Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 619

    Chapter 619: Excellent Come

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    Chapter 619: Excellent! Come!!
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    "Sakuraku-san wants to use me in dealing with more powerful monsters still inside here?" Seiji sharpened his gaze.

    "That's right. That's why I invited you to come here with me," Miyuki admitted.

    'I see'

    "Thank you for your expectations of me. I hope that I won't disappoint you."

    "I definitely won't be disappointed, as long as you show off the same level of strength as last time."

    The two of them continued.

    With the assistance of the singer's powerful shield buff, Seiji was easily able to eliminate the mob monsters he encountered. He also remained on guard against the potential blood moon debuff that might be inflicted upon him at any moment.

    Seiji constantly remained vigilant so that he wouldn't be put into a dangerous situation due to receiving an unexpected debuff. However, no debuff appeared on him even after a long time. He wondered if this was a protective effect of Miyuki's barrier, so he asked her this directly.

    "The barrier I cast on you doesn't have the ability to resist the blood moon's debuff. If you're still alright even now, that's completely because of you yourself, Harano-kun." Miyuki explained this to him. "As expected of Mr. Knight who possesses such a power."

    Seiji remained silent after hearing this.

    Did he have a high resistance against the blood moon due to possessing [White Calamity]?

    Seiji didn't think that would be the case. However, Miyuki's opinion meant that she believed the power of [White Calamity] to be some type of high-level curse-type spell. She believed him to have a great deal of control over high-level curses.

    This was probably her misunderstanding right?

    Seiji was unsure.

    Well, Miyuki didn't have any intentions of learning more about his ability. She simply wanted to take advantage of his power.

    "How about you, Sakuraku-san? Have you been cursed by the blood moon?"

    "Not yet. I have a way of dealing with it. Don't worry about me."

    After proceeding a bit further, Miyuki suddenly sensed something. She glanced upwards, only to see a giant shadow ambushing them at high speed!

    The idol singer wanted to pull the boy behind her just like previously. However, she saw him suddenly extracting himself from a group of monsters and retreating at full speed.


    The shadow descended but missed No, it actually smashed a few demons into little pieces.

    Both of them had managed to dodge the attack in time.

    As Seiji retreated to the back, he saw Miyuki going up to fight a boss monster which resembled a bat. He felt that he finally had an opportunity to see how someone as powerful as her would fight.

    But the next second, the bat monster let out a thick cloud of dark-gray mist Why the hell were all the boss monsters in here like this!?

    Seiji was unable to see through the mist. Just like in the earlier battle against the centipede monster, he could only listen. Damn.

    Were all the high-level monsters in this dungeon like this? They would fart immediately upon arrival whoops, he meant release demon mist. They didn't even allow low level players to spectate at all.

    'How am I supposed to have fun like this?' Seiji felt rather repressed.

    The weaker demons surrounded him again, so once again he started playing tag with the demons.

    The third, fourth, and fifth boss monsters all immediately released demon mist upon arrival. As a result, Seiji was completely unable to see just how Miyuki defeated them.

    It was nice that he was able to train in a high-level dungeon. He was receiving good experience from slaying so many demons. However, Seiji felt rather helpless about not being able to watch the high-level player's fighting.

    After such a long time in here, both Seiji and Miyuki were already quite tired.

    "The next one should be the last one. Are you still alright to go on, Harano-kun?"

    "Of course. How about you, Sakuraku-san?"

    "I'm a little tired, so I would like to leave the last boss up to you, Mr. Knight. I'll just stand on the sidelines and sing to support you." Miyuki chuckled.

    'So she's going to give me the last, most difficult boss monster to deal with? How vicious.' Seiji's cheek twitched.

    Still, at least she was telling him beforehand. If she had such an arrangement, this meant she was confident that he could handle it.

    "I'll be more than happy to do my best and work as hard as I can but please act to assist me if I can't meet Sakuraku-san's expectations."

    "You'll lose points if you lack confidence in yourself, you know."

    "I feel that knowing one's limits should give me more points," Seiji replied with a serious expression.

    Miyuki chuckled to see him like this.

    "I'm beginning to like you even more, Harano-kun. So relax, I won't let you die."

    Seiji and Miyuki proceeded up a mountainside. They didn't meet any more demons along the way. The more they ascended, the more they felt an imposing aura and bloody scent.

    Seiji felt that all this seemed familiar.

    He already guessed at the identity of the final boss monster. This made Seiji start looking forward to the showdown.

