Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 625

    Chapter 625 A Trap And A Gender Changer

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    ‘That was what it should have meant to begin with. Yet, I had strange ideas just now because of my interpretation, it’s my own… no, it’s still his fault!’

    Seiji ended up blaming his own fantasies just now on his junior’s overly strong attributes as a trap.

    “I think that it would be quite nice if Amami-san becomes capable of transforming.” Mika’s eyes were shining as she said this.

    ‘She must have come to the same realization as me about Hoshi transforming.’ Seiji instantly saw through her.

    “I don’t know if I’ll be able to transform or not… I’ll try my hardest!” Hoshi clenched his fist.

    And so, the youth set out on his path of becoming a magical girl! Things would be more perfect if only some background music started playing here.

    ‘Honestly…’ Seiji forcefully stopped himself from thinking about this any longer.

    “Mika… Do your current clothes still fit you?” He turned and went close to the silver-haired girl, whispering an embarrassing question into her ear.

    “They’re a little tight… but still okay,” Mika answered a little embarrassedly.

    “Will they obstruct your movements?”

    “I don’t think they will.”

    “Then just bear with it for a little while. Ask Natsuya later to help adjust your equipment so that it fits this form of yours.”

    They stopped whispering after that.

    Neither of them told their junior what they were whispering about despite his clearly curious expression.

    After confirming that there were no problems, Seiji contacted Kazufuru and informed him that he and his friends would be training in Kazuko’s Domain tonight.

    By the way, if the gender-changed Kazufuru/Kazuko met with Hoshi, ummmm…

    Later that night.

    Seiji, Shika, Mika, and Hoshi all met up first. They then met up with Kazuko.

    Kazuko was currently wearing a jacket and jeans. This was a rather neutral appearance that accentuated her scholarly aura. She had her own eye-catching sensation of charisma.

    Mika had a rather complex expression as she observed the glasses-wearing beautiful Kazuko.

    Before they met up, Seiji gave her an explanation about Kazufuru Ooike’s current situation. That was because Mika would definitely think of Kazufuru the moment that she saw Kazuko and ask about it. So, he explained things to her first.

    A boy student from their class actually turned into a girl! And, this girl was a beauty who had quite a stunning aura… Mika received quite an impact from this after seeing Kazuko.

    Seiji introduced Hoshi to Kazuko first. Then, when he introduced Kazuko, he asked nonverbally with his eyes if he should introduce her real identity to Hoshi.

    Previously, Seiji explained things to Hisashi because he had borrowed the Juumonji Group’s dojo to dispel the curse on Kazufuru. Since Hoshi had zero prior contact with both Kazufuru and Kazuko before, Seiji left it up to her to decide what to tell Hoshi.

    A trap and a gender changer… This scene seemed rather subtle in some way!

    Seiji found it quite difficult to imagine how Hoshi would react or be influenced if Kazuko told him who she really was.

    But in the end, Kazuko indicated that she would prefer to keep her identity a secret from Hoshi.

    And so, Seiji also introduced Mika to Kazuko. He pretended that this was the first meeting between the two girls.

    Technically, this was indeed their first meeting. It was just that both of them already knew who the other was already.

    “Please take good care of me, Uehara-san.” Kazuko smiled.

    “Please take good care of me… Ooike-san,” Mika responded.

    “You can just treat her as Kazufuru’s younger twin sister,” Seiji had told Mika previously.

    ‘But, I still feel really strange about it!’ Mika felt internal turmoil about this.

    Hoshi didn’t notice Mika’s strange expression at all. All he saw was that Kazuko Ooike was a somewhat mysterious and scholarly appearing beauty.

    They all went to the Juumonji Group’s residence together. On their way there, Seiji sent Hisashi a text message, telling him not to say anything about Kazuko.

    Hoshi exclaimed in astonishment when they reached the Juumonji Mafia Group’s incredibly large mansion.

    They went to the dojo and saw that Hisashi was fully equipped and waiting for them already.

    “Good evening, everyone! Let us fight together!!” Hisashi shouted in a hot-blooded, chuunibyou fashion.

    “Oh… Oh!” Hoshi pumped and clenched his fist. He looked quite cute while doing so.

    “Your voice isn’t loud enough, Fourth Knight! One more time!” Hisashi’s eyes lit up as he looked at Hoshi.

    *Inhale…* “Oh!!” Hoshi took a deep breath before clenching his fist and pumping it again.

