Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 529

Chapter 529: Im buying it!

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Chapter 529: Im buying it!
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Seiji paid close attention to any sounds coming from Shika's room.

As he expected, he heard faint moaning. The sounds gradually started getting louder, sounding quite seductive and really stimulating his imagination.

How was he supposed to explain these sounds to Reo if she heard them?

Luckily, the sounds finally died down before they got any louder.

Seiji was worried about Shika's situation, so he went to knock on her door.

There was no response.

He waited a moment and knocked again.

There was still no response.

Becoming even more concerned, he announced "I'm coming in" before opening the door.

He saw that his adopted younger sister was lying on her bed with a flushed face and tears in the corners of her eyes. She appeared to be asleep.

Seiji looked over her closely and confirmed that she was fine. He then reached out and gently wiped away the tears, tucked her properly into her blanket, and then silently exited her room and closed the door.

He then returned to his own bedroom and got back into bed to prepare to sleep.

"Harano onii-san I heard something strange what's the matter with Kagura nee-san?" Reo asked him drowsily.

Seiji was rendered speechless for a moment.

"She's just feeling slightly uncomfortable. It's fine, no need to worry."

"Oh" The little girl was too sleepy to think too much into this.

The next morning.

Shika Kagura woke up.

She could definitely feel that she was a lot stronger than before. Not only that, she felt as if she could use some brand-new powers!

This was all due to Seiji's Mana strengthening her.

'Brother Seiji is truly amazing!' Shika thought that to herself.

She then recalled the fierce sensation from yesterday night which caused her cheeks to flush red again and her eyes to become watery.

Seiji had gotten up early to cook breakfast for everyone.

He soon saw Shika come out of her room and noticed that her face was still somewhat flushed red.

"Good morning, Shika-chan." He pretended to not see anything and greeted her just like normal.

"Good morning, Brother"

Shika saw that he acted just like normal, which helped her to calm down.

Yet, Reo then appeared and asked (through Seiji) out of concern how Shika was doing as she remembered what she heard last night which instantly made Shika and Seiji feel rather awkward!

Shika almost wanted to escape back to her room when she learned that the sounds she made last night were heard by Reo! But, she could only restrain herself as her face flushed completely red and used Seiji to tell Reo that she was fine.

Breakfast time was completed in such an awkward atmosphere.

Seiji then accompanied Reo in playing some video games. Some time later, Kaede came over. Then, Mika and Chiaki arrived as well.

"The weather is excellent today. Let's all go outside and have some fun together!" Chiaki gave her hearty recommendation.

Everyone agreed with her idea.

Seiji invited Shika to join them as well. Everyone went outside together.

The weather was just as beautiful and clear as yesterday. The bright sun shone warmly on everyone.

"Winter's almost over," Seiji stated.

"The spring of going into heat is almost here," Chiaki remarked.

"Don't intentionally misword things like that!"

"The season of going into heat is almost here."

"That's just as wrong!"

"It's almost time to go into spring heat."

"While that's technically right, it still sounds wrong when you're the one saying it!"

As always, Seiji and Chiaki exchanged comments and retorts.

Everyone laughed and joked with each other as they walked over to the business district and started window shopping.

Their little group had five beautiful women of varying ages, from adult (Kaede) to elementary schooler (Reo), with only one boy among them who just happened to be a tall and handsome boy. This caused several male bystanders walking by to become envious and even feel defeated.

Inside an apparel shop.

Mika, Chiaki, and Kaede all tried on some clothes they were interested in. They all displayed different types of charisma and were rather brilliant.

Yet, there was one person who finally walked out of the dressing room after them, which made everyone feel as if there was a stage light upon her!

The black-haired beautiful girl stood there silently while wearing a white lace dress. She appeared just like the female lead of a stage performance or a movie. Her beauty seemed almost ethereal.

Everyone who saw this sight, including Seiji and his group, the store employees, and other customers, all unconsciously paused in their breathing for a moment upon witnessing what she looked like.

She was just too beautiful!!!

