanced at her younger sister, only to see that she had a seemingly normal expression.

“Kaho what’s the matter?”

“What’s the matter with what?”

“I feel like something’s a little strange about you”

“What part is strange?”

“Your laugh just now”

“I think I laughed quite normally.” Kaho rolled her eyes at Karen. “I told you, I’m fine I know that you’re worried about me, Sister, but you don’t need to watch me so closely like that. I’ll tell you if there’s anything going on.”

“You absolutely have to tell me.”

“Of course. I’m not you, don’t make me repeat that again.” Kaho paused for a moment as her lips arched slightly upward. “By the way, Sister, you actually really enjoyed that, didn’t you?”


“Your expression at that time was so sexy. The same for last time as well You actually felt really good, didn’t you?”

Karen was rendered speechless.

Her face instantly started burning up after hearing her younger sister saying that!

“Not not at all! What ridiculous things are you saying, Kaho!!”

“But it was quite obvious that you were enjoying it. Last time, I felt too awkward to say anything, but this time I can’t help myself anymore.” Kaho averted her gaze. “Sister your expression at the time was just like that of a female main character in an adult doujinshi who loves getting fu*ked. That was how ero you looked.”

“Wahh, nooo!!!!” Karen covered her burning face with her hands.

“As your younger sister, it was quite awkward of me to see that Seigo really is quite something, being able to remain gentlemanly even after seeing you like that”

“Don’t say anything more, it’s all Harano-kun’s fault!!!!” Karen was embarrassed to the extreme. She ran off all in tears while continuing to cover her face.

Kaho felt great pleasure in having teased her older sister like that.

‘Eh? Why am I feeling such delight?

‘And why did I do such a thing?’

Kaho thought about it for only a moment before deciding not to think too much on this matter. Besides, she felt really great right now.

Kaho returned to her own room, opened the window, gazed out at the night sky, and slowly took a deep breath.

Indescribable emotions were welling up within her. She felt as if even this dark night sky was actually rather cute.

What Kaho didn’t realize was that some blood-red runes were currently visible in her eyes, glowing in the darkness.

It was now one month after the publication of “Brother Monogatari”.

Seiji had now accumulated six shards for a [Brother Monogatari character reward card]. He only needed one more shard to redeem a character reward card!

The Bloodwine Ritual tournament was almost upon him. He couldn’t afford to wait around any longer. Seiji decided to use random draws to obtain the final shard he needed.

He had many random draw shards. Should he combine them together to use on the random draw, or should he random draw using his points?

Seiji chose to use his points as he felt that would have a higher chance of giving him what he wanted.

Seiji activated a random draw shard using his points, creating a golden card with a question mark on it. He then activated the card.

The card instantly broke up into white pieces of scattered light and speedily formed a new card…

[Energy restoration card]!

He didn’t get what he wanted. Still, this item seemed alright.

Let’s go, second draw…

[Writing ability improvement card]!

This seemed pretty good as well.

Third draw…

[Fighting skills improvement card]!

That was nice as well as it would improve his combat abilities.

Fourth draw…

[Favorability rating increase doubling card]!

That was okay as well.

Fifth draw…

[Energy restoration card]!

That was his second one.

On the seventh draw…

[Random draw shard]!

He got a shard, but it was a shard for yet another random draw!

Seiji paused in surprise here.

Even the random draw shard, which cost points for a random draw, counted as an item in its own item pool? His system was quite vicious!

This was a pure and complete waste of his points. Seiji grit his teeth in anger at this obvious point sink.

Yet, he still had to continue random drawing.

Eighth, ninth, and tenth he was unable to get the [Brother Monogatari character reward card shard] that he wanted in the first ten draws.

Although Seiji had already mentally prepared himself, he still felt a pain in his heart at seeing his stored points vanish down the drain.

Fortunately, he only drew the [Random draw shard] once in the first ten draws. All the other draws gave him useful cards, so at least his heart didn’t hurt too much.

He continued drawing and still didn’t get what he wanted by the twentieth draw.

‘System, could you please publicize the odds of drawing each type of item!?’

System: No.

Seiji imagined this conversation in his mind and wanted to really beat up his system that he envisioned as a fairy!

He grit his teeth and continued the random draws He completed thirty forty

“I just want a [Brother Monogatari character reward card shard], just one! Please, come already!!” Seiji clasped his hands together and begged sincerely.

He had two more random draws to go before he repeated the pain of going 42 draws without a single SSR like in his previous life.

41st draw[Random draw shard]!

Seiji felt as if his system was directly taunting him.

He took a deep breath and did his best to pacify his emotions. He calmly continued to draw.

42nd draw[Random draw shard]!

The hell, was his system playing a joke on him!?

Random draw shard twice in succession his system was really just too much!

Seiji was so angry that he almost wanted to cry.

Yet, this might also be the darkness before the light of dawn, the trial of despair before the light of hope!

He would surpass his former pain! Overcome the current difficulty! Courageously continue down this path!! 43rd draw…

[Random draw shard]!


44th, 45th, 46th draw

[Brother Monogatari character reward card shard]!

Seiji furiously pulled random draws continuously and completely lost track of how many draws he’d performed when he finally obtained the item that he was looking for.