    He also recalled past memories which kept raising his passion and making his blood heat up.

    Finally, Seiji and Miyuki reached the top of the mountain.

    The mountaintop was incredibly wide and flat, without a single tree to be seen. It appeared to be dyed blood-red due to the blood moon's illumination.

    There was a giant stone chair in the middle of the flat mountaintop. This chair seemed like it was carved out of a tremendous boulder, and it was shaped like a throne no, it was indeed a throne!

    There was a gigantic demon with a vicious appearance, red hair, and long horns sitting on the throne.

    A giant wine gourd was to the right of the stone throne, while a scarlet giant axe was to the left.

    Shutendoji, the "King of One Hundred Demons"!

    This Shutendoji was almost exactly identical to the one Seiji previously fought against.

    "As expected is that you?" Seiji muttered to himself while looking at Shutendoji.

    The demon had its eyes closed and appeared to be in a deep sleep.

    "You've seen this demon before?" Miyuki asked him.

    "I'm not sure. This demon greatly resembles one I've seen before" Seiji paused for a moment. "Just where do demons in the Inner World come from?"

    "I can't answer this question."

    "You don't know the answer, or you know but can't answer?"

    Miyuki smiled without responding.

    Seiji glanced at her before looking back at Shutendoji. He then quickly cast all the spells he knew on himself, including even the buffs under the [Yin-Yang Seal] category. He didn't leave anything in reserve at all.

    At this moment, Shutendoji appeared to sense something. He slowly opened his eyes to reveal that his pupils were blood-red.

    "Grahhhh!!!" Shutendoji roared deafeningly, causing a blood-red mist to appear all around them. Large numbers of demons materialized on the ground and in midair

    Miyuki started singing!

    Like before, she still sang "Ethereal Snow." The moment she started singing, her song immediately stopped the mist from spreading as well as snared all the demons in place.

    While the veteran game player had a singing duel with the enemy boss whoops, a crowd control competition, Seiji used his [Overload] ability twice in succession to power up his [White Calamity] skill that he had been saving.

    Shutendoji stood up and grabbed the wine gourd with one hand and his axe in the other.

    Seiji manifested a pure white spiritual figure and overlaid it on himself.

    Shutendoji raised his axe and swung his wine gourd.

    "Your figure is becoming hazy, my memories are turning black and white" Miyuki's singing echoed under the blood moon as it eliminated the mist and demons.

    Seiji and Shutendoji attacked simultaneously!

    The color of blood-red flashed everywhere! A golden sword slash clashed against it!!

    Demon and human, song and moon, past and present. All of these mixed together in a fierce battle.

    'Light-chan, you said before you left that I would become someone strong.

    'The current me isn't that strong yet, but I suppose I do have some power now, right?

    'I don't know if this is the same Shutendoji from last time. It would be nice if he is, but it's fine even if he isn't.

    'If you're watching me from somewhere, then take a good look I shall win!'

    Seiji remembered his past fight against Shutendoji and honored his bonded spirit from that time as he did his best against the evil demon in front of him.

    The King of One Hundred Demons was strong. Shutendoji was overwhelmingly powerful in all aspects! Seiji was only able to keep things an even match with the power of the double Overloaded [White Calamity].

    Seiji used all his spells, martial arts techniques, Yin-Yang Seal abilities, and other skills. He focused completely on this battle! And felt amazing while doing so!!

    The blood-red figure violently clashed against the golden-white figure. They kept crashing into each other and then separating. Their fierce battle sent out shock waves that shattered the demon's stone throne into tiny pieces.

    [Dragon Counterattack]!

    A golden divine dragon shattered the large wine gourd.

    [Demon Suppression Bell]!

    A golden mystic bell crushed the blood-red axe.

    Shutendoji roared after he lost both his weapons. He got down on all fours as long claws grew out of his hands while mystic runes appeared on his body. Shutendoji's hair started glowing as he transformed into a vicious beast form, greatly increasing his imposing manner!!

    "Excellent! Come!!" Seiji smiled in a hot-blooded and fearless fashion.

    The demon pounced on him as swiftly as lightning.

    Seiji greeted Shutendoji with a flash of his sword.

    "Why did we meet by chance~ Would be better to never meet~ Have you ever heard the sound of snowfall" Miyuki sung the second climax of her song.

    The battle was almost about to be over.

    Despite his hot-bloodedness, Seiji hadn't lost himself to passion. He was still calm on the inside.

    [White Calamity] was about to run out of time soon. The countdown had begun.