Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 623

    Chapter 623 His Personal Experience Is Just Like

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    Chapter 623: His personal experience is just like…
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    Seiji figured that the reason for having a group team battle first before individual battles was in order to weaken the food chain, or the influence of the top-level factions. During the group stage, even if someone was particularly strong and had lots of information, it was still possible for that person to lose. In comparison, the weaker participants would have better chances of at least making it through the group stage.

    “You need to be especially on guard against Shigure Tendo of the Tendo Family,” Hana warned him. “He likely has a deep grudge against all Harutas. He’s the younger brother of the genius from the Tendo Family that I told you before. Shigure Tendo’s older brother challenged our older sister Yui to a duel, and she burned him to death. Although Shigure Tendo is looked down upon for being ‘low in ability’ compared to his deceased older brother, unconfirmed rumors say that he has now obtained the teachings and martial arts techniques of the Yanagi Family, one of the three major samurai families. Not only that, he was personally taught by Ryuugou Yanagi, the strongest member of the Yanagi Family!”

    The Yanagi samurai family was well known in Sakura Island—even to ordinary people—for having produced many “Sword Saints”.

    Everyone had different opinion who the strongest Sword Saint in history was. However, it was indisputable as to which family had produced the most Sword Saints in Sakura Island’s history. That would be the Yanagi Family! Or to be more technical, the Yanagi School.

    It would be incredibly shocking for a Yin-Yang Master family member to obtain martial arts teachings from such a top-level samurai family!

    The samurai families, especially the most powerful ones, had incredibly complex feelings towards Yin-Yang Masters. The word “distaste” was far too insufficient to describe their feelings.

    Yin-Yang Masters and their families were one of the most powerful types of factions in the current generation. The samurai factions were forced to swallow down their pride and cooperate with Yin-Yang Masters for the sake of their personal benefits. Arranged marriages were even made between the samurai families and Yin-Yang Master families. However, the samurais would find it much harder to accept teaching martial arts to Yin-Yang Masters than having their families being linked by marriage.

    In summary, it would be quite difficult for a Yin-Yang Master family member to obtain teaching from the major Yanagi samurai family. It would be much more difficult to obtain compared to a warrior family member trying to obtain the same teaching, even if this Yin-Yang Master was from the Tendo Family, which was one of the seven major Yin-Yang Master families… Or, it should be said that precisely because Shigure Tendo was from one of the seven major families, it would be even harder for him.

    However, Shigure Tendo, who was condescendingly called “low ability” by others, obtained the Yanagi Family’s martial arts teachings. And, he was even personally taught by the strongest member of the Yanagi Family!

    This type of information was just unbelievable. Was that why Hana said it was only an “unconfirmed rumor?”

    Hana answered Seiji affirmatively.

    “This information is only at the level of an urban myth. It’s impossible for me to ascertain if it’s real or not. But if it’s real, it’ll definitely cause a huge commotion in the Spiritual Ability user society.”

    “If all this is real, his personal experience is just like the main character of a classical martial arts webnovel…” Seiji’s cheek twitched.

    “That’s right, and you’re the one playing the part of the antagonist. You’re the evil relative of the villain who killed his older brother. That’s why you need to be on guard against him,” the cat-eared hat girl told him. “Also, the Yoshiaki and Mitarai Families are also participating. Neither of their families are from the seven major Yin-Yang Master families, and judging from the information I have, Okubo Yoshiaki and Akatsuki Mitarai weren’t close to their families at all. But, it’s also quite possible that their families will still come looking for revenge against you. Be careful against them as well.

    “And, only the Haruta Family knows that your name was stricken from the Haruta Family records. All outsiders will still think that you’re a member of the Haruta Family. Some people might even target you because of your family name. You need to remember that as well.”

    “I will. Thank you for worrying about me, younger sis.” Seiji expressed his thanks.

    “Hmph. Don’t call me something disgusting like that.” As always, Hana still expressed her disgust. But, she continued speaking immediately. “New equipment for you and Shika Kagura will be delivered to Natsuya Yoruhana’s residence tomorrow. Have her help you make the final adjustments.”

    New equipment? Seiji raised his eyebrows at this. He didn’t recall making such a request?

    “Shika-chan and I already have equipment from you…”

    “That’s only standardized equipment for normal situations. You absolutely need better equipment for such a major tournament.”


    “Don’t act so moved! This is just natural as I’m your ally, so of course I’d support you! I’m not worried about you or anything like that at all!”

    The cat-eared hat girl had a complete aura of tsundere-ness about her.

    Still, Seiji felt like she was really cute like this. He wanted to pat her on the head. It was a pity that they were video chatting, so he couldn’t actually do this.