    Everyone could tell that Hoshi wanted to act manly. However, his actions only resembled that of a cute girl.

    Hisashi’s eyes lit up even more at this sight. There was a tremendous flash of his eyeglass lenses.

    “Still not loud enough! Try again!!”

    “Oh!!” Hoshi shouted for the first time as his face reddened. This made him seem even more moving.

    Not only was Hisashi rather excited to see this, even Mika’s eyes were sparkling at this scene. Kazuko’s mouth also arced upwards in amusement at this sight.

    Shika was the only one whose expression remained completely calm.

    “That’s enough…” Seiji wanted to cover his face. He waved his hand for everyone to stop with this topic. His junior’s degree of cuteness was just far too high.

    Before Hoshi could become a magical girl, it seemed more likely that he would first become the lucky mascot of Seiji’s knight order.

    Seiji’s knights changed into their spiritual equipment and finished their preparations.

    Hisashi saw Mika’s transformed self for the first time here. He couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

    “You can actually transform… That’s amazing, Sixth Knight!” Hisashi gave his sincere praise as he adjusted his eyeglasses.

    “She’s just like a magical girl.” Kazuko also adjusted her eyeglasses. “Uehara-san actually has such an ability? It’s quite beautiful.”

    The mafia otaku boy and the excellent student girl adjusting their eyeglasses together was almost subtly comical.

    The silver-haired girl smiled at both of them.

    Shika silently observed Mika’s new form while remaining calm as always.

    Before everyone entered the Domain, Seiji told Mika and Hoshi about the mystical phenomenon where he saw events that seemingly happened in another world.

    “Although I was the only one who saw these things last time, it’s possible that any of us could experience them this time around. I’ll tell everyone if I see anything, so if any of you see such a thing, go ahead and tell us…” Seiji made sure that everyone knew about this.

    “Another world…” Hoshi’s eyes sparkled as his excitement was raised even more.

    Mika was much calmer about learning this. That was because she had already visited an Inner World which was similar to another world. She even met strange people there who wore animal masks, making them seem like residents of another world.

    Kazuko then opened up the portal to her Domain and had everyone enter.

    Seiji paid close attention, but no otherworld experience like last time happened. Soon, everyone saw the Forest Palace.

    Shika and everyone else looked at him. Seiji shook his head to indicate that he didn’t see anything at all.

    “So this is an Inner World…” Hoshi’s eyes sparkled as he looked all around him.

    What exactly would appear in such a mystical alternate dimension?

    “They’re coming,” Kazuko spoke up.

    Black mist started being emitted by the walls around them. This mist swiftly coalesced into five black wolves.

    Spiritual creatures!

    Hoshi because rather tense.


    Hisashi shocked a black wolf with a lightning bolt and knocked it down.


    Mika aimed her gun and shot a [Mana Bullet]… But she missed.

    It was quite difficult for someone like her who had never been taught how to use a gun before to hit a swiftly moving object.

    Hoshi opened up his hands. Three red leaves he was holding started glowing. They suddenly transformed into three spiritual birds that let off a faint-red mist!

    The red birds started flying and arced beautifully towards a nearby approaching black wolf. The birds viciously crashed into the wolf and knocked it over!

    Mika shot another bullet that managed to hit a black wolf that had almost reached her already. She fired another shot which finished it off. Mika then used her Mashiro’s Clothes to absorb the wolf’s mist.

    Hisashi also killed off the wolf that he knocked over and happily absorbed the mist for himself.

    Hoshi concentrated on controlling his red birds to continuously crash into the black wolf he was facing. He also successfully killed this black wolf.

    The black wolf’s mist floated towards the three spiritual birds and entered their bodies!

    Hoshi didn’t have to absorb the mist himself. Instead, his summoned creatures absorbed the mist, similar to how Mika would. Seiji watched and learned.

    He and Shika easily slew the last two remaining black wolves. It wasn’t even a warmup for them.

    “How do you feel, Hoshi?”

    “I feel like they’ve become slightly stronger.” Hoshi looked at the three spiritual birds that had now returned to him.

    “You absorb mist in a similar fashion to Mika. I think that’s a good thing,” Seiji remarked. “But, you’ll need to pay attention not to steal experience from your teammates.” / NovelFull.Com

    Hoshi’s three birds were just like three automatic experience absorbing machines… This wasn’t a game where a party would automatically split experience equally. The members would need to pay attention to fairly dividing the experience.