It was highly doubtful that people would think that her picture wasn't photoshopped if they put her picture on the internet. Probably far more people would think that it was some type of cg effect.

"I'm buying it for her!" Chiaki's eyes were glittering as she whipped out a jet-black credit card.

"The hell with you buying it! I'm the one who's going to buy it for her!" Seiji flicked away her credit card and brought out a thick wad of sakura bills.

Mika and Kaede were both rendered speechless.

Reo's eyes were sparkling with stars. "Kagura nee-san is so beautiful~~"

Shika looked towards Reo and smiled faintly.

Her smile was just like sunlight illuminating a snowy plain, as warm as the early spring cough, at any rate, her smile caused everyone to reflexively hold their breath again.

"Is she an idol from somewhere?"

"I feel like I've never seen her before"

"This white dress looks wonderful on her. She looks just like a movie star."

"Her hair and skin are so pretty"

The customers discussed Shika amongst themselves.

Shika returned to the dressing room and put her plain clothing back on again.

She felt that wearing this white dress made her attract far too much attention. If this was in the past, she wouldn't have ever even considered purchasing such a dress. Yet now...

"This dress is great on you. You look beautiful in it, Shika-chan."

Seiji paid for the dress and smiled while giving her his sincere praise.

Shika revealed a blissful expression while looking at him.

After everyone did some more shopping, they then went to go watch a movie together.

They picked an anime movie about magical girls.

The magical girls in this story were wearing armor that was basically on the level of swimsuits. They wielded tremendous weapons while working in teams to attack humongous magical beasts. They sliced at the feet, attacked the head, and cut off the beast's tail Seiji felt as if he was watching an anime movie version of Monster Hunter and quite enjoyed the movie. Reo who sat next to him also had the most fun out of anyone.

It was now noon after they left the movie theater.

"Let's eat outside. I'll take you guys to this great restaurant," Chiaki indicated to them.

She led them down a certain street.

At this moment, several men walked down the street, coming towards Seiji's group. These men all had grim expressions, bloodshot eyes, and dark rings under their eyes.

Seiji felt that something seemed off about these men and observed them as they walked past.

A man wearing a red jacket noticed Seiji's gaze upon him and instantly changed to a hostile expression.

"What are you looking at! You bastard!!"

The red jacketed man cursed at Seiji while changing course to head directly for Seiji. Without even so much as a warning, he punched at Seiji.


His punch didn't even reach his goal before he collapsed on the ground.

This was due to Shika Kagura.

She had been walking next to Seiji, and knocked the red jacketed man over with a single kick.

"You stinky bitch!!" The other three men together with the red jacketed man all rushed over. They each had a vicious expression.


Seiji stepped forward and landed strong punches, hitting two men in the stomach simultaneously.

At the same time, Shika seemed to instantaneously flash as she moved and kicked the last man in the stomach.

The red jacketed man's three companions were all defeated in a single hit as well.

"Let's go."

Seiji and his group left the four men to moan while collapsed on the ground. They speedily left without saying anything to the four men.

"How unlucky to meet with some hoodlums. They've ruined my excellent mood."

"I feel like something was wrong with those people."

"They probably consumed something they shouldn't have." Chiaki was hinting that those men were high on illegal drugs.

"Perhaps they did seem a bit strange, but it's hard to say." Seiji thought the same thing as well.

He felt that it was useless to think too much about it.

They arrived at the restaurant that Chiaki recommended. Everyone had fun eating lunch together and quickly forgot about this small incident.

Later that afternoon, Seiji went to go find Hisashi.

Her personally handed the picture of maid Idelia which was autographed by Peach-sensei to Hisashi. And as he expected, Hisashi shouted out jubilantly.

"There are no more regrets left in my life!" Hisashi lifted the autographed picture high into the air and shouted something that sounded like a classical phrase.

'Hey there, it's not like you're the ruler of an apocalyptic world,' Seiji inwardly commented.

"May I ask who this cosplayer is!? She resembles Idelia so much! She's basically a perfect 3D version of the 2D Idelia! Please introduce her to me!" Hisashi spoke seriously and excitedly.