Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 566

Chapter 566: The basic goal of games like PUBG is to survive!

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Chapter 566: The basic goal of games like PUBG is to survive!
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"Good morning, Kagura-san." Chiaki smiled in a friendly manner after a short exchange of glances.

"Good morning," Shika responded calmly as she sat down next to Seiji and poured some tea for herself.

Just like always but if one had to find a difference, she was sitting closer to Seiji than before.

Mika blinked at this and looked towards Chiaki.

Chiaki responded with a smile.

"Shika-chan, perfect timing." Seiji forced himself to ignore the subtle tension in the air. "There's something important I have to tell you."

He explained the Bloodwine Ritual tournament's situation to her, along with the things related to Natsuya and Yui.

Shika silently listened to him talk as something flashed in her eyes.

"Signing our names onto this card and activating it will formally register us for this tournament." Seiji showed her the red card at the end.

"Let's activate it, then. I shall fight with my full power for Brother as Brother's Spirit-branded Retainer!" Shika replied in a calm yet adamant tone of voice. A seemingly powerful aura radiated from her.

This aura was so strong that it appeared like she was glowing basically, she looked really cool!

'My adopted younger sister is so cool!'

"Thank you, Shika-chan," Seiji sincerely gave his thanks as he injected his Mana into the card.

White runes instantly lit up on the tournament entry card. A complex spell array was projected in midair which arranged itself into a screen showing large red letters.

This was an explanation of participating in the tournament!

Seiji carefully started reading the explanation. Shika, Mika, and Chiaki also read this seriously as well.

After they all finished reading, the summarized version was that...

Every tournament participant would be in a two-person team. Both people would need to have the desire and resolution to do battle while signing before this contract to join the tournament would be approved.

If the contract to join the tournament failed due to one person having insufficient resolution, there would be only one more chance to sign the contract again. If it failed again, then the tournament entry card would lose effectiveness.

If the contract to join the tournament succeeded, the participants might not withdraw of their own volition. They would be punished severely if they withdrew regardless.

The tournament would have sixty-four teams for a total of one hundred and twenty-eight people. The combat format would be group battle first, followed by individual combat.

First round: All participants would be split up into two group teams, Red Team and Blue Team. Once all members of one team defeated the other team, the second round would begin.

Second round: All the remaining participants would face each other in two-on-two combat until only one final victorious team remained.

Surrendering would also be punished by the power of the contract. The punishment's severity would be different depending on the situation.

Those that surrendered before even seriously fighting would receive the severest punishment. Fighting seriously and surrendering only after victory was impossible would result in only a light punishment.

For every participating two-person team, if one person lost the ability to fight, the other person could surrender without receiving any punishment. If both people lost the ability to fight, that team would be judged to have lost.

The tournament hosts would give every tournament participant a "Lifesaving Talisman." These talismans would automatically activate upon taking a fatal blow and form a powerful protective and healing barrier.

The moment that a Lifesaving Talisman activated, the holder's team would automatically be judged to have lost. The other tournament participants would be banned from attacking that individual any longer. Otherwise, those who violate this would face the most severe contract punishment of all, along with bearing all responsibility afterwards, with no liability against the tournament host.

"So, surrender is only truly permitted with no punishment after one person has been completely defeated this feels rather strict," Chiaki commented.

"I suppose that the ritual needs this as a requirement."

"First splitting all the participants into two teams and eliminating one team entirely, with the rest being two-on-two combat is this also a requirement of the ritual?" Mika asked questioningly.

"Perhaps but it might also be that the tournament hosts feel that this type of format is better for the participants to show their skills." Seiji rubbed his chin in contemplation.

There would be many opportunities to show one's skills in a group battle, along with many unknown variables.

A major chaotic battle between one hundred and twenty-eight individuals, split up into sixty-four per side compared to defeating the opponents, it would be more important to protect yourself!

It was just like Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Compared to how many people one killed, it was far more important to survive until the end. Only by living until the end would one successfully enjoy a chicken dinner.

The basic goal of games like PUBG was to survive! Not killing as many enemies as possible or showing off and dying because of it Cough, he was getting sidetracked.

"Lifesaving Talismans will be issued to all the tournament participants something with an effect like this sounds quite valuable. Although I'm not sure how powerful its effects will be, at least it's a last resort protection for us." Seiji looked back at the holographic spell array screen.

"Don't take too many risks just because of this talisman's protection," Chiaki warned him.

"Of course."

Everyone fell silent for a moment.

"Shika-chan, is there anything you'd like to say?" Seiji looked towards his adopted younger sister.

Shika shook her head.

"In that case let's sign." Seiji forcefully squeezed the card as the explanation had told him to do.

The words on the holographic spell array screen instantly changed to a contract incantation.

Seiji carefully looked it over and determined that the contents were the same as the explanation from earlier.

Seiji squeezed the card once again.

The contract instantly transformed into a dark-red mystical spell formation with two blank spots within it for signatures.

Seiji and Shika lifted their hands together, putting their index fingers on the signature space in unison.

The spell formation instantly started whirling and shining with a white light. There was also the faint sound of a female uttering an incantation. This really felt quite ritualistic to Seiji.

With serious expressions, both Seiji and Shika wrote their own names with their index fingers.

The next second, the spell formation released a blinding light which transformed into to balls of light mist which twirled around Seiji and Shika's hands. Small blood-red spell formations formed on top of their palms.

Their contract to enter the tournament had been successful!

Seiji glanced at the mark on his palm and then looked at the one on Shika's.

The two blood-red seals soon faded into their skin. The white runes on the tournament entry card disappeared, and the card slowly turned pitch-black as it lost its magic powers.

"Next up will be preparing for battle let's work hard together, Shika-chan."

"Yes, Brother."

"Our goal is to obtain victory. But, this isn't a scenario where we absolutely have to win. That's why you shouldn't feel too pressured," Seiji told her sincerely.

"Brother" Something flashed in Shika's eyes.

"Just work hard an appropriate amount. You definitely shouldn't overdo things."

'Victory is important, but not as important as you.' Seiji transmitted this message with his eyes.

Shika understood this message. A warm feeling arose within her chest and a gentle expression appeared on her face.

Mika and Chiaki concretely understood Shika's position in Seiji's heart even better upon witnessing this scene.

Although they already knew what Seiji thought of her before, they still felt rather jealous.


"How's the situation?"

"Seiji Haruta of the Haruta Family and Shigure Tendo of the Tendo Family have just signed the contract to participate in the tournament."

"The famous 'garbage' of the Haruta Family and the 'low ability' of the Tendo Family it seems that both really want to prove themselves. Haha, with them participating, this ritual tournament won't be too boring."

"These two are a perfect match for each other, almost as if they're destined rivals."

"You can delete that 'almost' portion, because they are destined rivals."

"Why's that?"

"Seiji Haruta's older sister Yui Haruta killed Shigure Tendo's older brother Raizen Tendo."

"I see"

"They have similar names, similar situations, and a reason for a grudge. Haha it's almost as if they're destined enemies in a shonen manga. Although I wonder who's supposed to be the main character and who's supposed to be the antagonist."

"Wouldn't Shigure Tendo be the main character then? His older brother was the one who was killed."

"Who knows? Only the gods know who the main character will be."