    “Thank you.” He thanked her sincerely once again.

    “Hmph.” Hana averted her gaze.

    “Right, about equipment… After I previously took Hisashi to train in the Domain, his condition has remained normal up until now. So, I intend to start taking others to train in the Domain as well. I need some spiritual equipment for them also,” Seiji told her.

    Until the Bloodwine Ritual tournament began, rather than cultivating by himself, he preferred to train in the Inner World together with his friends. This would be both training for himself as well as a good warmup.

    Hana agreed to also provide additional spiritual equipment for his friends.

    After confirming that there was nothing else to discuss, Hana hung up the video chat.

    Seiji then began perusing the information on all the tournament participants.

    The first information file that he reviewed was on a person named “Shuntou Haruta.” In a way, Shuntou was the real representative for the Haruta Family in this tournament.

    Hana didn’t even mention this relative in the video chat just now. Nor did the original Seiji Haruta have any memories of knowing this person. This meant that Seiji and Shuntou had basically no connection to each other, almost as if they were strangers.

    Still, Seiji was quite interested in the youth named Shuntou who shared the same family name as him.

    Apart from Shuntou Haruta, Seiji was also interested in the participant from the Yoruhana Family.

    According to Seiji’s agreement with Aoran Yoruhana, if Seiji managed to win the Bloodwine Ritual tournament, he would hand over the additional prizes he’d receive other than the power-up wine in exchange for the Yoruhana Family’s agreement on him being together with Natsuya… no, not hand over. Aoran had promised to purchase the prizes at a fair price. But still, Seiji was basically fighting for the benefits of the Yoruhana Family rather than the Haruta Family in this tournament.

    Of course, the Yoruhana Family’s own participant would definitely still want to win for themselves. That person could simply give the prizes over to the Yoruhana Family as well.

    Seiji shared interests with the Yoruhana Family’s participant, but they also had foundationally different goals. At most, they would be able to establish a temporary alliance… should he try contacting the Yoruhana Family participant through Natsuya?

    He decided to talk about it later with Natsuya.

    Monday morning was another bright and sunny day with excellent weather.

    Seiji and the others all went to school as normal.

    When he arrived at school, many students paid attention to his presence. Something indeed seemed different from how they previously looked at him. However, at least there was no discrimination, hostility, or enmity.

    Seiji walked into Year 1 Class 5’s classroom. He greeted his classmates normally, and they greeted him normally in return.

    When all the students arrived in their class, Seiji walked up to the podium and thanked everyone in class for supporting him.

    “No need to be so formal. We’re all classmates.” Koji Hoshihara represented the whole class in saying this.

    Later, Seiji went to thank Oogi Takasugi and the others that went to the trouble of making schoolwide announcements supporting him.

    Seiji actually wanted to thank all the students at school through a schoolwide announcement. However, he felt that would be making too much of a big deal out of things. The sports competition incident would have to end just like that.

    After school ended for the day, Seiji headed over to the student council president’s residence to check out the tournament equipment that Hana had shipped over.

    Both he and Shika received some runic scale armor. Seiji also received a pair of special wristguards which greatly strengthened his defensive capabilities, allowing him to use his wristguards as shields. They were also capable of helping him to cast a powerful defensive barrier. Seiji figured that the scale armor would also pack quite a punch when beating someone with it.

    According to Natsuya, the wristguards were named “Layered Clouds”. Just like the runic scale armor, these were specialized custom equipment made by and for the Haruta family.

    Meanwhile, Shika received some equipment that focused more on speed and agility. She was given a pair of spiritual shoes named “Condor Dance” to go with her runic scale armor. These shoes were also specialized Haruta Family custom equipment.

    Seiji also received an even higher-level piece of equipment—his new longsword, the “Wakamitsu”!

    The Wakamitsu wasn’t a famous sword like Demon Blade Muramasa. However, it was actually a better spiritual weapon than the latter, and possessed particularly good spiritual attack power.

    After just testing it slightly, Seiji immediately felt like it was far better a weapon than his previous longsword. As expected of a high quality item.   ( Updated by BOX NOVEL.COM)

    He and Shika put on all of their equipment and went to the basement practice field to test things out.

    Natsuya recorded the test results, data, and what they both thought of the equipment.

    After the tests were over, Seiji returned to his room, took off the equipment, and then went to the living room.

    “I shall finish making the final adjustments to your equipment as fast as I can,” Natsuya said while pouring some tea for him.

    “Thank you.” Seiji had a sip of the warm tea. It was quite tasty. “You don’t need to rush the equipment’s final adjustments. It’s fine as long as it’s ready by the tournament’s start. Also, I’d like to talk to you about the Yoruhana Family’s participant in the tournament…”

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