Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 620

    Chapter 620: Doujigiri

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    Chapter 620: Doujigiri
    Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

    Seiji's excitement from battling started melding together with the tension of his ability's time limit. He was now concentrating with great intensity, which seemingly caused him to surpass his limits and enter a wondrous mental state.

    This condition was difficult to describe. Seiji felt like he had never achieved this state before, yet it also seemed familiar. He felt like he was greatly restrained, yet also completely free. Everything felt so far away but also so close by.

    Under the blood moon's illumination, Seiji stepped forward while grasping on to his longsword. Energy welled up within him as he faced the furiously roaring demon

    Reality seemed ethereal to him, yet this ethereal vision was reality. His past life, current life, past memories, future expectations, family, friends, acquaintances, a gray world, countless murmurs, and a white flash all passed by him

    "Hold your sword well and look in front of you." A voice suddenly sounded in his ears.

    This voice was Light-chan?

    "You can do it. You only need one swing of your sword."

    'Is that you, Minamoto no Raiko?"

    "Human power is quite weak. The physical body has upper limits. No matter how much a human pushes their physical body, it's still difficult to fight against vicious and evil demons and gods. However, human souls possess endless possibilities. Although the soul's power stems from the physical body, it can far exceed the physical body's power"

    'If that's you, you should at least say something like long time no see.'

    "The source of demons human spirit physical body's support sword's soul"

    'What are you saying? I don't understand What's going on, Light-chan? Are you trying to teach me something?'

    "As long as... you'll definitely be able to... absolutely kill..."

    'Hey hey, if you're trying to teach me some technique, you should speak clearer. How am I supposed to learn if you speak so unclearly? Still, it's wonderful that I get to speak to you again. Although I don't know why you're suddenly able to talk to me and even teach me a technique, thank you. I feel like I've learned something.'

    Seiji truly thanked the heroic spirit as he firmly grasped his new understanding and made it into his own strength.

    *Grahhh!!!!* The vicious Shutendoji pounced towards him once again.

    Seiji didn't even attempt to dodge. Instead, he tossed away his shield and held his longsword with both hands. He even closed his eyes.

    Miyuki was astonished to see this.

    For an instant, she felt like she saw a tall samurai's figure overlap with Seiji.

    Back in a generation where demons were rampant and often harmed humans, a certain hero managed to slay the evilest and most vicious of Demon Kings despite being only human. His most powerful sword technique was lost to time, but its name survived as this was the name given to the sword that this hero famously used. His sword later became renowned as the greatest demon-slaying sword of legend.

    That legendary sword which cut off the Demon King Shutendoji's head in a single blow was...



    Seiji's sword flashed and rang out with a surprisingly gentle sound.

    He didn't slice, chop, or cleave. He simply cut.

    His sword cut quite gently.

    It cut as gently as the falling snow.

    Miyuki Sakuraku witnessed something unbelievable!

    The Demon King was clearly in his vicious beast form while charging at the youth. The youth also swung his sword directly from the front. Yet the next instant, the Demon King's corpse was sent flying! Its head was cleanly cut off!!

    This was something that appeared completely illogical. It was as awkward as if a movie was missing a few critical seconds of an action scene. It gave Miyuki quite an uncomfortable feeling.

    Just how did Seiji cut and swing to create to create such an effect? Miyuki didn't understand at all!

    Either the laws of physics were distorted, or the concept of space itself was distorted.

    Miyuki believed that the latter was more likely.

    That was because she had previously witnessed sword techniques that were capable of distorting space itself. That had the same effect of her not being able to understand what happened despite seeing everything clearly.

    This was a top-level martial arts technique! It reached the peak of spiritual ability boosted martial arts!!

    Why was he capable of using such a sword technique?

    Miyuki was incredibly curious. She previously thought that his curse power was Seigo Harano no, Seiji Haruta's strongest ability in his arsenal. She never expected that he had something even more powerful

    [You have received teaching from a heroic spirit and defeated a powerful vicious demon. You have now learned the self-realized techniques [Doujigiri] and [Martial arts technique Shadow Cut]]!

    Seiji received a system notification and immediately wanted to check it out. However, now it was inconvenient to do so.

    After killing the Demon King Shutendoji, Seiji felt his body heating up with a dense warmness. He could feel his Spiritual Power increasing at a tangible pace!

    As expected of a high-level dungeon. He improved in Spiritual Power more than during his previous two trips to Spirit Worlds combined.

    Still, the higher-level game player received even more benefits Seiji witnessed Miyuki absorbing the Demon King Shutendoji's thick blood-red mist.

    Seiji and Miyuki then left the Inner World and returned to Genhana High School.

    "That was a beautiful sword technique that you used to finish things. I think I'm falling in love," Miyuki praised him.

    "Thank you for your kind words. That sword technique was mostly just luck."

    Seiji never expected that he would suddenly receive teaching from Light-chan. Nor did he expect that he would be able to understand it. He could only exclaim at what had happened.

    Something flashed in Miyuki's eyes as she observed his face.

    "Tell me your number."


    "Your cell phone number."

    "Oh" Seiji told her his cell phone number.

    "Thank you for being my partner for the fight today. I shall send the courageous Mr. Knight a present at a future date. I'll be in touch."

    "There's no need to be so formal. I should be the one thanking you, Sakuraku-san. You helped to eliminate the problem at this school."

    "Heehee, I didn't act for the sake of this school at all. I acted because I would gain personal benefits."

    "Even so, I still want to express my thanks."

    "Then go out with me on a date."

    "...Eh?" Seiji made a foolish sound.

    "The next time that I want to take a small vacation, you'll be the best choice as someone to accompany me, Harano-kun." Miyuki chuckled. "If you feel like you should thank me, then accompany one more time."

    Seiji was rendered speechless.

    He felt as if he had just fallen for a trap.

    "Sakuraku-san, I need to tell you that I have a girlfriend."

    "No worries. I don't mind."

    'But I mind!' Seiji thought to himself.

    "As a top-level idol, wouldn't you have many choices to choose from if you wanted to go out on a date?"

    "I'm quite interested in Harano-kun~" Miyuki responded in an ambiguous tone of voice.

    "Please allow me to say once again that I have a girlfriend!"

    "Please also allow me to say once again that I don't mind~"

    "Although it's quite an honor, I can't go out on a date with girls other than my girlfriend. I apologize."

    "Let's change things up then. Be my servant for a day."

    "That's fine No, wait! That's a problem as well!!"

    "Serving someone like me is something that so many can only dream of. You should be begging for the honor of such a duty!" Miyuki intentionally used a haughty tone.

    "Although that might be the case, isn't it too shameless of you to say it yourself!?" Seiji retorted.

    "As a special service, I can even allow you to lick my feet."

    "I don't want that at all!"

    "I'll wear silk stockings and allow you to lick them. You can even choose the color of my stockings."

    "Er I'm still not interested."

    "You can lick all the way to my thighs."

    "Guahhh!!!" Seiji couldn't help but imagine the fantastical scene. This caused him to start shouting out loudly as he received this mental attack.

    Licking the national idol singer's black silk stockinged beautiful legs, all the way from the foot to her white and tender thighs No! He needed to stop thinking about this!!

    "Heehee" Miyuki chuckled happily upon seeing how shaken Seiji was. "I'm just joking. I would never let you lick me like that," she told him after laughing for a while.

    "Whew I knew it" Seiji felt somewhat reassured.

    "At most, I would only give you a pair of panties that I was wearing."


    The pitiful boy who was unable to control his fantasies was teased some more by the idol girl who had great amounts of fun.