Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 624

    Chapter 624 Do You Desire To Become A Magical Girl?

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    Chapter 624: Do you desire to become a magical girl?
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    Natsuya fell silent for a moment after hearing Seiji’s idea about allying with the Yoruhana Family participant. A while later, she shook her head.

    “I think it’s better that you don’t formally ally with my family in the tournament… Even if you reach an accord, it’s highly likely that you’ll receive more drawbacks than benefits.”

    “Okay, then. I’ll forget about it.” Seiji directly decided to abandon this idea after hearing her say so.

    He had only thought of it as a hopeful possibility to begin with. But since Natsuya thought it was a bad idea, he decided to simply let it go.

    Something flashed in Natsuya’s eyes. She wanted to say something, but decided against it in the end.

    Seiji had resolved himself to enter this battle royale tournament. It would be unnecessary for her to apologize any further to Seiji for getting him involved.

    “By the way, Kanna… Fujihara-san is joining this tournament as well. I want to contact her,” Seiji mentioned.

    Later that night.

    Seiji called Kanna Fujihara and learned that she was only joining this tournament because her family was forcing her to join. He listened to her complain for quite a while before he told her about his own situation.

    “You’re fighting for the sake of love? How romantic! I’ll give you my full support!” Kanna exclaimed passionately.

    Seiji smiled and gave his thanks.

    The otaku boy and otaku girl easily agreed to become allies. They agreed that if they were on the same team during the group stage, they’d help each other out. If they were on different sides, then they wouldn’t attack each other.


    News that Seigo Harano was spotted on Sunday out on a date with Mika Uehara at the aquarium was now spreading throughout the school.

    When asked about this, Seigo and Mika both responded that they were only “friends out having fun together.” Natsuya Yoruhana said that she knew about this matter and didn’t mind at all.

    Still, this caused a bit of controversy in school. Although the Magic-Devouring Dragon already had an excellent girlfriend in the student council president, he was still behaving so intimately with one of his classmates. Everyone was so jealous… whoops, furious!

    But, what could they do? Expose his secret and force him out of school? Everyone had already tacitly agreed to keep Seigo’s identity a secret. Anyone that betrayed this would have to risk taking full responsibility for any possible consequences down the road.

    Although his girlfriend, Natsuya Yoruhana, said that she didn’t mind, and she didn’t seem like she was putting on an act at all… which made everyone’s anger meaningless… they still felt jealous, damnit! Seigo already had such a wonderful girlfriend, yet he dared to cheat on her so openly!? This was just like him starting a harem!!

    ‘Seigo Harano is no hero! He’s an evil magic dragon!!’ The incredibly jealous, still single students roared that in their minds.

    Many people were also quite curious just how all this came to be. Just what exactly did Seigo Harano do, or what background did he have, that Natsuya didn’t mind his behavior at all…?

    No matter what the students thought, Seigo, Natsuya, and Mika all responded in the same way. This small controversy would die out in a few days, after all.

    During lunch break, Seiji received a phone call from Shika. He learned that his knight order members’ equipment had arrived, so he contacted Hoshi.

    After school.

    Seiji and Mika met up with Hoshi and went back to the Uehara apartments together.

    Hoshi was rather nervous as this was his first time visiting his senpai’s home.

    He wanted to buy some confectioneries as a visiting present. Even though Seiji told him it wasn’t necessary, Hoshi absolutely insisted.

    After Hoshi purchased a box of desserts from a nearby sweets shop, they all went to Seiji’s apartment.

    Upon entering, Hoshi respectfully handed Seiji the box. Seiji could only smile wryly as he accepted.

    He then had his junior and Mika try their new spiritual equipment.

    Their equipment was the same as Hisashi’s—standard equipment. The only difference was in the clothing size.

    After Hoshi and Mika finished putting on the equipment, it appeared as if a boy soldier and girl soldier had now arrived… No, perhaps it would be more accurate to say two girl soldiers!

    Hoshi didn’t appear handsome and cool at all in the black combat uniform. He actually appeared a bit weak and bookish. When he stood next to Mika, they seemed just like two girls wearing boyish clothing.

    ‘Even in such a combat uniform, Hoshi still looks like a girl dressed in boys’ clothing? His abilities as a trap are truly amazing.’ Seiji’s cheeks twitched at the sight.

    “How does it feel?” Seiji asked them.

    Hoshi and Mika both indicated that the equipment’s size was just about right.

    They then tested out their weapons.

    Just like Hisashi, Hoshi was unable to inject any Mana into the spiritual sword. However, Hoshi was able to transform his red leaves into thorny vines which twined themselves around the sword.

    Seiji cast a barrier and had Hoshi try attacking it. The power of Hoshi’s attacks seemed alright.

    Hoshi was unable to use the spiritual gun. As for the spiritual shield, he could only enchant it with thorny vines just like his sword.

    With this taken into consideration, Seiji told Hoshi that he would only need to bring the sword and shield with him when training in the domain.

    Meanwhile, Mika was able to inject her Mana into the spiritual longsword and spiritual gun. She could use them normally, but felt that it was rather tiring. And, her attack power was only average.

    Seiji asked her to try them again after transforming.

    “Transform?” Hoshi blinked upon hearing this.

    “Yeah, Mika has a transformation. She’ll become really pretty as well as really powerful in that form,” Seiji explained to him. “Just like a magical girl.”

    A magical girl!? Hoshi glanced back at his Mika-senpai with his eyes sparkling.

    Transforming was alright, but…

    Mika’s face reddened slightly as she turned around and entered the bathroom.

    Hoshi was rather mystified by this.

    Seiji knew why Mika had entered the bathroom out of embarrassment. However, he didn’t explain anything to his obviously confused junior.

    After entering the bathroom, Mika took off her bra before she summoned Mashiro and had the spiritual creature overlay onto herself.

    “Chirp!” The silver-winged, red-skirted loli jumped inside the twintailed girl. A dark-red glow swiftly arose on Mika’s body as black mist covered her entire body.

    Immediately after, a silvery-white glow shot out as the black mist speedily formed into a dark-red cape. The light then revealed that Mika had transformed into her silver-haired, mature version.

    Since her chest became much bigger, her shirt now felt rather tight. Her panties also felt rather tight. However, Mika refused to take her panties off.

    She took a while to suppress her embarrassment and awkwardness before walking out of the bathroom back to Seiji’s living room.

    Hoshi widened his eyes in surprise to see the transformed Mika.

    “Uehara-senpai… You’re so beautiful…”

    The silver-haired girl smiled to hear her junior’s praise. She seemed so beautiful, as if she was ethereal.

    Not only was Hoshi stunned by the sight, Seiji’s gaze also became slightly unfocused as he looked at Mika.

    Seiji’s vision then reflexively looked at her ample bosom. He knew that she currently had no bra supporting her chest anymore… Cough! Stop!

    Mika blushed as she detected where her boyfriend was looking. She turned around, picked up the spiritual longsword, and injected her Mana into it. Her cape instantly sent out some mist that attached to the sword and formed into bright red runes!

    She sliced towards Seiji’s barrier. She succeeded in demolishing the barrier in only two blows.

    She then tried out the spiritual gun. All her [Mana Bullets] were bright-red with high power.

    Finally, she tried using the shield. Similar bright-red runes formed on her shield. Seiji tried slicing it a few times with his own sword and noticed that the shield’s defensive prowess had noticeably increased.

    “You should take the shield and gun with you, then.” Seiji advised this to Mika. “Protect yourself well and attack from afar.”

    Mika nodded in agreement.

    Hoshi’s eyes sparkled as he looked at the silver-haired girl.

    “Can I be like that as well…?”

    “Hmm?” Seiji looked at Hoshi.

    “I was thinking, is it possible to transform just like Uehara-senpai by my own powers?” Hoshi inquired seriously.

    Transform just like Mika… Seiji couldn’t help but reflexively imagine his junior in the form of a certain red-leaf-wielding demon woman from the mobile game he played in his past life.

    ‘Damnit, hell no! I have to stop imagining such a thing!!’

    The moment he imagined it, it felt far too appropriate and charming on Hoshi. The sight was charismatic enough for anyone to easily lose themselves in.

    Seiji forcefully sealed away this fantasy of his. Even now, he still felt rather afraid. This scene that suddenly popped up in his mind seemed so real as if it would really happen in the future.

    ‘No! It must be a mistaken impression! It’s definitely a mistaken impression!!’

    “Are you… capable of doing such a thing?”

    “Not now, but perhaps I’ll be able to after I become stronger.” Hoshi fell silent for a moment as he looked at the red leaves in his hand. “My power has this type of possibility… I have such a premonition.”

    ‘Why do you have such a premonition? Do you desire to become a magical girl!?’ Seiji’s cheeks violently twitched.

    He felt that if Hoshi really accomplished such a thing, a great disaster would occur. Many boys would fall into a realm they shouldn’t.

    Wait a moment, hold on here.

    “Hoshi, the transformation that you want isn’t to become a girl, is it?”

    “Eh?” The beautiful boy paused for a moment before he started blushing. “No… not at all! Of course not!! What I meant when I said transform like Uehara-senpai, was that I want to become more powerful just like she can!!”

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